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Old 02-14-2009, 03:07 PM
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Default Quest to Anywhere

Well, it all starts out with a male Lopunny named Twiddle, and running away from his warren, to avoid going to a cruel and horrible place. Along the way, he meets a Zangoose female with a similar goal, and a male Seviper who wants to leave the earth to go see the stars, and find his Solrock friend.

I haven't got the names for the Zangoose and Seviper, but i'm planning a battle where two of the four Machamp arms get crushed by the Zangoose. how about it?
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Old 02-14-2009, 04:20 PM
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Default Re: Quest to Anywhere

Judging by the title, I think I know where you're trying to go with this, and I see the idea. But, you might want to throw in some sort of conflict... Just a suggestion.
For example, what horrible place did the Lopunny have to avoid going to, and is he important enough that they'd try to get him back? If so, there's your conflict. :P
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