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Old 02-22-2009, 01:29 PM
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Default Art Contest Rules

Well here are some helpful guidelines that hopefully will encourage more people to make art contests.

Art Contest Rules

Welcome to the Art Contest section.
In here we hold art contests for Banners, Fan art (drawings made by hand), a Photography Contest, or Sprites.
If you decide to make a contest in here, which I encourage you to, then you, and you alone, are responsible for keeping it active. It's your job as the host to make sure people deliver for the deadline given, and that the judges you hire for the contest deliver their judgment in time.

If you’re going to make a contest of any sort then you must fill out the form below, send it to a Staff member of this section or a G-Mod that is posted on the list and hope you meet the requirements needed to make a contest.


Banner Contests
Name for contest:
Size of Banners:
Other (Any specific images to be used?)

Sprite Contest
Name for Contest:

Fan Art Contest

Theme (What do you want drawn?)

Photography Contest
Theme (What theme do you want, dog's animal's, tree's, nature, water, basically anything that can be taken a picture off "Still nothing sexual or scary or disgusting, if you don't take things seriously then your contest won't be accepted ")

Moderators that can approve contests:

Anastasia-R- Active
Kumori Gem- Active
Pokemon Trainer Sarah- Active
RocketMeowth- Inactive

Please read this to understand a bit more what the following terms mean

Originally Posted by Nefarious View Post
Banners & Avatars: Signature & Avatar Showcase
Banners and Avatars should be displayed in the Signature and Avatar Showcase.
Sprites: General Spriter's Showcase
Sprites belong in the General Spriter's Showcase
Fan Art/Drawings:
Share A Drawing
Have some fan art or drawings you want to share? Post them in the Share a Drawing thread.
Other Images: General Image Display any other images should be displayed in this thread.
There is one last catch, following the form filled out, we need you to make a description that describes your contest, make it catchy, use good grammar, and please make it understandable.

I doubt I need to say this, but if you haven't gotten a reply about your contest in a week that means it's declined; it's their choice whether to inform you that you have been denied. Of course, I hope you all realize that the mod's are more likely to reply if effort has been put into the contest.

Example of a filled out Banner Contest Form:

Originally Posted by Angela
Banner Contests
Name for contest: Angela's Example
Theme: Pink
Judges: I have asked Jane Doe and John Johnson to be my judges for the contest, they are both weary good with graphic arts, they have both said yes.
Size of Banners: 150x450
Other (Any specific images to be used?):
Yes I would like people to use this images:
This one
And this one

Welcome to my contest, I have decided to hold this contest to see whom is the best graphic artist, and to see whom will win this trophy I made (Insert Trophy), I will also ask the winner of this contest to help me with a theme, I will host this contest annually and the winner will have the title "Example Champion" ETC............................

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