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Default (CN) Team RP VI - Twilight's Cataclysm Cliffs Notes


These Cliffs Notes are a chaptered outline of all the past events that have taken place in the RP. Designed to help reference past events or help others catch up after being left behind, the Notes are good up until the last post mentioned. Everything after that is new material that hasn’t been covered by the Notes yet, but will be covered at a future time (Be patient, I’ll try and update when I’m up to it).

Details like background storyline, character dialogue, and character histories aren’t mentioned in the Notes. Most project research will not be covered, only use of the project itself if it has a significant amount of impact on the storyline. Also, extremely major events (very RP changing occurrences) are marked with “MAJOR EVENT.”

If you feel I’ve left something important out or made an error with the Notes, you’re free to mention it in the thread and I’ll look it over. Referencing posts would be a MAJOR help with this. I’m not trying to ignore anyone, sometimes catching onto things is a little tricky, especially with having to reread many posts. :P


Kian’Zal Artifact Acquisitions – Whenever anyone finds and obtains one of the Kian’Zal artifacts from either discovery or taking it off someone else’s body, the details are highlighted in blue.

Legendary Pokémon Acquisitions – Whenever a RPer catches or befriends a legendary Pokémon, the comment is marked and highlighted in green.

RP Character Death – Whenever a RPer’s character is killed by either another character or by storyline incidents and then proceeds to the afterlife realms, the details are highlighted in red.

Prologue – The Dusk of War

Read the Prologue

Chapter 1 – Emergence Day (Post #1 – Post #76)
  • Team Aqua begins operations to head into the Orange Islands to begin extraction on the vacant naval ships. Operations in both Kumquat Island and Pummelo Island are frustrated by attacks from the infected zombie swarms. (Orange Islands)
  • Mala Aspecto of Graffiti begins operations on Kumquat Island to recover lost military technology. However, she also has a confrontation with the nearby infected horde. (Kumquat Island, Orange Islands)
  • Yuki Akagane of The Cullen heads toward Hoenn to begin weapon testing on the infected, as well as intensely train his ability. (Hoenn)
  • Fiona Tamblyn leaves on a helicopter, bound for Hoenn on a mission to rescue a high priority government scientist.
  • Mala Aspecto recovers the OIN Slave and the OIN Servant from Kumquat island before reporting back to Gateon Port in Orre.
  • Nathaniel Soap concentrates his efforts on recovering the artifacts, starting his search with Hoenn’s borders.
  • Wesk Kieron injects himself with WL-98, his own created biochemical enhancer. Shortly after administering the chemical agent, he passes out. (AMS Deathwing)
  • Wesk Kieron’s report confirms to Team Aqua regarding the appraisal of Slateport City and its remains. It causes Neo Ashfield’s mission to be redirected.

Chapter 2 – The Forward Thrust (Post #77 – Post #160)
  • Jacob Donahue of the Cullen gets a mission to recover lost Hoenn government technology.
  • Following a lead on the Farco team, Neo and his assistant Shelly head into Sinnoh to see if they can recover one of the lost artifacts.
  • Nee Harris and her team engage in a Hybrid rescue mission on the Spear Pillar, but the mission becomes aggravated when the team runs into a Parukia Hybrid, and find themselves at the mercy of the Hybrid as they realize their weapons remain ineffective against it.
  • Nathaniel Soap begins researching the lost Kian’Zal artifacts, taking special interest in the Chest of Shadows. He then follows his lead to Celestic Town, Sinnoh.
  • Vance Gray and his Graffiti teams prepare to head into Sootopolis City, Hoenn, searching for a counter to deal with the zombie infestation.
  • Neo Ashfield and Shelly recover the Talon of the Soul Decider from their Sinnoh searches, and they then send the implant to Raidon Makoto. Shortly after receiving the implant, Raidon decides to put it on, but passes out from overdoing on painkillers.
  • Anna Anderson recovers the OIN Prey and the OIN Foe frigates from the Orange Islands, and quickly returns to Gateon Port to incorporate the ships into the Graffiti fleet.
  • Raven Lean of Team Aqua begins his lead on trying to find the Feet of the Indigo Lynx, beginning with Snowpeak City.
  • Gyanden Marcellus of the Cullen tries his lead for the ancient Kian’Zal artifacts through the Sky Pillar.

Chapter 3 – Fire of the Hunt (Post #161 – Post #225)
  • Nee Harris and her team face extreme difficulties with the Parukia Hybrid, and at the moment, the idea of using the Sigil of the Wild to combat it opens as an option. Nee Harris pursues it, knowing it may be the team’s only chance. (Spear Pillar, Sinnoh)
  • Gyanden Marcellus finds Alexander Farco’s letter, giving him a very strong lead on pursuing the Eye of the Overseer. He takes his best chance, and prepares himself to endure the trials needed to recover the eye. (Sky Pillar)
  • Solo Mazacco of Graffiti begins his search for the Band of the White Phoenix, beginning in Phenac City, Orre and then moving to Agate Town.
  • Raidon Makoto begins his pursuit for Celebi, heading to Ilex Forest in Johto.
  • Mala Aspecto, after renaming the seized OIN ships, heads to Citadark Isle to investigate the Cipher organization.
  • Jacob Donahue uncovers a riddle about a hedgehog, and it leads him to Mt. Silver.
  • Patrick Ewing of Graffiti finds a lead on a Farco operation in Oreburgh City. He heads from Pyrite City, Orre to Sinnoh.

Chapter 4 – Whiplash and Aftermath (Post #226 – Post #277)
  • After the completion of the CDPA weapon, Raidon Makoto orders the launch of a CDPA missile to target Violet City.
  • Neo Ashfield, after turning into a Ninetales Hybrid, heads to Oreburgh City and recovers the Hand of J’Ean after destroying a Farco team and their safehouse.
  • After Vance Gray uncovers a hidden underground laboratory under Sootopolis City, Hoenn, he vows to save the Hybrids and free them from captivity. During his mission, he comes into contact with the CDPA virus and becomes a Mew Hybrid.
  • In additional retaliation, Raidon Makoto orders the launch of three more additional CDPA missiles, targeting Orre, Hoenn, and Fiore, attempting to cover the world with CDPA gas and turn the world’s humans into Hybrids. Shortly after, Raidon engages Celebi in combat, attempting to capture the time traveling Pokémon.
  • Meanwhile, Mala Aspecto attempts to capture her own Celebi from a different period of time in Agate City.
  • Jacob Donahue of the Cullen uses the Johto Missile Defense Network to stop the incoming CDPA missile. Meanwhile, the other three missiles directed toward Orre, Hoenn, and Fiore fail to reach their targets.
  • Solo Mazacco of Graffiti, after a long running quest throughout Orre, obtains the Band of the White Phoenix.
  • Neo Ashfield, realizing the CDPA missile attack failed, attempts to remove blame from Team Aqua by speaking to the public and blaming the attack on a fictitious Hybrid activist terrorist group called “Purebloods,” and then feeds the stories to the media. Meanwhile, he contacts Jacob Donahue directly to further lead him into believing Team Aqua was not responsible for the CDPA assault.
  • Gyanden Marcellus of the Cullen finds the Eye of the Overseer, and soon has it surgically inserted into his eye.

Chapter 5 – Trusts and Deceptions (Post #278 – Post #380)
  • Nathaniel Soap acquires the Chest of Shadows in the ruins of Celestic Town, Sinnoh.
  • After fighting Celebi in Ilex Forest, Raidon Makoto manages to catch the time traveling Pokémon before returning to the Sevii Islands.
  • Yuki Akagane slowly transforms into a Scizor Hybrid after inhaling a small amount of CDPA.
  • Mala Aspecto catches a Celebi from a different time period in Agate Village, Orre.
  • Jacob Donahue receives Neo Ashfield’s message, but he remains in skepticism that the accusation of the Purebloods is real. While trying to uncover more truth about the situation, he sets out for Mt. Silver in search of the Feet of the Indigo Lynx.
  • Nee Harris recovers the Sigil of the Wild, and shortly after implants it onto her body.
  • Zayla Marley manages to capture Shaymin in the northern reaches of Floaroma Town, Sinnoh.
  • Vance Gray catches Latios after a heated battle in Sootopolis, Hoenn.
  • Gyanden Marcellus catches Rayquaza at the Sky Pillar in Hoenn.
  • While trying to catch Ho-oh on the Tin Tower in Ecruteak City, Johto, Neo Ashfield is confronted by Yuki Akagane and several other Cullen members. Knowing Yuki’s objective is for a fight, Neo Ashfield complies with the Cullen’s demands, and tries to mislead them into believing the Purebloods story.
  • Mala Aspecto complete Operation Fresh, resulting in her becoming a partial Hybrid with a Dusknoir familiar. At the same time, she is able to revert back to her human form. Meanwhile, Graffiti finished the Zombie Bombs, canister projectile transports to carry the infected.

Chapter 6 – The Black Accusations (Post #381 – Post #552)
  • Fiona Tamblyn manages to capture Manaphy in the Cradle Cove on Fiore.
  • Dasha Eva captures Latias, but still has difficulty in gaining the Eon Pokémon’s trust and cooperation even after the capture.
  • Raidon Makoto uses the story created by Neo Ashfield regarding the Pureblood Hybrid terrorists to accuse Fiore of harboring the terrorist group, giving them authority to assault the tiny island nation.
  • Talyn Galians becomes a Giratina Hybrid after a prolonged transformation.
  • Neo Ashfield captures Ho-oh on Navel Rock, Sevii Islands.
  • Zayla Marley captures Kyogre in Hoenn’s underwater trench.
  • Neo Ashfield heads to Fall City, Fiore in order to wage a Team Aqua campaign for possession of the island.
  • Jacob Donahue manages to uncover the truth regarding Team Aqua’s false accusations, and also discover that Team Aqua lied about Purebloods launching the CDPA missiles. Farleen Lancaster broadcasts a Johto-wide report of Team Aqua’s lies in effort to unite the Johto commonwealth.
  • Remidra Mernzar becomes a Misdreavus Hybrid after a slow infection while in Summerland, Fiore.
  • Fiona Tamblyn initiates the plan to begin a large scale industrial expansion in order to create new jobs and restore Kanto’s shattered economy.

Chapter 7 – Cries of the Righteous (Post #553 – Post #586)
  • Neo Ashfield’s forces conquer Fiore and force it to submit under Team Aqua’s control. Meanwhile, declaring war on the Cullen for their intrusion, Raidon Makoto and Wesk Kieron prepare for Johto infiltration and invasion missions.
  • Gyanden Marcellus attempts to stop Neo Ashfield’s advance on Olivine City using the power of Rayquaza, but the tempest storm of both Rayquaza and Kyogre is neutralized by Ho-oh and Team Aqua’s Pokémon battalion.
  • Raidon Makoto’s Team Aqua forces land upon Cherrygrove City, brutally assaulting the town showing no mercy for the Cullen’s supporters. Meanwhile, Wesk Kieron lands in Violet City and begins his sabotage mission under cover.
  • Jacob Donahue deploys the Cullen’s Johto armed forces to defend the Johto homeland and drive back Team Aqua’s forces. Shortly after, an international broadcast is sent to the world on behalf of Farleen Lancaster, formally declaring war on Team Aqua for their acts of infamy and announcing Team Aqua was responsible for the CDPA attacks.
  • During the invasion, Jacob Donahue becomes an Absol Hybrid. Shortly after, he places the Feet of the Indigo Lynx on his feet, and the implants become a part of him.
  • Yuki Akagane arrives in Cherrygrove City, fully intent on destroying Team Aqua’s armies and assassinating Raidon Makoto.
  • Before fighting Olivine City’s forces, Neo Ashfield gives the Cullen forces the chance to evacuate and forfeit the city, but they refuse, and Neo gives the order to attack.
  • Fiona Tamblyn witness the horror of Team Aqua’s invasion, and quickly responds by fortifying Kanto’s borders in the event that Aqua attempts to assault them. However, she only watches, wary of becoming involved with the harsh conflict.
  • Wesk Kieron detonates his planted explosive charges, destroying a vast portion of Violet City before driving the town’s citizens into a panic.
  • Solo of Graffiti learns of the destructive Aqua campaign, and sets out to destroy them, fully intent on saving Johto and pushing Aqua’s forces back.

Chapter 8 – The Blazing Counter-Strike (Post #587 – Post #600)
  • Talyn Galians captures Giratina after battling Mala Aspecto.
  • Chen Hua Chen heads to Olivine City, attempting to put an end to Team Aqua’s western assault force.

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