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Old 09-12-2010, 12:29 PM
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Default The Three Years

Hello, and welcome to my Fanfiction. If you participated in Deadly Alliance 1, then you shall know who this character is… If you are in Deadly Alliance:TD(or DA3 as I call it) then you will know this is going to be the backstory for the three years Keiru was missing. I hope you enjoy reading this. Feedback is welcome… actually, I would like feedback haha.

Keiru is known as Harbinger in this. If you saw the two flashbacks in DA3, then you will know why. If not, here’s a small tidbit. Keiru has been tainted by evil dark energy- supposedly- and is now Harbinger, bringer of death.

Chapter 1- The Darkness
Harbinger stood staring at the End. The creature was quite truly something else, its feature stunning. Harbinger could feel the raw power emanating from the very pores of the End.

“What is it you want me to do Master?” Harbinger bowed slightly.

“You shall hunt down you’re old friends, one by one. And make them disappear.” End commanded. “Starting with Sarah and Jason Woodridge.”

“Your bidding is my command Master.” Harbinger smiled evilly, and turned into a wisp of black energy, which vanished from wherever they were.

“Soon Arceus, our showdown will begin. You may have bestowed your graces to the youngest Ketchum, Ash, but I have bestowed my power to Keiru. My power is far greater than yours Arceus, and our showdown will begin between two brothers.” the End cackled, his voice echoing through the empty darkness.

A lone figure stepped out from the shadowy darkness, wisps of dark energy slashing the very essence of the air itself. As the figure moved forward, the dark energy moved with it.

“Ahh, it’s you.” the End smiled. “Come out to see the end of the world Arceus created? And the new world, my world, under your rule?”

“A world without humans… Polluting creatures… destroying the very essence of the world.. Enslaving Pokemon in Pokeballs to do their bidding..” the figure spat, disgusted over humans. “The Age of Darkness will envelop the Age of Humans, and bring forth a world of just Pokemon!”

“And Harbinger will bring forth this wonderous world.” the End smirked.


Harbinger sniffed the putrid air of the world. He was in Sinnoh, searching for the two kids. Brother and Sister. He had travelled with them some days before, and he had been informed of everything. The group had dispersed after finding out about Dialga’s prophecy, the prophecy which would ruin the End’s plans.

Harbinger found the kids with ease, and they turned at the sound of his footsteps.

“Keiru, it’s you!” Jason shouted, smiling happily.

“Wait Jason! Didn’t you die Keiru?” Sarah asked, staring at Keiru, whose eyes swirled black. “And what is up with your eyes?”

“My name… is Harbinger!!!! And you shall be purged from this world!” Harbinger roared in anger, raising his left hand.

A bolt of dark energy exploded from his palm, colliding straight with Jason. Jason’s cry of pain erupted into the air as Sarah stared in shock as her brother literally dissolved in front of her into the same energy that Harbinger had fired.

The energy floated back into Harbinger, who began laughing, before looking at Sarah, intent clear in his features.

“Jason!!! No! Keiru, what have you done!? What is wrong with you?” Sarah cried. “You! I shall defeat you!”

Sarah threw a Pokeball in front of her, releasing her Nidoqueen. Tears streamed down her face as Harbinger smirked, throwing a Pokeball into the air. Harbinger’s Tyranitar appeared in front of him, bellowing in rage.

“You will lose Keiru! For Jason!” Sarah cried.

Harbinger bellowed with laughter, pointing at his Tyranitar. His Tyranitar shuddered as if being electrocuted, the dark energy swirling around its powerful body.

“Wha..what are you doing Keiru?” Sarah gasped.

“I am Harbinger, bringer of death. And you, Sarah, are second on my list.” Harbinger smirked as Tyranitar stopped shuddering, and roared tremendously.

Dark energy swirled all around Tyranitar’s body.

“Hyper Beam.” Harbinger commanded.

“Counter with Poison Sting!” Sarah shouted.

Nidoqueen charged forward, its horn glowing purple as Tyranitar’s Hyper Beam surged forward. The Hyper Beam surged with dark energy, much like a blood vein as blood was pumped through it. The Hyper Beam engulfed Nidoqueen, and a large cloud of smoke exploded into the air. Once the smoke cleared, Nidoqueen was nowhere to be seen, a small wisp of dark energy in its place.

“Ni..Nidoqueen no!” Sarah stuttered, shocked at the ferocity of Harbinger. “Why? Why are you doing this? I thought we were friends?”

“Friends? I have no need for the pathetic nuisances that are friends. They drag you down, slow you down. I was never, will I ever be, your friend Sarah. And now, sadly for you, I will kill you.” Harbinger laughed, raising a hand.

“No! No please!” Sarah begged, tears streaming down her face.

“You shall be purged!” Harbinger roared, and fired.

The energy swirled around Sarah, her screams splitting the air. Several minutes of screaming passed before her cries stopped, her body no more. The dark energy swirled through the air, entering Harbinger’s body. Harbinger bellowed with laughter as he returned his Tyranitar.

“Two down.” Harbinger smirked.

With that, Harbinger turned and left the clearing, the entire clearing just a barren area in the middle of the beautiful woods. Nothing remained of the two siblings, nothing at all. There was not a single sign of battle, or of their existence, apart from two sets of small footprints where Sarah and Jason had stood. Those were their only marks left on the world, apart from the memories of their friends, who still knew them.

Harbinger pulled out a list of names, and looked through it.
Sarah Woodridge
Jason Woodridge
Ash Ketchum(last one to kill)
Devan Ketchum
Crystal Momoyia
Seth Black
Greil Haron

That was a long list. Harbinger sighed. It was going to take him a while. He crossed Sarah and Jason’s names off the list, and smirked as he rescanned the list. He stopped scanning, and stared intently at the name.

“May.” Harbinger laughed. “Time to pay you a visit.”

Harbinger’s laugh echoed through the air as he formed into dark energy, and floated effortlessly through the air, before vanishing. He was going to enjoy this, by jolly he was.
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Default Re: The Three Years

Chapter 2- Search for May

Harbinger materialised in a forest, and he looked around. He knew Sinnoh like the back of his hand, and this definitely wasn’t Sinnoh. Scanning his surroundings, all he could see were trees, and trees. What had brought him out of his travelling? Harbinger growled, and sniffed the air. A faint scent entered his nostrils. May had travelled through here. But which way had she gone? Harbinger frowned at this, sniffing the air more intently, with more vigor. He couldn’t tell. Had she gone to his right, or to his left.

“Hey, Mister, why are you sniffing the air like a dog?” a voice asked from behind Harbinger, and he swivelled round.

A young boy of 16 was standing in front of Harbinger, staring up at him.

“Mister, why are your eyes black?” the boy asked.

Harbinger’s eyes swirled with absolute blackness, as a black aura began forming around his body. The boy took a step back, shivering.

“M..Mister what’s wrong with you!?” the boy cried out as Harbinger pointed at the boy.

The boy cried out in pain as everything around him was ripped to shreds. Trees exploded into dust, leaves evaporated, the very air set on fire, all around the boy, who was screaming in pain as Harbinger moved his hands apart. The boy turned into dark energy, his cries stopping as Harbinger smiled. No witnesses.

Then he heard it. Barking. Growls. Out of the bushes behind Harbinger came charging several Houndoom, snarling in rage. Harbinger grabbed the first Houndoom, which leapt at him, and threw it to his left as ten men came stumbling out the bushes. They wore combat trousers, clearly they were soldiers.

“What are you doing here?” the eldest soldier asked. “Don’t you know there is a war going on between Hoenn and Johto? And you, are in Johto territory.”

The soldiers cocked their guns, aiming them at Harbinger, the Houndoom surrounding him, snarling, barking, slobber dripping from their mouths of pure rage. These Houndoom were trained killers. These soldiers were trained killers.

“There’s ten of us, as well as fifteen Houndoom. And only one of you.” the eldest soldier shouted.

“Yes. You are gravely outmanned.” Harbinger smirked.

“Us? You are the one unarmed and faced with twentyfive Johto soldiers.” the eldest soldier growled, anger showing on his face. “Men, if this fool wants to die, open fire!”

The soldiers fired at Harbinger, who laughed as the bullets hit an invisible barrier, dropping like flies to the floor.

“What the? Houndoom! Kill!” the eldest soldier shouted.

The Houndoom charged forward, all of them leaping at Harbinger from various angles, from various directions. With a wave of his hand all the Houndoom exploded into black dust- or energy- and Harbinger began laughing as the soldiers stared in shock.

“W-what are you?” the eldest soldier stuttered, in fear of Harbinger.

“I am bringer of death, bringer of doom. I shall encompass this world in everlasting darkness, destroying it as the new world is created. You, are just stones on the road, pawns on the chessboard. You are in my way, and for that you must die.” Harbinger roared, holding his palms out in the direction of the soldiers.

Dark energy lashed at their outfits, ripping their clothing. Their screams rose up as cuts appeared all over their body. Harbinger twisted his arms, and the screams grew louder as the soldiers slowly became dark energy.

“You are just fuel for my infinite power. Fuel for the Harbinger.” Harbinger laughed as the last soldier became nothing but the energy. “Pathetic.”

Harbinger walked away from the barren clearing, the grass, and the trees, dead. As he walked through the forest, the very trees around him withered and died, energy seeping out of them, and into him. All that was left in the clearing were the soldier’s guns, the last sign of them to ever be found again.

The leaves under Harbinger’s feet crunched under his weight, as he walked rapidly forwards, ignoring everything around him. His search for May had now truly begun, and he would be damned if he did not find her. He was intrigued as to the war between Johto and Hoenn, and wanted to know more. He sniffed the air, and he smelt the scents of about three dozen lives fifteen minutes from him on his right. He decided he’d go there.


Harbinger stepped into the diner, the television blaring on the news. Taking a seat, Harbinger stared up at the news.

“The war between Johto and Hoenn has entered its second week after allegations that Hoenn had stolen Johto’s prized orb. Hoenn denies these claims, stating that Johto had stolen their prized research on Pokemon and their evolution trees. May, a legendary trainer and friend of Ash Ketchum, has arrived for peace talks between Johto and Hoenn, trying to persuade them to stop their fighting and reconcile.” the reporter stated.

Harbinger smiled. So May was trying to put peace between Hoenn and Johto. Good. Now he knew where she was, and it’d be easy. Standing up, Harbinger moved to leave the diner.

“Sir, you didn’t pay for your coffee!” a voice called behind him.

“I bought no coffee.” Harbinger growled, turning round.

“Yes sir, yes you did.” the waiter insisted.

Harbinger would be damned if this crappy diner tried to swindle him out of money he never spent. His eyes burned a crimson red now, and he snarled in anger. The very fabric of the diner shuddered, as if an earthquake had hit. In an instant, the diner was no more but dust, which swirled around Harbinger, who disappeared, heading for the site of the peace talk.

Harbinger materialised just outside the building where the peace talks were taking place, and stepped inside the building. The cold air conditioning buffeted Harbinger, who glared at the air conditioner, which suddenly broke. Harbinger walked through the lobby, leaning on the desk.

“I’m looking for the peace talks between Hoenn and Johto.” Harbinger asked.

“Name?” the woman asked.

“Jeremic Lawson, Advisor to May.” Harbinger replied.

“Second door on your left.” the woman pointed him to the room.

Harbinger thanked her, before entering the room. The Johto and Hoenn ambassadors were shaking hands, obviously having made peace. May stood behind them, beaming happily at her success. Her expression turned into shock when she saw Harbinger, and rushed forward to greet him.

“Keiru, good to see you. I thought you died?” May asked.

“Far from it. I managed to get out thanks to there being a small hole in the wall.” Harbinger lied, and May seemed to believe it.

“Let us catch up.” May smiled.

“Is there somewhere… secluded and far from notice? I have much to tell you..” Harbinger said, before leaning in to May. “They’re watching…”

May nodded.

“There is. Follow me.” May answered, and exited the room.

Harbinger followed close behind as May led him through the building. Soon enough they exited the building, and began walking down a hill. They turned left, and found themselves at a large deserted battlefield, originally used for kids to have Pokemon battles.

“Here.” May beamed.

“Good. Nobody to see you die!” Harbinger laughed, his eyes swirling black now, a black aura exploding around him.

“What? Keiru have you gone insane?” May gasped. “Come on out Munchlax!”

The small Pokemon appeared in front of May, and stared intently at the light erupting from Harbinger’s palm. The light engulfed Munchlax as May stared in shock. The light subsided, and Munchlax was gone.

“Blaziken, I choose you!” May shouted, taking a step back. “Blaziken use Flamethrower!”

Blaziken prepared itself, its mouth opening, and spewed flames in the direction of Harbinger. The flames swirled around him, his laughs breaking the air as he stepped, unharmed, through the Flamethrower. With a wave of his hand, Blaziken was no more, and his laugh grew even greater.

“May May.. May….” Harbinger shook his head. “It’s a pity such a beauty was so stupid.”

“Wha-” May began, but never finished, and would never finish, as Harbinger waved his hand.

May’s body split apart, the atoms being torn from one another as Harbinger stared with intent in his eyes. Harbinger broke into intense laughter, before scrolling through the list, crossing May’s name off it. Harbinger smirked, scanning the list for his next target, and decided.

“Cory…” Harbinger laughed. “It’s time to say hello to you once again.”

Harbinger’s laugh carried across the silent air as Pidgeot scattered from the place where he had been. The Pidgeot knew of the death of May, but anyone else would think she had just vanished.
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