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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 10-31-2007, 07:17 PM
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Default Crazy's Stats

By: Sigma_

Instant Messenger: AIM; thecincybengals
Postions: Trainer, Coordinator, Referee, Orange League Champion, Oreburgh Gym Leader
Ex Positions: Legend Defender, Ref Tester, Elite 4 member, Official, Trade Approver, Mart Approver, Digger guy, Auctioneer, Moderator, Pewter Gym Leader, URPG Champion, Pummelo Island Gym LEader
Money: 33950
Record: 110/33/1
Items: HM Surf, HM Waterfall, Husnain, Fire Stone, Thunder Stone
Battle Items: Damp Rock, Smooth Rock x5, Heat Rock, Muscle Band, Wise Glasses, Scope Lens, Life Orb x2, Choice Band, Choice Scarf x2, Flame Orb, Choice Specs x3, Wide Lens, Leftovers x2, Light Clay, Expert Belt x2, Focus Sash x2, Silver Powder, Nevermeltice, Hard Stone, tm dragon pulse
Berries: Cheri, Lum x4, Chesto, Rawst
Value is determined by
-minimum number of characters if its a story mon
-how much was spent on EMs for it
-how much it cost if its a mart mon

Backup Stats


Ability: Rock Head/Pressure
TM/HM: Earthquake, Protect, Stone Edge, Taunt, Fire Blast, Substitute, Roost, Reflect, Rest, Sleep Talk, Dragon Claw, Attract, Double Edge, Rock Tomb, Stealth Rock, Toxic, Sandstorm
MT/BM: Tailwind
Obtained: Trade with SuperSmashBrawl
Value: 133,000

Albus Dumbledore the Alakazam[Female]
Ability: Synchronize/Inner Focus/Magic Guard (DW)
TM/HM: Hidden Power[Ground], Substitute, Rest, Sleep Talk, Shadow Ball, Grass Knot, Taunt, Light Screen, Shock Wave, Snatch, Charge Beam, Energy Ball, Focus Blast, Thunder Wave, Counter, Trick Room, Torment, Protect, Skill Swap, Psyshock
MT/BM: Encore, Barrier
Obtained Trade with ZachNCheese
Value: 127,000

Ability: Battle Armor
TM/HM: Rock Polish, Swords Dance, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Substitute
Obtained: Gift from TyT =3
Value: 36,000

Zoa797 the Bellsprout[Male]
Ability: Cholorphyll
Obtained: Mart
Value: 5,000

Jr the Blastoise[Male]
Ability: Torrent
TM/HM: Surf, Waterfall
Obtained: Pokemart
Value: 24,500


Beast Mode the Caterpie[Male]
Ability: Shield Dust
Obtained: Trade
Value: 3,000

Ability: Blaze
TM/HM: Earthquake, Hidden Power, Fire Punch
MT/BM: Dragon Dance, Crunch
Obtained: Mart
Value: 33,000

Ability: Keen Eye/Tangled Feet
TM/HM: Hidden Power [Flying], Substitute
MT/BM: Encore, Nasty Plot, Agility
Obtained: Mart
Value: 32,000

Cradily [Female]
Ability: Suction Cups
TM/HM: Swords Dance, Hidden Power [Ground], Toxic, Protect, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Rest, Sleep Talk, Sludge Bomb, Double Team, Substitute, Rock Polish, Stealth Rock, Grass Knot, Rock Tomb
MT/BM: Barrier, Recover, Mirror Coat, Seed Bomb
Obtained: Mart
Value: 102,500

Loyal Arcanine the Crobat[Female]
Ability: Inner Focus
TM/HM: Fly, Shadow Ball, Toxic, Taunt, Protect, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Attract, Torment, Rest, Snatch, Roost, Dark Pulse, U-Turn, Snore, Substitute, X-Scissor, Whirlwind
MT/BM: Hypnosis, Nasty Plot
Obtained: Gift from Mike =3
Value: 109,500

Flipper the Dewgong[Female]
Ability: Thick Fat, Hydration
TM/HM: Surf, Waterfall, Whirlpool, Hidden Power[Fighting]
MT/BM: Perish Song
Obtained: Gift from Stinky

Ability: Early Bird/Run Away
Obtained: Pokemart
Value: 5,500

Ability: Inner Focus/Multiscale (DW)
TM/HM: Surf, Thunderbolt, Aerial Ace, Substitute, Dragon Claw, Ice Beam, Fire Blast, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Rest, Sleep Talk, Focus Punch, Rock Tomb, Brick Break, Waterfall, Icy Wind, Rain Dance, Bulldoze
MT/BM: Draco Meteor, Extreme Speed, Heal Bell, Superpower
Obtained: Trade with Pokelord01
Value: 131,000

Explosionary Function aka Husnain the Electrode[NG]
Ability: Static/Soundproof
TM/HM: Thunder Wave, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Rain Dance, Protect, Substitute, Reflect, Double Team, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Return, Taunt, Rest, Psychic, Hidden Power[Steel]
Obtained: Gift from Husnain =3
Value: 85,500

Flareon [Female]
Ability: Adaptability/Run Away
TM/HM: Hidden Power[Rock]
Obtained: Trade with Hide in Plain Sight

Ability: Levitate
TM/HM: Substitute, Hidden Power[Water], Energy Ball, Thunderbolt, Taunt, Sludge Bomb, Psychic, Focus Blast, Rest, Sleep Talk, Snatch, Will o Wisp, Explosion, Counter, Toxic, Ice Punch, Brick Break, Giga Drain, Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Torment, Attract, Focus Punch, Thunder
MT/BM: Haze, Icy Wind, Tick
Obtained Back to the Past Tournement
Value: 154,000

Ability: Sturdy/Rock Head
Obtained: Trade with Marco

Ragemaster aka ST the Gyarados[Male]
Ability: Swift Swim
TM/HM: Waterfall, Surf, Substitute, Stone Edge, Earthquake, Taunt, Roar, Fire Blast, Rest, Sleep Talk, Thunder Wave, Blizzard, Protect, Icy Wind, Swagger, Reflect
MT/BM: Bounce
Obtained: Easter thing
Value: 98,500

Antoine Dodson the Hypno[Male]
Ability: Insomnia/forewarn
TM/HM: Calm Mind, Thunder Wave, Substitute, Hidden Power[Steel], Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Light Screen, Brick Break, Grass Knot
MT/BM: Wish
Obtained: Gift from Poke123 =3
Value: 60,000

Ability: Blaze/Iron Fist (DW)
TM/HM: Focus Punch, Rock Slide, Will-O-Wisp, Swords Dance, Grass Knot, Earthquake, Hidden Power[Flying], Shadow Claw, Aerial Ace, Substitute, Stone Edge, U Turn, Roar, Overheat, Fire Blast, Brick Break, Rest, Sleep Talk, Rock Tomb, Stealth Rock, Protect, Focus Blast, Bulldoze, Low Sweep, Flame Charge
MT/BM: Thunder Punch, Encore, Counter, Fake Out, Vacuum Wave
Obtained: Gift Station from Chris :3
Value: 157,000

Ability: Volt Absorb
TM/HM: Substitute, Hidden Power (Ice), Charge Beam Thunderbolt, Shadow ball, Roar, Attract, Light Screen, Reflect, Rain Dance, Rest, Sleep Talk, Protect, Volt Switch
MT/BM: Wish, Yawn, Signal Beam, Magnet Rise, Heal Bell
Obtained: Trade with Bumblebee16
Value: 99,500

Ability: Swift Swim, Battle Armor
TM/HM: Stone Edge, X Scissor, Surf, Waterfall, Swords Dance, Rain Dance, Rock Tomb, Double Edge, Icy Wind, Substitute, Brick Break, Rock Polish, Stealth Rock, Giga Drain, Return, Seismic Toss, Ice Beam, Curse
Obtained: Trade with Soda
Value: 105,500

P.I.M.P. the Kakuna[Female]
Ability: Shed Skin
Obtained: Trade with Dark Lightning
Value: 3,000

Ability: Hyper Cutter/Shell Armor
TM/HM: Swords Dance, Substitute, Return, Brick Break, X Scissor
MT/BM: Agility
Obtained: Mini tourney prize
Value: 44,500

Ability: Swarm
Obtained: GBA tourney
Value: 3,000

Ability: Own Tempo, Oblivious
TM/HM: Substitute
Obtained: NU Tourney
Value: 27,000

Ability: Cute Charm/Klutz
TM/HM: Substitute, Attract, Thunder Wave, Focus Punch, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Grass Knot, Toxic, Facade, Rest, Sleep Talk, Drain Punch, Protect
MT/BM: Switcheroo, Ice Punch, Encore
Obtained: Trade with Linoone
Value: 90,000

Ability: Swift Swim/Rain Dish
TM/HM: Surf, Waterfall, Substitute, Rest , Sleep Talk , Ice Beam, Swagger, Toxic, Endure, Attract, Rain Dance, Protect, Giga Drain, Swords Dance, Grass Knot
MT/BM: Leech Seed, Flail
Obtained: Trade with WTP (gifted back from emma)

Emma's Tone is very obnoxious the Lunatone[Male]
Ability: Levitate
TM/HM: Ice Beam, Hidden Power[Grass], Grass Knot, Light Screen, Reflect, Shadow Ball, Trick Room, Calm Mind, Toxic, Substitute, Psych Up, Swagger, Stealth Rock
MT/BM: Baton Pass
Obtained: Trade with Tyranitar Trainer
Value: 91,500

Ability: Guts/No Guard
TM/HM: Bulk Up, Stone Edge, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Payback, Earthquake, Rest, Sleep Talk, Substitute, Fissure, Focus Punch, Counter, Rock Tomb
MT/BM: Close Combat, Encore, Bullet Punch, Light Screen
Obtained Trade with Black Hawk
Value: 98,500

Saddam Husnain the Magikarp[Female]
Ability: Swift Swim
Obtained: I wrote a story!
Value: ;)

Ability: Sticky Hold, Stench
Obtained: Pokemart
Value: 6,000

Nidoking [Male]
Ability: Poison Point/Rivalry
TM/HM: Thunder, Surf, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Focus Punch, Roar, Toxic, Hidden Power[Ghost], Taunt, Protect, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, Brick Break, Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Fire Blast, Avalanche, Stone Edge, Rock Tomb, Dragon Pulse, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Curse, Water Pulse, Double Team, Counter, Substitute, Sludge Bomb, Focus Blast, Stealth Rock, Rest, Sleep Talk, Sandstorm, Attract, Icy Wind, Water Gun, Mimic, Rage, Natural Gift, Pay Day, Defense Curl, Mud Slap, Fling, Reflect, Skull Bash, Seismic Toss, Return, Fury Cutter, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Frustration, Swagger
MT/BM: Morning Sun, Sucker Punch, Amnesia, Lovely Kiss, Superpower
Obtained: Story
Value: 285,000

Ability: Poison Point
Obtained: Pokemart
Value: 7,000

Husnain 2.0 the Ninjask[Male]
Ability: Speed Boost
TM/HM: Protect, Substitute, Aerial Ace, Silver Wind, Shadow Ball
MT/BM: Night Slash, Faint Attack
Obtained: Gift from Husnain =3
Value: 41,500

Ability: Swift Swim/Shell Armor
TM/HM: Surf, Waterfall
Obtained: Underground
Value: 26,500

Magic Mushroom the Parasect[Male]
Ability: Effect Spore/Dry Skin
TM/HM: Swords Dance, Substitute, Aerial Ace, Return
Obtained: Underused Pokemon Give Away
Value: 24,500

Ability: Limber/Technician
Obtained: Pokemart
Value: 6,000

Poliwrath [Female]
Ability: Water Absorb
TM/HM: Surf, Waterfall, Substitute, Focus Punch, Ice Punch, Bulk Up, Rock Slide
Obtained: Comic Contest (got back from marshy as gift)

*Husnain sprite by gun6

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Default Re: Crazy's Stats

Ability: Keen Eye
Obtained: Pokemart
Value: 5,500

Ability: Hyper Cutter/Mold Breaker
TM/HM: Substitute, Stone Edge, Earthquake
Obtained: Pokemart
Value: 27,500

Porygon Z[NG]
Ability: Adaptibility, Download
TM/HM: Substitute, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Hidden Power[Fighting], Charge Beam, Shadow Ball, Rest, Sleep Talk, Icy Wind, Psych Up
MT/BM: Trick, Barrier, Pain Split
Obtained: Champ battle
Value: 100,500

Ability: Mould Breaker
TM/HM: Stone Edge, Earthquake, Stealth Rock, Surf, Rock Polish, Rock Tomb, Swords Dance, Focus Punch, Substitute
MT/BM: Whirlwind
Obtained: Trade with Ataro
Value: 63,500

FEAR the Raticate[Female]
Ability: Run Away/Guts
Obtained: Pokemart
Value: 5,500

Fishfood the Relicanth[Female]
Ability: Swift Swim/Rock Head
TM/HM: Stone Edge, Rock Polish, Waterfall, Surf, Pysch Up, Earthquake, Substitute
Obtained: Trade with Stinky
Value: 56,000

Rhyperior [Male]
Ability: Solid Rock/Lightningrod
TM/HM: Rock Polish, Sleep Talk, Surf, Iron Tail, Thunder, Rock Tomb, Substitute, Avalanche, Counter, Rest, Flash Cannon, Focus Punch, Roar, Toxic, Protect, Fire Blast, Sandstorm, Attract, Payback, Swords Dance, Curse, Stealth Rocks, Swagger, Double Team, Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Water Gun
MT/BM: Crunch, Dragon Rush, Ice Punch, Superpower
Obtained: Starter
Value: 176,000

Ability: Natural Cure/Poison Point
TM/HM: Energy Ball, Hidden Power[Water], Shadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Substitute, Rest, Sleep Talk
MT/BM: Sleep Powder, Spikes, Leaf Storm
Obtained: Pokemart
Value: 63,000

Brave Little Toaster the Rotom[None]
Ability: Levitate
TM/HM: Hidden Power[Grass], Will o Wisp, Light Screen, Reflect, Thunderbolt, Charge Beam, Toxic, Shadow Ball, Rest, Sleep Talk, Thunder
MT/BM: Sucker Punch
Obtained: Lottery
Value: 98,000

Ability: Intimidate/Moxie (DW)
TM/HM: Substitute, Fire Blast, Rock Tomb, Hidden Power[Ice], Brick Break, Aerial Ace, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Roost, Sleep Talk, Roar, Dragon Pulse, Bulldoze
MT/BM: Dragon Dance, Outrage, Draco Meteor, Refresh, Hydro Pump
Obtained: Trade with Nyurgh
Value: 107,500

Ability: Sand Veil
Obtained: Pokemart
Value: 6,000

Ability: Overgrow
TM/HM: Swords Dance, Hidden Power[Ice], Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Solarbeam, Sunny Day, Brick Break, Focus Punch, Grass Knot, Substitute, Roar
MT/BM: Leech Seed, Thunder Punch, Synthesis
Obtained: Pokemart
Value: 75,000

Ability: Technician/Swarm
TM/HM: U Turn, Substitute, Rest, Sleep Talk, Protect, Aerial Ace, Brick Break, Roost, Return
MT/BM: Baton Pass, Light Screen, Superpower, Counter, Bug Bite
Obtained: Trade with Black Hawk
Value: 104,000

**** yeah! the Seaking[Female]
Ability: Swift Swim/Water Veil
TM/HM: Surf, Waterfall, Rain Dance, Substitute, Swords Dance
Obtained: Pokemart
Value: 36,500

Marshymallow the Shuckle[Female]
Ability: Sturdy/Gluttony
Obtained: Gift from GreenRampage =3
Value: 7,000

Ability: Keen Eye
TM/HM: Protect, Substitute
MT/BM: Brave Bird, Drill Peck
Obtained: Gym Tournament

Ability: Own Tempo/Oblivious
TM/HM: Surf, Calm Mind, Grass Knot, Trick Room, Flamethrower, Counter, Earthquake, Ice Beam, Brine, Substitute, Icy Wind, Hidden Power[Rock], Seismic Toss, Thunder Wave, Focus Punch, Ice Punch, Skill Swap, Protect, Reflect, Light Screen, Return
Obtained: Trade with RawrIsMyMiddleName
Value: 117,000

Ability: Own Tempo/Technician
SKETCH: Nasty Plot, Mean Look, Dragon Dance, Agility, Substitute, Extremespeed, Roost, Baton Pass, Encore, Spore
Obtained: Trade with LOLgg
Value: 20,000

Brian Jr. the Smoochum[Female]
Ability: Oblivious, Forewarn
TM/HM: Calm Mind
Obtained: Gift from Emma
Value: 9,500

Ability: Immunity/Thick Fat
TM/HM: Surf, Substitute, Focus Punch, Curse, Return, Ice Punch, Earthquake, Counter, Body Slam, Thunder Punch, Rock Slide
Obtained: Trade with Jr
Value: 105,500

Ability: Natural Cure/Illuminate
TM/HM: Surf, Water Pulse, Rain Dance, Waterfall, Thunderwave, Thunderbolt, Substitute, Skill Swap, Psych Up, Sleep Talk, Reflect, Toxic, Ice Beam, Nightmare, Rest, Psychic, Flash Cannon, Grass Knot, Hidden Power[Fighting], Icy Wind, Thunder, Blizzard, Protect, Psyshock
MT/BM: Trick, Signal Beam
Obtained: Trade with Team Evolution
Value: 152,000

Ability: Clear Body/Liquid Ooze
TM/HM: Surf, Waterfall, Ice Beam, Hidden Power[Dragon], Sludge Bomb, Substitute
MT/BM: Rapid Spin, Mirror Coat, Knock Off
Obtained: Trade with Dark Lightning
Value: 58,000

Jesus of Magikarps the Togekiss[Male]
Ability: Serene Grace/Hustle
TM/HM: Flamethrower, Grass Knot, Psychic, Roost, Shadow Ball, Shock Wave, Substitute, Light Screen, Reflect, Thunder Wave, Hidden Power [Dark]
MT/BM: Tri Attack, Nasty Plot, Trick, Psycho Shift
Obtained: Gift from Adrenaline
Value: 83,500

Ability: Sand Stream
TM/HM: Thunder Wave, Taunt, Substitute, Brick Break, Rest, Sleep Talk, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Surf, Stealth Rock, Avalanche, Focus Punch, Dragon Claw, Hidden Power[Electric], Roar, Rock Tomb, Toxic, Aerial Ace, Torment, Attract, Fire Blast, Rock Polish, Protect, Thunder, Blizzard
MT/BM: Dragon Dance, Counter, Outrage, Aqua Tail, Superpower
Obtained: Mart
Value: 168,500

F U the Unown [None](Ground)
Ability: Levitate
TM/HM: All possible
MT/BM: All possible
Obtained: Story
Value: Priceless

UrsaRANG the Ursaring [Male]
Ability: Guts/Quick Feet
TM/HM: Thunder Punch, Earthquake, Brick Break, Substitute, Facade, Stone Edge, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Shadow Claw, Rock Tomb, Return, Swords Dance, Giga Impact
MT/BM: Double Edge
Obtained: Pokemart
Value: 79,000

Flower Power the Venusaur[Male]
Ability: Overgrow
TM/HM: Swords Dance, Substitute, Curse, Hidden Power[Ghost], Earthquake, Sludge Bomb, Energy Ball
Obtained: Pokemart
Value: 43,500

Ability: Chlorophyll
TM/HM: Energy Ball, Sunny Day, Solarbeam, Substitute, Sludge Bomb, Hidden Power[Ice], Grass Knot, Giga Drain
MT/BM: Synthesis, Encore
Obtained: Pokemart
Value: 60,500

Squanto the Weavile[Male]
Ability: Pressure
TM/HM: Aerial Ace, Avalanche, Brick Break, Ice Punch, Substitute, Surf, Swords Dance, Swagger, Protect, Attract, Focus Punch, Snatch, Giga Impact
MT/BM: Pursuit, Fake Out
Obtained: Gift from iReign
Value: 91,500

Yanmega[Female] (First Yanmega in URPG)
Ability: Speed Boost/Tinted Lens
TM/HM: Shadow Ball, Giga Drain, Psychic, Hidden Power[Psychic], Roost, Substitute, Edure, Dream Eater, Sunny Day, Curse, Rest, Solarbeam, Sleep Talk, Attract, Captivate
MT/BM: Reversal, Whirlwind
Obtained: Trade with Tyranitar_Trainer
Value: 95,500

Venusaur and Blissey from Pidge

Badges - 37

Kanto - Complete!
Pewter City ~ Boulder Badge
Cerulean City ~ Cascade Badge
Vermillion City ~ Thunder Badge
Celadon City ~ Rainbow Badge
Saffron City ~ Marsh Badge
Fuschia City ~ Soul Badge
Cinnabar Island ~ Volcano Badge
Viridan City ~ Earth Badge

Johto - Complete!
Violet City ~ Zephyr Badge
Azalea Town ~ Hive Badge
Goldenrod City ~ Plain Badge
Ecruteak City ~ Fog Badge
Cianwood City ~ Storm Badge
Olivine City ~ Mineral Badge
Mahogany Town ~ Glacier Badge
Blackthorn City ~ Rising Badge

Hoenn - Complete!
Rustboro City ~ Stone Badge
Dewford Town ~ Knuckle Badge
Mauville City ~ Dynamo Badge
Lavadridge Town ~ Heat Badge
Petalburg City ~ Balance Badge
Fortree City ~ Feather Badge
Mossdeep City ~ Mind Badge
Sootopolis City ~ Rain Badge

Sinnoh - Complete!
Oreburgh City ~ Coal Badge
Eterna City ~ Forest Badge
Veilstone City ~ Cobal Badge
Pastoria City ~ Fen Badge
Hearthome City ~ Relic Badge
Canalave City ~ Mine Badge
Snowpoint City ~ Icicle Badge
Sunnyshore City ~ Beacon Badge

Orange Islands - Complete!
Mikan Island ~ Coral Eye Badge
Navel Island ~ Sea Ruby Badge
Trovita Island ~ Spike Shell Badge
Kumquat Island ~ Jade Star Badge
Pummelo Island ~ Orange League Trophy

Opelucid City ~ Legend Badge

Elites Defeated


-Participant in first ever Xbox Live battle
-Second place in Back to the Past Tourney
-Second place in Gym Tourney
-First place in Little Cup
-Third place in Dream Tourney
-Second place in NU Tourney
-Became Champ
-Won Gym Tourney (need to look up which one)

*Total value - 3,576,500

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Default Re: Crazy's Stats


TMs to buy
Charizard: Swords Dance, Counter, Reflect, Fire Blast, Rest, Substitute, Return, Sleep Talk, Brick Break, Overheat, Solarbeam, Rock Tomb, Roost, Dragon Pulse, Rock Slide, Will o Wisp, Dragon Dance, Crunch
Hypno: Counter, Reflect, Shadow Ball, Taunt, Snatch, Drain Punch, Trick Room, FOcus Blast, Baton Pass, Wish, Belly Drum
Lickitung: 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Nidoking: Body Slam, Take Down, Double Edge, Bubblebeam, Blizzard, Hyper Beam, Submission, Fissure, Bide, Rock Slide, Dynamicpunch, Headbutt, Sunny Day, Snore, Rain Dance, Endure, Swagger, Detect, Thief, Dig, Shock Wave, Flamethrower, Torment, Facade, Secret Power, Giga Impact,
Porygon Z: Protect, Reflect, Thunder, Swagger
Shuckle: Curse, Toxic, Earthquake, Sleep Talk, Sandstorm, Stone Edge, Substitute
Tentacruel: Reflect, Rest, Icy Wind, Giga Drain, Sleep Talk

Orebugh Gym
Whatever I feel like

Losers: Legendary Master, Legendary Master, Ayotui


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