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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 12-09-2008, 04:03 PM
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Default The Stats of Bethan

The Stats of Bethan
[aka JustAnotherStar]


AIM: DaughterofMew
MSN: daughterofmew[at]
39 Wins / 22 Loses / 3 Draws
Best Win Streak: 8
Current Win Streak: 0



24/01/09 - Sally got fourth. KO'd by the other Weavile using Revenge.
01/02/09 - Camerupt [random Mon] got fifth. KO'd by Slowbro using Water Pulse
04/04/09 - Sally got fifth. KO'd by Magmar using Flamethrower, if I recall correctly.
06/04/09 - AJ got fourth. KO'd by Umbreon using Quick Attack.
07/04/09 - Jessie got sixth. KO'd by Snorlax using Fire Punch.
12/04/09 - AJ got ninth out of about 21 people, so he did well.
16/04/09 - Steve got something stupidly low in the Forum FFA. ^^;
16/04/09 - Fluffy got seventh. Cipher Lord, my Mafia are after you.
19/04/09 - AJ came last. .___.;;



Battle Items

Evolution Items
Razor Claw, Leaf Stone

TM Earthquake, TM Ice Punch, TM Swords Dance



Sally the Weavile
18 battles, 2 FFAs

Scratch, Leer, Quick Attack, Screech, Faint Attack, Fury Swipes, Agility, Slash, Beat Up, Metal Claw, Taunt, Icy Wind, Ice Shard, Embargo, Revenge, Assurance, Nasty Plot, Night Slash, Fling, Dark Pulse
Special Moves

AJ the Quagsire
Water Absorb // Damp
18 battles, 3 FFAs.
Captured in a story.

Tail Whip, Water Gun, Slam, Mud Shot, Amnesia, Yawn, Earthquake, Rain Dance, Mist, Haze, Mud Sport, Mud Bomb, Muddy Water
Special Moves
TM Ice Punch

Midnight the Umbreon
5 battles.
Gift in the Christmas Give Away 2008, from Dark Lightning.

Sand Attack, Tail Whip, Tackle, Quick Attack, Bite, Take Down, Growl, Focus Energy, Baton Pass, Helping Hand, Last Resort, Trump Card, Pursuit, Confuse Ray, Faint Attack, Mean Look, Screech, Moonlight, Assurance
Special Moves

Dusten the Walrein
Ice Body // Thick Fat
16 battles, 1 FFA.
Bought at the Pokémart.

Defense Curl, Water Gun, Growl, Powder Snow, Encore, Ice Ball, Body Slam, Aurora Beam, Hail, Rest, Snore, Blizzard, Sheer Cold, Crunch, Swagger, Ice Fang
Special Moves
TM Earthquake

George the Torterra
12 battles
Bought at the Pokémart.

Tackle, Withdraw, Absorb, Razor Leaf, Curse, Bite, Mega Drain, Leech Seed, Synthesis, Crunch, Giga Drain, Leaf Storm, Wood Hammer, Earthquake
Special Moves

Jessie the Shiftry
Early Bird // Chlorophyll
11 battles, 1 FFA.
Caught in a story.

Bide, Harden, Growth, Nature Power, Synthesis, Sunny Day, Explosion, Pound, Fake Out, Torment, Faint Attack, Razor Wind, Swagger, Extrasensory, Razor Leaf, Whirlwind, Leaf Storm
Special Moves

Glider the Pidgeot
Keen Eye // Tangled Feet
5 battles.
Traded with FireyDisappearence

Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust, Quick Attack, Whirlwind, Wing Attack, Featherdance, Agility, Mirror Move, Twister, Roost, Tailwind, Air Slash.
Special Moves
TM Return

Fluffy the Ampharos
10 battles, 1 FFA.
Bought at the Pokémart.

Tackle, Growl, Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Cotton Spore, Light Screen, Thunder, Charge, Discharge, Signal Beam, Power Gem, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch
Special Moves

Sarah the Politoed
Swift Swim // Damp
1 battles.
Traded with Dr. House.

Water Sport, Bubble, Hypnosis, Water Gun, Double Slap, Rain Dance, Body Slam, Belly Drum, Hydro Pump, Amnesia, Bubblebeam, Mud Shot, Wake-up Slap, Mud Bomb, Bounce, Swagger, Perish Song, Hyper Voice
Special Moves
Surf, Waterfall, Strength


Passing Buddies

Derrick [Elekid, Male, Static, Pokemart] - Given to Black Fox of the Darkness [Christmas Givaway '08]
James [Seedot, Male, Early Bird, Story] - Trade with FieryDisappearance [for Glider]
Salamence [F, Christmas Giveaway - Xalapeno] - Trade with IceRocket [for Metagross]
Metagross [U, Trade with IceRocket] - Trade with Dr. House [for Politoed]


Pokémon I Aim To Get

Crobat, Raichu, Sceptile, Nidoqueen, Buizel, Abomasnow, Alakazam, Flareon, Jolteon, Arcanine, Tropius, Charizard, Ninetales, Scyther, Zangoose, Luxray, Carnivine, Electivire, Magmortar, Gallade



1. Won my first forum battle - 13th Dec. '08
2. Won my first AIM battle d: - 15th Dec. '08
3. Got my first Pokémon from a story - 22nd Dec. '08
4. First FFA - 24th Jan. '09
5. B in the Quiz [11.5k] - 6th May. '09



* - Graded, Pokémon obtained
* - Graded, failed
* - In Process of being Graded
* - Not Graded
* - Under construction

The Viridian Wooper - Wooper *
Nature Power - Seedot, Seedot *


Gym Battles

Violet City Gym [x2]


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