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Old 04-03-2009, 09:31 PM
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Default Team Freezing Cold

We Are Team Freezing Cold, Shiver by our might[/url] = credit to shipwreck


Team freezing cold are recruiting members so join us. We are going to make friends in battle not enemys. When this clan get's bigger i will need a co-leaders to help me.

Our main clan page is on serebii, so sign up on serebii


Weaville the couragous Pokemon
Snover the freezing Pokemon
Froslass the suprise Pokemon


1) Respect your oppenent that your battling
2) Try not to double post
3) Don't get us into a war without permission from a leader or co-leader
4) Respect members
5) You can be banned and you might be deleted if lots of things bad or a really big thing
6) You will lose points for getting into trouble and be rewarded points for good behaviour

I am offering a secret good pokemon for the first 16 people to join. So join now!

This is how you Join

Post the following
Forum Name:
IGN Name:
How long been battling:
In any other clans:
Battle record:

Members and Ranking
The ranking system is based on the alphabet. You can rank up by being active on the clan a lot and by winning clan wars if in team. Also when we have more members you can rank up by beating your whole rank, I will say when this will be used.

A Rank = Leader
- Andrew1239 = 0474 2487 1976
- Moyito = 4125 0396 8338 ( serebii )

B Rank - (on most of the time and great battler)

D Rank - (on most of the time or great battler)

H Rank - (on regually and an ok battler)

L Rank - (on regually or an ok battler, can't go another further by beating my test team)

T Rank - (Improvement)

W Rank - (Advanced in test = won or almost won)

Z Rank -(Beginner in test = lost. Only challenge a tester once every week to be in rank W)


Team Freezing Cold Jobs:

Also I want two of these now: Cloners, breeders, shiny catchers, war managers, bannermakers and testers. War mangers have to send me team sheet. You will be payed on Sunday's except for shiny catchers, pokemon raiser and war managers you will be payed on different days.

Cloner (Points per week = 20)
Current Cloner(s):

Breeder (Points per week = 30)
Current Breeder(s):

Shiny Catcher (Points per week = 35)
Current Shiny Catcher(s):

War Manager (Points per week = 15 if we win 40)
Current War Manager(s):

Banermaker (Points per week = 30)
Current Bannermaker(s):

Testers (Points per week = 25)
Current Tester(s):

Pokemon raiser (Points per week = 10 per lv upto lv50 and 20 per lv upto 100)
Current Raiser(s):

Members Points

Count your tally for the week then tell me how many points you need, do not lie as you can get banned and lose all points including one's you have earned fairly.

I will give everyone 10 every week for staying loyal to us, paying Saturday

Andrew1239 = None because leader

Pokemon special day giveaways

These are the days you will get pokemon for free but there are condition which could be what rank you are, I will tell you when near that date

New years day = 1 Jan, Austrailla Day = 26 Jan, Valentine Day = 14 Feb, Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday = 25 Feb, St David's day = 1 March, St Patrick day = 17 March, April fools day = 1 April, Easter = 20 April, St George's day = 23 April, Memorial day = 25 May, Flag day ( US ) = 14 June, Father's day = 21 June, Independance day = 4 July, Labor day ( US ) = 7 September, Hallowen = 31October, Bonfire night = 5 November, Remebrance day = 11 November, St Andrew's day = 30 November, Christmas = 24 December, Boxing day = 26 December, My B-Day = 28 December

Easter Giveaway - 20th April


Pokemon for sale

Rank B and higher - Blaziken Lv48 M, Lonely Nature, 145/148/72/125/80/107, Blaze, slash / blaze kick / double kick / overheat = 740 p
Rank B and higher - Uxie Lv50 -, Jolly Nature, 148/85/145/75/139/117, Levitate, confusion / yawn / future sight / amnesia = 1000 p
Rank D and higher - Luxray Lv48 F, Adamant Nature, 152/154/84/97/88/94, Intimidate, spark / crunch / shock wave / thunder fang = 730 p
Rank H and higher - Marowak Lv 45 M, Mild Nature, 118/83/100/59/77/56, Rock head, rock tomb / boomerang / double edge = 675 p
Rank H and higher - Exploud Lv41 F, Modest Nature, 144/82/60/93/65/65, Soundproof, howl / supersonic / screech / stomp = 650 p
Rank L and higher - Camerupt Lv36 M, Hardy Nature, 101/90/62/94/70/42, Magma armor, overheat / explosion / magnitude = 680 p
Rank T and higher - Breloom Lv23 F, Brave Nature, 62/74/43/36/35/38, Effect spore, leech seed / bullet seed / hyper beam = 575 p
Rank W and higher - Togepi Lv18 M, Hardy Nature, 43/13/33/21/28/15, Serene grace, charm / metronome / sweet kiss / yawn = 475 p
Rank W and higher - Kirlia Lv20 F, Bold Nature, 46/17/23/33/31/28, Trace, Growl / double team / confusion / teleport = 500 p
Rank W and higher - Vilemplume Lv50 F, Modest Nature, 145/82/99/132/109/66, Chlorophyll, lucky chant / moonlight / natural gift / giga drain = 525p
Rank W and higher - Venomoth Lv50 F, Lax Nature, 131/72/86/106/82/100, Shield dust, gust / signal beam / zen headbutt / poison fang = 500 p
Everyone can buy - Seviper Lv15 F, Quiet Nature, 49/39/23/38/27/25, shed skin, wrap / lick / bitte = 200 p
Everyone can buy - Phione Lv1 -, Bold Nature, 12/5/6/6/6/6, Hydration, bubble / water sport / water pulse / brine = 250 p
Everyone can buy - Phione Lv1 -, Timid Nature, 12/5/6/6/6/6, Hydration, bubble / water sport / water pulse / brine = 250 p
Everyone can buy - Tangela Lv5 F, Hardy Nature, 21/11/17/15/9/12, Chlorophyll, ingrain / constrict / sleep powder / rest = 175 p
Everyone can buy - Skarmory Lv16 F, Gentle Nature, 47/31/48/21/34/31, Keen eye, sand attack / agility / peck / swift = 150 p
Everyone can buy - Bellosom Lv25 M, Mild Nature,78/47/47/61/61/32, Chlorophyll, poison powder / stun spore / sleep powder / acid = 420 p
Everyone can buy - Tropius Lv25 F, Hasty Nature, 90/39/43/45/53/53, Chlorophyll, hidden power / fly / cut / strength = 400 p
Everyone can buy - Claydol Lv 36 -, Relaxed Nature, 96/66/90/62/95/57, Levitate, selfdestruct / ancient power / hyper beam / sandstorm = 450 p
Everyone can buy - Munchlax Lv1 M, Naive Nature, 13/6/6/5/5/5, Thick fat, metronome / odor sleuth / tackle = 200 p
Everyone can buy - Munchlax Lv1 M, Adamant Nature, 13/7/5/4/6/5, Thick fat, odor sleuth / tackle / lick / rest = 200 p
Everyone can buy - Munchlax Lv1 M, Bold Nature, 13/5/5/6/6/5, Thick fat, odor sleuth / tackle / lick / rest = 200 p
Everyone can buy - Snorlax Lv1 F, Rash Nature, 14/7/6/6/6/5, Immunity, tackle / lick = 220 p
Everyone can buy - Torchic Lv5 F, Impish Nature, 20/11/9/10/11/9, blaze, scratch / growl / ember / peck = 175 p

Clan Wars in this forum

Wars 0-0


Team oblivion ( serebii ) - I hope we grow stronger together
Team burning fury ( serebii ) - I wish us the best in the future

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Old 04-04-2009, 11:08 AM
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Default Re: Team Freezing Cold

This clan is now open
Old 04-04-2009, 11:34 AM
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Default Re: Team Freezing Cold

Good luck to this clan in the PE2K branch but you really ought to see the other clan pages first. They are more organized. You will have to edit your second post and make a shop, banners, etc. Even though this is not the main branch PE2K members will join an organized clan with pictures and banners and a shop.

Well good luck with the PE2K branch

Pm me for banner request

No WiFi available ATM
Old 04-04-2009, 01:41 PM
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Default Re: Team Freezing Cold

A mod told me this when I formed a branch of another clan here, so I'll tell you:
Branches of other clans from other sites aren't allowed.

Meaning, you can't be here.
Besides, this clan is the noobiest clan ever.

All you pe2k people ought to see his threadon serebii, its a spam fest!

4339 1144 7791

My Trade Thread
Leader of Team Uni

Old 04-04-2009, 01:44 PM
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Default Re: Team Freezing Cold

And besides, joining this clan means joining Serebii. I mean, who wants to join Serebii? The mods there fail hard.
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