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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 11-15-2008, 07:16 AM
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Post Ash: Present & Future POKEMON MASTER

This is my first fic! Hope you like it. Feel free to post anything about it. I'll try to update this as often as I can.
Ash: Present & Future POKEMON MASTER
June 28,2008
It has been a month since Ash Ketchum managed to be one of the Top 8 of the Silver Conference in Johto. Since then, the trio has gone their own sepatate ways. Brock went back to the Pewter City Gym while Misty returned to her sisters at Cerulean City. Ash has decided to travel to the Hoegn region.

Prof. Birch was about to knock on Steven's door when all of a sudden...
"Celei, let's go!" Steven's voice echoed from inside the house.
What's a Celebi, Birch thought.

He turned the doorknob and entered the house. He saw Steven and a small green pokemon for a split-second and then he saw a brilliant white light. When the light faded, Steven was gone. He took an orange machine from his pocket, a pokedex, the same pokedex he'll give to Ash Ketchum when he arrives at his pokemon lab in Littleroot Town tomorrow.

"Celebi" He uttered.
"Celebi, the timetravel pokemon" the machine responded, "Celebi is considered the protector of Ilex Forest. It is believed that Celebi has the power to travel through time. Whether this is true or not is unknown."
"I'll just talk to Steven another time" Birch said to himself.

The moment Birch left, Steven and Celebi returned. He released a pokemon from its pokeball and watched as a Metagross materialized.

"Metagross, we have some training to do. You're going to face a tough opponent tomorrow." Steven said as he watched his friend, Celebi, return to Ilex Forest in Johto.

Chapter 1:The Theft
June 29,2008
I've finally arrived in Hoegn, the thought found its way upto Ash Ketchum's head.

Ash felt that this adventure would be different from his other adventures. He left all of his pokemon with Prof. Oak except for Pikachu, who was on his shoulder. Ash has heard that the Hoegn region has 50 kinds of berries unlike in Johto, where there were only 1 kind. Hoegn is also known for its 2-on-2 battles where each trainer uses 2 pokemon each.

"There's the pokemon lab" Ash can see the lab from a distance.

He entered the spacious building. He saw a man with brown hair wearing an unbuttoned white lab coat.

"Good morning, Ash." Prof. Birch said.
"Good morning" Ash replied.
"I'm Prof. Birch and this is May & Max. They're the children of the Petalburg City Gym leader, Norman."
"Nice to meet you" said Ash
"Nice to meet you too"May and Max replied.
"May here is just about to choose a pokemon that will serve as her starter."Birch said.


Dense smoke filled the room. Ash saw a man and a woman in their mid-40s standing by a huge hole in the wall. The man had blue-violet hair and the woman had long violet hair. They wore white shirts with a big red letter R.

"Prepare for trouble" the woman said
"And make it double" the man answered
"To protect the world from devastaion"
"To unite all people within our nation"
"To denounce the evils of thruth and love"
"And extend our reach to the stars above"
"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light"
"Surrender now or prepare to fight"
Suddenly, a Persian appeared and said "Persian, that's right"
"Team Rocket! Why do you look 20 yrs older?"Ash shouted
"We are 20 yrs older, you twerp! We have come from the year 2028 to steal the strongest Pikachu of all time!"

Persian tackled Pikachu and James quickly took Pikachu and placed it in a box guaranteed to absorb electricity.

"Bye" the team said as a green portal appeared.
"Ash, you must follow them!"Birch said
"But I don't have any pokemon"
"Here take Mudkip" Birch said as he handed Ash a pokeball.

Ash took the pokeball and jumped into the vortex.
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Old 11-15-2008, 11:04 AM
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Default Re: Ash: Present & Future POKEMON MASTER

9 views and 0 replies?
oh come on!
don't you have amy comments? ideas? suggestions? anything?
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Old 11-16-2008, 04:54 AM
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Default Re: Ash: Present & Future POKEMON MASTER

Aug. 27,2028
"Chansey, chansey" The round pink pokemon said as it tried to wake the boy sleeping in one of the rooms in the pokemon center. The boy looked like Ash Ketchum but it can't be
him. Ash is in his mid-30s while the boy was just a teenager.

"Where am I?"The boy said as he slowly opened his eyes and as Chansey left the room.

He sat on the bed and looked around. It was a small room. 2 doube-deck beds with green mattresses. A brown cabinet in between.

"Good morning"Nurse Joy said.
"You can call me Ash"
"Ash, you're at the Littleroot Pokemon Center. You were found lying unconscious by the road. A nice man brought you here.

Littleroot doesn't have a pokemon center,Ash thought. Suddenly memories started to fill his head. He arrived in Hoegn. Met May & Max. There was a huge explosion. He saw Team Rocket. They took Pikachu. A vortex appeared. He took a mudkip and followed them.

Of course! The vortex! I'm in the future.

"What date is it?"Ash asked
"It's the 27th of Aug."

2028! 20 years in the future!

"Nurse Joy, can you help me? Team Rocket stole my Pikachu"
"What! Team Rocket would never do such a thing. That's preposterous! Team Rocket spends its time at The White Rock! They never leave it!"
"I'm sorry but what's the White Rock?"Ash asked
"I'm sorry but I don't speak to people who destroy the reputation of the Hoegn leaders. Get out!"

Ash left the pokemon center thinking. What's the White Rock? Team Rocket, Hoegn leaders? What in the world happened in 20 years? Why am I asking so many questions? When will my questions get answered?
"There's only one person I can talk to now"Ash said to himself

From afar, Ash saw a billboard with Jesse, James and Persian's picture. It had a caption. TEAM ROCKET RULES
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