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Default Children of the Legends - Prologue Completed

Children of the Legends

~ Readers are welcome to make comments in this thread ~

Characters - Legendaries

Good Deities (The Sovereigns)

Evil Deities (The Force)
-Deoxys <---

Neutral Deities : Rulers (The Council)

- Celebi (Dialga’s Aide)
- Arceus
- Suicune

Neutral Deities : Other


Characters - Main

- To Come

Characters - Enemies

- To Come

Timeline: Current

Alternate Reading

- Mic Moonshine: This story chronicles an adventure of Mic Moonshine. Not important to the storyline unless you want to get to know this particular character.
- The Invasions: Not particularly important to the story, just chronicles The Council's first attempt to find out about alternate realities (which is alluded to in the story).

Both happen in between Chapters 1 and 2 of The Mew Chronicles.


- To Come

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Default Re: Children of the Legends - The Mew Chronicles in progress

Chapter 1: The Meeting
By: Scott

(Author’s Notes:
-The legends aren’t separated due to anime information or anything like that, just how I perceive them. So don’t get uppity if you think “that ‘mon wouldn’t be evil!” Oh, and I’m sorry for all the history crap mixed in with the actual story. I liked the background :P.)
-Blue = General Information

For the two creatures sailing into the sky it was a normal trip, the air seeming to ‘jump’ out of the way of their protective bubbles as they glided closer and closer to their destination. One of the two found many more ways to entertain herself, the pink psychic bubble that she used to travel in bouncing off of various clouds. They had long since passed any form of flying Pokémon; in fact they were farther up then any of the flying species could get to except for the mighty Aerodactyls, and, of course, the various flying legendary Pokémon.

With an exaggerated sigh and cough the female’s purple tailed companion drew her attention, “must you act so unprofessional?” He himself was surrounded by a pale blue bubble much the same as his smaller companions, though with a darker color. Unlike his friend, he had never been able to master this form of transportation as she had, always having to put in more power into it then his companion, who simply put in just enough to keep her small, pink body safe and afloat. In some ways he was jealous of his more powerful companion’s carefree lifestyle, and on the other hand he wondered how she got anything done acting like she did.

With a quick glance to the right, the pink female took a moment to close her eyes and giggle, sending her spinning slightly in her bubble, “you just don’t know how to have fun. Loosen up; we’re not to the serious stuff yet.”

Her grayish companion couldn’t help but fix her with a steely glare, their past mistakes coming back to haunt him yet again. “We’ve already failed twice,” he reminded her, “I think it’s about time to take it all seriously. This isn’t just some small task that some idiot and their Pikachu can complete, because unless someone in the Council picked it up …” He trailed off, trying to squish the doubt in the back of his mind that had been growing larger and larger, telling him that they were going to fail miserably yet again.

They passed a large winged Dragonite; a rare site that neither of the legends had seen. The dragon’s orange and green wings were usually short, limiting the creature’s flying power. The wings were massive, but whether this was because of Council breeding techniques or simple evolution and coincidence was something unknown by all but a select few. They took on a strange red appearance as they kept the orange creature high up in the air with seemingly no problems at all.

Still, the two cats paid it no mind, the male busy massaging his large forehead with his gray three fingered hands, hoping to coax something out of his mind that would help them out later. His eyes took on the intense glance they did by nature, a stark contrast to the large eyes of his Pokémon companion, which were able to showcase a variety of emotions, none better then amusement.

The powerful psychic’s thoughts were scattered when he noticed a long, thin pink tail gliding in front of his vision, whipping out before curling back inside the bubble. “Come on,” the tail’s owner mumbled, her eyes taking on a sad appearance that always reached the bottom of his soul like nothing else could, “if they don’t believe us we’re going to have to enjoy every moment …”

“True,” he murmured softly, hitting his own large purple tail against the side of his bubble, “if the Council doesn’t listen there might not be many moments left …”

( ^ ) _ ( ^ ) ( ^ ) _ ( ^ )

The legendary Pokémon of the world were divided into three separate groups depending on their values and goals: the Sovereigns, the Force, and the Council. The Sovereigns were what would normally be called ‘good,’ wanting to stamp out every wrong they saw in either the human controlled land (the humans controlled half of the world) or Pokémon controlled lands (the other half is completely devoid of humans who have not discovered the continents yet, and so are fully run by Pokémon), also trying to keep the two sides in harmony. If an evil ruler or a gang of thugs started to rise to power they would move in to help, though preferring to help from the distance and let small key players rise up to take on the challenges.

The Force on the other hand was usually called ‘evil,’ though they didn’t fit any standards that we would call evil. They simply believe that the whole world should be under the control Pokémon, and above them should be the legendary Pokémon ruling them. Humans were generally seen as scum, and with forcing their brethren into tiny balls and making them battle each other there were plenty of Pokémon who supported them. They also believed heavily in the survival of the fittest, perhaps deciding to not help an injured man not because they didn’t care at all but because they believed the person would get stronger from it in the end. Like the Sovereigns they acted from the shadows, giving groups of evil human’s power so they could create mischief or doing other odd and subtle acts.

The Council was the neutral force in the middle. They weren’t neutral in the same way as the four rogue legends were; they were simply the force that tried to balance the other two, doing their best to make sure that the rest of the world didn’t get destroyed when the two other forces warred. The Council was the judiciary system of sorts, making amends within the world, righting injustice, and holding courts against legends who violated the guidelines set down in a meeting that was held centuries ago between all three groups.

Agreed upon by almost every legend, the guidelines were a set of rules that said that only in extreme circumstances could legends involve themselves directly in affairs. This kept the Force from swooping down and destroying humans by the bucket and it kept the Sovereigns from going down and rounding up every single person who was not benevolent in nature. The only four that didn’t agree to anything were the rogue legends: Jirachi, Mew, Mewtwo, and Darkrai. These four didn’t want to be confined to a certain group or believes, basically doing whatever they wanted to, acting on instinct. As a certain survival tactic in case the other legends decided to capture ad force them into joining a group or abiding by rules the four had created an alliance of sorts, each watching the others back.

It was perhaps because of the fact that they were lacking the restraints of the other legends that led Mew and Mewtwo to getting the premonition in the first place. They had gotten a few that the three groups did not get themselves, though they usually dealt with something much less in scale and didn’t even bother to tell the other groups. This was too important to not be dealt with, if they did not act now the whole world could be in big trouble. And this was past the normal problems that the Council had to deal with; if this wasn’t corrected it would spell total destruction for worlds past their own, not just a few generations of rule by an extreme evil power before it righted itself and the world started to rebuild.

( ^ ) _ ( ^ ) ( ^ ) _ ( ^ )

It wasn’t too much longer until the two cats had finally reached the large building of the Council. It was a majestic view to anyone who saw it the few first times, but the two psychics had seen it enough that they weren’t in the least bit surprised by the massive size and strange exterior. It was much like a giant courthouse made out of clouds. Giant rainbow pillars rose into the sky, more for show then for anything; they were above any sort of rain or snow, and they used the sun and the moon as their lights. It looked to be about four stories, each larger and wider then the last. This wasn’t true for the base, however, which was by far the largest, used for keeping various powerful artifacts and for keeping historical records of almost everything. The walls were just as majestic as the pillars; the clouds were spread out enough to create a solid looking structure, almost looking like marble if it wasn’t for the slight movement of the entire structure.

Every once in a while part of the wall would open up to form some semblance of a window, used only when someone was looking out. The walls would be totally unresponsive to anyone from the outside, heavy magic making sure that no one could get into the first floor’s various vaults.

Floating on a cloud behind the giant structure was another massive building, this one created to look dull. It was created to look similar to a maze; there was an outer wall and then the building itself. The building was a maze, though this was only noticeable if one was inside the building, keeping those inside from ever knowing where they were at a given time and unable to find any semblance of order. The walls were a dull yellow color, the luster of the overlapping barriers diminished purposefully to make it seem more desolate. Also unlike the Council’s building it had a roof, created by the same slightly-shimmering material of magic. The roof was dotted with giant towers here and there on the building, which led to nothing.

A single flag floated from the highest of these towers, and if one were to look close enough they would read a single word: Prison. It was here that the strongest of the criminals were kept, and it was here that a legendary Pokémon would be exiled for a century if they betrayed the pact made. Because there was no one that was free from persecution, the building’s interior design was not known by anyone, the builders having disappeared or died long ago, so long ago that no one even had any idea who built it. The thought was a group of legendaries that existed before the current ones, or perhaps even an entirely different race of creatures.

Neither of the two cats had ever been to the prison, though they had heard stories from Jirachi. Apparently after a while of seeing no one an incredible loneliness sets in, and the captors are forced by their own minds to try to go out and find someone, anyone to talk to. The walls, Jirachi mentioned, all looked the same so there was no way to use them to find out where you were, no markers that would tell you if you had been in the spot already. It was a massive enough building that meeting someone else was rare, and to make matters worse it constantly shifted to confuse anyone smart enough to get some reading on were they were, taking away any small bit of comfort.

It was the ultimate punishment for anyone, past the murmurs that talked about rooms within the building that would tear a soul apart. The only two rumors that seemed to be repeated talked about two of the rooms, one that would instantly tear someone’s sanity apart and one that would purposefully keep sanity in tact so that they would forever have to live with their torture without being able to slip into the comforts of insanity.

The knowledge of the building alone was enough to make anyone who saw it shudder; no one knew why the Council kept it looking bleak when the rumors of it alone filled any viewer with fear. Even the two rogue legends shuddered when they saw it, both of them unable to hold back the feeling of anxiety as it washed over them as their eyes came across one of the towers.

Both of their bubbles diminished as they reached the cloud, deciding to give their powers a rest as they walked the rest of the way. The steely eyed larger cat found himself waiting for his smaller companion, her small pink legs unable to catch up to his large gray ones. They stood on a rainbow walkway, coinciding with the color of the pillars. After a while they reached the front ‘door,’ which was nothing more than a spot where the cloud-wall was slightly thinner, looking more silvery and wispy than the rest of the wall.

They weren’t standing in front of it long before two of the courthouse’s guardians arrived, the cloud-winged Altaria coming seemingly from out of nowhere. The Council chose the Altaria and Swablu long ago to be their major guardians, choosing them for their looks, power, and majestic nature. Since then there has been a small group of the dragon type living in the building, being raised specifically to become the guardians. The excess power of the assembly of legends seemed to flow off them, something that made sure the Swablu became more powerful then they ever would on the ground. It was because of this wave of power that the Swablu were generally larger and slightly silver in color, their eyes also filled with the golden-tint of power.

“Can we help you?” a rather large Altaria said, probably choose directly by the Council to try to intimidate the two makeshift oracles. The creature’s wings were folded in slightly, covering most of its body from the cool breeze that was to be found all over the outside. Though most of the type were used to this breeze, the guardians had been inside most of their lives, leaving the messages and deliveries to the Aerodactyl and the large-winged Dragonite.

The two were not to be so easily shaken, though, and the dragon soon found himself balking a little at the steely glance of the gray feline. Years of being in the midst of legends made it easy for the guardians to sense power, and this one could feel the waves coming off of the two that stood in front of him. “We’re here to see the Council,” quipped the smaller of the two psychics, “they should know it’s going to be interesting if we show up at their front door.”

With a swish of his purple tail the other found himself speaking his mind, “we both know that you’re going to let us in, so let’s just get on with it.” The larger of the two guardians seemed to think about this for a second before lifting a wing up. The simple lift opened the door to the building, the thin bit of cloud simply dissolving away into the air, floating nearby until it was needed to close the way again. The two silvery blue creature’s bowed their heads as the legends passed, waiting until the door closed again to move to alert their masters.

“So boring,” the pink female commented, “I hate this place.” Her blue eyes looked around the large opening hall, casting her glance from the various paintings that hung around the hall of the Pokémon Council members to the marble floor and staircase. It was built to resemble a human courthouse, made to exude a powerful business atmosphere, as well as let off an air of sophistication. The smaller cat always hated it, finding it much too subdued for her taste, her thin tail lightly hitting the ground in frustration.

It was a long walk up the central staircase; each step on the velvet stairs seeming like it was the thousandth. Along the walls were banners, intricately drawn events from the past, each with one of the rules from the legendary Pokémon guidelines. For the two rogue legends these banners were meant to be a slap in the face, a manifestation of the other group’s annoyance at them.

In truth the two of them never really stopped to look around, not caring for the atmosphere itself more than the style in which the builder chose to design his masterpiece. Every time they had been in the building they felt stifled; the aura of control seemed to surround them and threaten to engulf them, forever making them just like all of the rest. Their eyes skipped over the scenery, instead focusing on the door just a short ways off the main landing.

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Default Re: Children of the Legends - The Mew Chronicles in progress

The door, which would led the duo into the main chambers of the Council, was made to be send a message. Carved into the golden surface were the blank stares of two of the Council’s ruling members, Palkia and Dialga. Both were staring directly out, their eyes two dark marbles that had been rummaged from a crashed meteor decades ago. This was to give the illusion that the two were staring out, their eyes silently judging any who entered that wasn’t a member. The marble eyes also gave off a strong power, whatever the pieces of meteorite were; they held a power more ancient then the legendary Pokémon themselves.

The centerpiece of this was the knocker, meant to give a feeling of submission to all those who were to enter. The premise was that they would have to knock and wait to be let in when the Council was ready instead of just making their own way in on their own power and freedom. This was to show that they were in the power of the Council, and they had to abide by their rules if they wanted to last.

This was lost on the two psychic type masters, however, as the larger of the two simply rolled his eyes and raised a three-fingered hand. The air between the balls of his fingers shimmered slightly, the air itself seeming to part for the psychic blast that flew forward, forcing the door open. As soon as the doors opened, the figure spread his fingers out, stopping the door from slamming back against the wall. Though the Pokémon had his problems with the Council, he wasn’t going to just go around and scratch their prized possessions, especially not when twelve of the strongest legendary Pokémon known to man were sitting in one place.

The smaller of the two rolled her eyes, “why do you always have to do that? Especially when we are on a diplomatic mission?”
The gray creature let out a hiss, “it’s a matter of principle.” With a simple shrug the other walked inside, her small feet awkwardly dragging across the marble floor.

The interior of the chamber was normal in terms of Pokémon but large in terms of humans; the size perfect for fitting several large Pokémon in one place. Because the members of the Council couldn’t really sit in the normal sense there were several large cushions scattered around the room, placed away from one another but in a circle, with exceptions. The two heads were on a slightly raised platform, making Palkia and Dialga seem slightly more important. Next to Dialga sat a small cushion that sat his aid, Celebi. Many of the lesser legends were considered aids to the stronger legends, the only means to get them a seat on the Council. Shaymin was Heatran’s aid, and the three elves were guarded by the three dogs. Still, each and every one was considered a member of the Council, each having a vote.

As usual two ‘visitors mats’ had been placed in the middle of the circle, once again to give visitors the opposing feel of being surrounded by the Council, vulnerable. However, this was nothing new to the gray and pink felines, who both walked past their only real friend on the Council, Heatran. The fire type nodded slightly to the two, who nodded back, a simple formality that had a million different messages in itself to those who had known each other back when the ancients still walked the planet.

“So,” came the deep and mysterious voice of Arceus, the self named ‘god of Pokémon,’ “what do you have for us this time, Mewtwo? Hopefully not the same drivel you told the Force and the Sovereigns.”

Mew giggled, “Oh Arcy, been practicing your mysterious voice again? It’s really only getting worse.” Arceus sputtered, looking away from the group and instead out one of the paintings that covered the high arching walls of the room. Mew was joined in her laughing by Suicune’s strange sputtering laugh and Heatran’s deep rumbling chuckle.

“We’re not here to bring up past rivalries,” the calm and even tone of Dialga uttered, “we’re here to hear what these two have to say.”

Mewtwo nodded, as annoying as the group was they were fair for the most part, and even if they didn’t like what he had to say they would at least listen. The clone continued on his way towards his mat, a mini-bean bag chair designed so that Pokémon of most any size and shape could rest comfortably, the seat matching their body type. He could feel himself sink in slightly, whipping his tail out from under his bottom the second before he touched the makeshift seat. Mew followed him, half jumping into hers before wiggling around until she found a position that she could call comfortable. For a few seconds all eyes fell upon her, the only legendary Pokémon that could be as old as the rest and still have the ability to act a few days old.

“Really, we’re not sure what it was exactly,” the psychic started off after he saw everyone was settled, “Mew felt it first, a far away feeling of emptiness and destruction. She barely had time to tell me before I felt it too, and it’s not something I can just tell you for you to understand. Words can’t really describe the amount of pain and loneliness I felt, something that doesn’t even seem contained to this world.” His eyes seemed to wander to the ceiling for a bit, thinking of that post moment, but in a flash he regained his composure. “I think that something’s going to break the stability of not only our world but other world’s and dimensions, some kind of leak, tear, we’re not sure. But whatever it is, if we don’t stop it then something will happen … and I’m not ready to find out what.”

He paused and looked around, letting his words sink in. He chose his words carefully, though didn’t decide to go into details or try to overwhelm them. For the most part he spoke with his body and eyes, something that Pokémon did much better than humans. He knew that though what he said was simple the gist of it got through, watching as they each looked at each other in turn in shock and surprise.

This was surprising in itself, because after being around as long as they had, the Council wasn’t surprised very often. The biggest part of the surprise for the members was the fact that both of the well known psychics were making this strange prediction without any concrete facts past a feeling.

After soaking up the information, the members all nodded to each other and closed their eyes, each communicating to each other via a mental connection. The mental communication was probably the most affective form of decision making in the entire world, because not only did it allow them to talk in privacy without sending the visitors away, it also allowed them to make quick decisions as their minds worked much faster than their mouths ever would. It was for this reason that only 30 seconds later they had all opened their eyes again, a decision made.

Palkia stirred in his spot, a sign that led the two feline Pokémon to stare at the ancient Council co-head. The creature cleared her throat once, “after deliberation, we have decided that until you present further evidence, no steps will be taken.”

“What?” Mewtwo muttered, taken aback, “how can you not believe us? You all know that we wouldn’t come to you all unless we thought it was important, and …”

He was cut off by a strange chuckling noise coming from Arceus’ direction. Arceus took a few more moments to chuckle to himself before finally speaking, “you’re overreacting, it was probably nothing. You have nothing to prove that something is going to happen except that you might have felt that something bad is going to happen. If you wish to impress us, you’re surely going to have to … Hey, where are you going?” By the time Arceus had finished asking this, the two were already out the door, Mew leading the way. With a short flick of her hand the door opened, and the two quickly walked out of the chamber, leaving the others behind them.

It only took a few moments to get back out of the large structure and out to the sky again, the two shielding themselves in their protective bubbles and beginning their slow decent back to the land. Mewtwo was muttering to himself, unhappy with how fast they had been turned down. After a while the gray creature turned to his companion, shaking his head, “they just can’t seem to face the fact that someday there might be something they can’t solve within moments.”

Mew couldn’t help but sigh herself, staring one last time at the structure that held the Council before it disappeared from view, “I can’t blame them, it has been peaceful for so long, it would take a lot more than just a feeling to spur them to action. But in the meanwhile the world has just taken its first step to immediate destruction …”

( V ) _ ( V ) ( V ) _ ( V )

The scientist took another step, his white lab coat moving slightly with the movement, pausing to check on the bubbling vial filled with a strange red liquid before looking into a small contained area via a monitor. He tapped the screen a few times before picking up a tape recorded that was lying close to the screen, pressing the play button. “August 3, as predicted, Strain F-7 is capable of being converted into a gaseous form. It is not yet able to affect Pokémon, as all results on the test subjects have come back negative. Strain F-9 will be finalized and tested on subjects B, R, and Y later today.” With that concluded he stopped it, carefully placing it back in its spot before typing in a few controls on the screen, setting into motion the vents to suck up the air within the area.

The older man didn’t notice he was being watched until he heard two steps right behind him, silently recoiling a small amount. Without turning around he simply nodded his head, an indication that he knew the other was present. The form behind him spoke slowly, “Dr. Reltfield, I’m hoping things are going smoothly?”

The doctor nodded once, “F-7 is now able to be released into the air, as you wished. We are still trying to find a strain that will react in the same way with Pokémon, so far our test subjects have only acted slightly … irrationally.”

The figure swept his hand, not seeming to care much about the fate of a few Pokémon, “I’ll have the league get you more subjects to use. Do you have what I have asked for?” Without a word the doctor’s hand stretched out to him, passing on the small case to the figure.

As the shadow turned to leave, the doctor finally spoke, “so, you’re really going to perform live tests?”

The form laughed, a quick, throaty chuckle that left the doctor wondering how long it had been since the last time the sound had crossed the figure’s lips. “Doctor, you’re not having second thoughts are you? Surely ethics aren’t an issue, you were one of the head doctors working on cloning Mew, were you not?”

Dr. Retfield didn’t bother answering, instead moving on to another question, “and what of the involvement of the three groups?”

Once again the figure laughed, “if all goes well then they will find out, though not where it originated. You’re safe, at least for as long as I wish it.” The figure turned and left the doctor alone in the room, his hand shooting out to close the door after him, leaving the doctor to continue his research.

After staring a few seconds at another bank of monitors, at the varying screens of the Pokémon test subjects, he couldn’t help but let out a sigh and ask the question that most did when they realize their actions would have consequences, “what have I done?”

( ^ ) _ ( ~ ) ( ~ ) _ ( ^ )

Notes: During this spot in the story, the one shots ‘Mic Moonshine’ and ‘The Invasions’ take place.

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Default Re: Children of the Legends - The Mew Chronicles in progress

Chapter 2: The Creators

“So, why are we here again?” Groudon asked, squeezing his hand together to form a gigantic fist. The evil Pokémon couldn’t help but look around at the area with distaste, his feet unable to even cause the small earthquakes that had been known to happen whenever he walked.

“Because,” Kygore told his brother calmly, “each of our three headquarters was not created with this in mind, so none of them are capable of holding each and every one of us.”

“Correct,” came an oddly shrill voice that sounded as if the voice’s owner was trying to practice to become a ventriloquist for the voice off of a Sci-Fi show, “this is the one place that can comfortably house all of us without causing problems to the world in which we all make our home.”

There was a snicker the one shimmering doorway to the area, and all heads turned as the two powerful psychic cats made their entrance. Even though it was but a whisper, all of the legend’s great ears could pick up Mew saying “Arcy’s mysterious voice is getting worse and worse” to Jirachi as he moved to sit down next to the Wish Master. The steel and psychic legend let out a childish titter of excitement, which ended up into a full on laugh by the two small Pokémon.

Their laughter traveled only as far as the other’s assembled before quickly dying off, forever squished in the oblivion that filled up the space where they were now. Though there was not a word for the place in any dictionary, the closest that could fit would have been purgatory. It was a land where everything and nothing existed at the same time, where there was absolutely no color but also a blinding radiance that seemed to all but blind the assembled legends. None of them quite knew where they were exactly, only that they could reach it with the combined power of five of them and it could comfortably fit all of them with much room to spare.

It was a place that no one had from their world had been to for thousands of years, mostly because it was never needed. While the three groups hadn’t fought each other for a very, very long time, they still were not all on good terms for obvious reasons. There were, of course, age-old friendships that defied these organizations, but even these friends didn’t meet too often.

“Well,” Heatran said in his gruff voice, “it seems that we are all here, so we can start our meeting. We’re here because we have all felt and heard of the disturbances. None of us can be totally sure what it is, but it is clear that it is something bad that has been sent off to other realities. Though it is not our own world that is in trouble, we know that it has started here. And because of this we are held responsible.”

“Why is this our problem?” Rayquaza asked, his head with the rest of the crew while his long body trailed off into the nothingness. When one of the Sovereigns, Lugia, went to talk, Ray interrupted him and spoke again “I realize that you should feel bad because this problem is originating from our world, but why is it important that we of The Force need to help out? Sounds more like something the rest of you should worry about.”

“Because,” Kygore said to his fellow Force member, “there is more to it. It is obvious that there is a reason for this attack on the other realities; we just have no idea what it is yet. So until we know exactly what it is, and until we can find the ones in this world who are doing it, we need to send scouts to the realities for the simple reason that it would make it easier to find clues to what is going on.”

Latias coughed politely but loudly, making sure to get the attention of her peers before speaking, “it’s not just that, though, it’s much more. None of us has much experience in other realities, so we do not know what will happen now that doors to these realities have been opened. For all we know the whole world could fall apart if we abuse this power.”

“Actually, we do know a bit about that,” Palkia mumbled.

Dialga’s guilty voice continued his friend’s own statement, “we at The Council have long ago discovered the other realities. We know how to, and we have tried it before, sending in an agent to test it out. We have not sent any others because we were afraid of the rift’s stability. Of course, we now all sense that at least for the moment it will not happen, but still…”

“But still there is so much possibilities here!” Giratina said, “we could take this opportunity to not only check out the problem but explore these other realities! I know I’m not the only one here who is curious …”

The others mumbled, some of them quietly admitting to themselves of sharing the same curiosity while others were too lost in worry.

( ^ ) _ ( ^ ) ( ^ ) _ ( ^ )

Three days later, the meeting was still going on. The three groups had taken time off to go back to the world and make their own observations, using whatever they could to try to find more information about the problem at hand. They were also using the time to hold their own meetings; it was a general hope that at the very least one of them could come up with a viable option.

Meanwhile, four figures had stayed in the purgatory-like land, their minds fully focused on solutions. “What can we do?” Mewtwo asked, staring at Darkrai.

The dark Pokémon hadn’t been there during the first few meetings, and had only just arrived. Still, he seemed to know even more than everyone else about the matter for reasons that he never went into and the other longer Pokémon hadn’t bothered to ask. “We as legends cannot enter the rift,” he said in his distant voice, “though I’m not sure why. More than likely it has something to do with our power.

Hours passed since Darkrai’s comment, with none of them saying anything. Each was meditating, focusing totally inwards, though Mew couldn’t help but squirm around ever hour or so. Still, it only seemed like a few minutes had passed when the other three groups arrived, exactly on the scheduled time. The heated talks that followed were intense, with the three groups fighting over what the response should be. The Force wanted to find a way to use their combined power to blow the rift and forever block them off, The Sovereigns wanted to try to try to talk it out with the other realities, and The Council simply tried to find some middle ground.

“So, why can’t we just send in some humans or Pokémon that we trust?” Kygore asked, bringing back his spy idea in desperation for a viable idea.

Dialga shook his head, “our information regarding the rifts says that it might cause trouble to send in anyone from our world into the rift. Though it is not very possible, there is still a chance that doing so will cause some kind of problem and cease our existence.”

“Then we can do nothing!” Groudon shouted, stamping his foot into the nothingness below him, the only sound coming from the movement being his nails hitting each other as he curled and flexed the foot. The large red beast growled again, angered at his inability to make any intimidating moves.

Darkrai shook his head, a movement that turned every head his way. The dark Pokémon hadn’t made a single move since his comment to the other three loner legends, and this simple movement was almost as if a giant light had just appeared over his head. His eyes opened slowly as he said “there is a way, though it will require the use of Jirachi’s power together with each of you.”

“Oh!” Jirachi explained, smirking suddenly, “I think I know what you mean! You want to make use of that power, don’t you?” When her friend nodded at her, her grin increased, a loud titter falling from her lips.

Of the assembled crew, only Mew and Mewtwo understood the exchange. Because of their allegiances, none of the others had been able to witness the before mentioned power in action. “I see,” Mewtwo said calmly, “if we do that here then they would not be of our world, and because of the strange power and non-existence of this place then it won’t cause any stability problems, as it is quite likely that this place is at the same time not a part of any reality and a part of each of them.”

“Man, this place is so confusing, I hate it,” Mew mumbled to herself, “it’s here, it’s not here, it’s here, it’s not here. I really wish someone would make up their mind and find a way to describe this place!”

“What is this you are talking about?” Ho-oh asked, sounding a little impatient. It was clear that everyone else wasn’t happy that there was something that was apparently this important they did not understand; the more powerful someone was the more it angered them when there was something they could not do or did not know.

“A spell,” Darkrai explained patiently, “though a more accurate term would probably be a ‘powerful wish.’ Using the collected powers of others Jirachi is able to create actual sentient beings when the circumstances are right, suited to the problems at hand, whether they are known or unknown. These beings usually end up very helpful and important solving any problems at hand, though even he does not know the true extent of the power. We do not like using it to solve problems simply because of the immense drain on our little friend, he will be unable to fully use his power for quite a long time afterwards.”

“And,” Mewtwo continued, “because they will be created here we will not have any problems with the rifts. It is definitely the best answer to our problem.”

Mew grinned, “the last time we did this it was just me, Darky and Jiri working together. We managed to create a very powerful Pikachu, and I’m sure you’ve all either heard of Ash’s exploits or actual been there to see them?” There was a murmur within the group, as well as an aura of happiness as a viable solution finally came up …

( V ) _ ( V ) ( V ) _ ( V )

Hours later the matter was settled and agreed upon by every legend in the group, and after one hour for explanations, one for magical barriers that would keep anyone from taking advantage of Jirachi in his soon to be weakened state, and two others for preparations they were finally ready.

There would be three figures, each of them created from the power of one of the groups of Pokémon. All of the figures would be humans, which was apparently the most common creature in the other realities thanks to the information of the agent sent by The Council. The same agent would join the crew; it was decided that there was not any extra risk because he had already been sent out, and his experience in the matter would help out.

Because Jirachi could not touch each and every Pokémon that would be lending their power they needed something to help siphon it to him. To facilitate this, a power more ancient than evil the legends was used in the form of giant glyphs, one for each of the three separate legendary groups. Leading out of these glyphs stood one of the three remaining loner Pokémon, Darkrai, Mewtwo, and Mew to serve as a funnel so that Jirachi had the power needed to work his wish but was not overwhelmed and possibly overloaded.

“Are we ready?” Darkrai asked as he took his place in between Jirachi and The Council, placing a hand on one of the three blue paper-like appendages coming from the other’s head.

Heatran walked to the front of The Council’s glyph, staring at Darkrai, “one question. What will these humans be like?”

“The personality will be determined by many things,” the dark type said, “though the biggest will be made by The Force, The Sovereigns, and your own group. A little will be derived from Mewtwo, Mew and I, and the rest will come from Jirachi. Of course, they are only going to be based on all of you, so the actual personality will really be hard to explain.”

“Something you’ll just have to wait and see,” Mew said, her small hand already placed on one of the other blue appendages, standing between Jirachi and The Sovereign’s glyph. “I must say I’m really curious to see what they’re like!”

“Right,” Mewtwo mumbled as he opened one eye, “there is no need to wait. Let’s get this finished.” Right after finishing his statements the great cat’s eyes closed once again in concentration, his body in a classic meditative stance as one of his three-fingered hands clinched the last of Jirachi’s blue head ornaments, the other hand held out to The Force’s glyph of power.

“Always in a hurry,” Mew mumbled before turning to the yellow legend who stood at the center of it all. “Are you ready, Jirachi? Everything in order?”

The usually childish and jovial creature simply nodded, waving a hand in the air as a signal to the three groups to begin to send their power into the glyphs.

The land was suddenly silent for a few seconds as everyone concentrated totally inward, each of the three groups putting all of their immediate power into the ritual. The glyphs suddenly glowed, with The Force’s glowing a fierce orange-red color, The Sovereign’s a calming blue, and The Council’s a regal purple. The power coming from the glyphs was enough to send shockwaves throughout the bland landscape, power that would have been enough to cripple a world. They thrummed and buzzed at the edges, a testament to the energy being loosed within.

Acting as the siphoning device for this pure, unfiltered power, the trio of Mew, Mewtwo, and Darkrai were each loosing a scream, the action helping them to cope with the power filling their body. While the glyph’s held the power and only released it at intervals, the power was still enough to cause an enormous amount of pain for them. This was the reason for their job; if Jirachi fell victim to this kind of searing pain the ritual of the wish would never be completed.

As their screams grew all three’s eyes opened at once, their pupils filled with the same colors that were coming from the glyphs they were attached. Still they held back, making sure that only a trickle of power at a time fell into Jirachi, giving him the time to meld it and stick it where it needed to be, forming his wish.

Finally, after what felt like a century but was in actuality only a handful of minutes the glyphs died, their job finished. Another minute after that the siphoning was finished as well, and the three fainted from exhaustion. With all the steps completed Jirachi lifted both of her small hands into the air, her eyes glowing with a mixture of all three colors. The Wish Master’s mouth opened, a wish without words or sounds.

And suddenly there was silence, everything disappearing but for every legendary Pokémon except for Mewtwo, Mew and Darkrai, who were now off in their secret homes recovering their strength. The crew all sat in silence, patiently waiting for something to happen, not knowing what to look at.

After a long pause Groudon stepped forward, unable to take it anymore. “Where are they!? I thought something was sup-“

As if in response three shapes appeared seemingly from nowhere. As they came closer and closer to the space where the legends were it became obvious that these were stars, each of them slamming hard next to Jirachi. Pieces of the stars flew into the air, obscuring the spots from view with an intensity that could match the sun. As the strangely powerful light died down three figures became apparent.

One of the figures stumbled and fell, landing hard on the nothingness that served as the ground, letting out a small ‘oof’ of pain. The other two swayed but still managed to stay on their feet, each step small. “The hell?” one asked, wiping his eyes and staring up into the face of Groudon. “What’s your problem, Big Red?”

“What did you call me?!” Groudon bellowed, making a move to smash the figure with a wave of his hand. A moment before this could happen a spout of water pushed him aside, and before a fight could start Kygore finished the job by trapping his sibling in a ball of water. “Let me out, Kygore!” the red Pokémon shouted, smacking his hand on the bubble.

The fallen figure yawned as he got to his feet, “so noisy! Can’t a guy wake up without hearing people yell?” He took a few small steps away from the remnants of the star’s lights, only one of his startling golden eyes opened. He took in the other figure, and suddenly his open eye turned into a glare, “and who are you?”

“What’s it to you?” the first figure asked, raking a hand calmly through his spiky black hair as he glared back at the golden eyed figure.

The third figure stepped calmly, already getting used to taking steps after being created from a wish. “What’s the problem?” the figure asked in a smooth and light voice. The other two figures stopped their glaring to stare at this new voice, their eyes quickly turning from glares to saucer eyed looks of surprise. “What is it?” the figure asked as her orange eyes took in the other two. “Wait, cover yourselves up! Why are you naked?”

“Um,” the spiky-haired boy said, pointing at the third figure even as he moved to cover himself up.

A scream pierced the land as the third figure looked down at a naked and totally female body. “Why am I naked?! Whoever did this to me is going to pay …”

“Knew I forgot something,” Jirachi mumbled, and with a twist of her hand the three figures were suddenly clothed. “Now then,” the Wish Master said as she watched the three tug and pull on their clothes, each with a look of approval, “how much do you know?”

“Enough,” said the first figure, now clothed in sunglasses, torn jeans, and a t-shirt that was just a little too small. “We know that we’re here and we’re alive.”

The second, clad in khaki shorts and a light blue sleeveless shirt with a black vest over it gaped slightly. “How is that enough?” he asked, “we have no idea what the heck is going on!”

The third balled up her first and hit the other two over the head, her knee-length skirt rustling slightly in the action. “Shut up and they’ll tell us what is going on.”

“Yes ma’am,” the other two grumbled at the same time, settling down onto the ground.

“Ah, wow, this is too obvious,” Jirachi mumbled as she smirked to herself, “it seems that even these two that have come from The Force and The Sovereign cannot get along without The Council’s own offspring helping.” To the three figures she said, “you are the children of the legends, and you have a mission.”

~ End of The Mew Chronicles and beginning of The Children of the Legends

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