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Old 06-21-2009, 01:55 AM
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Default The Will To Resist =NWC=

Bullets flew past me, the slipstream blowing into my face. I heard the sound of the bullets strike my comrades, and I saw a crimson liquid bubbling from the wounds in their chests out of the corner of my eye. However, my enemies were finding themselves losing ground - the weather was deadly to those who weren't immune to it, like us.

The desert was a harsh place, no doubt. The powdery sand seemed to stretch on forever. The sand dunes made the desert look a little like a light brown ocean frozen in time. Of course, this cruel habitat was my home. And for two years now, it had been in danger. Bipedal mammals - they called themselves 'humans' - were terrorizing my home, no doubt looking to conquer it as they have conquered the other deserts around the world. In their hands, they held metal objects that spewed shards of steel that pierced my comrades and sent them to the desert in the sky.

Perhaps an idea of what my comrades and I look like is in order. It'll have to be a hurried description, however. The humans are being pinned down by my comrades' Pin Missiles, but they are bound to regroup and overpower us eventually.

Being a Cacnea, a distant relative of the cactus, I'm very cactus-like in appearance. I share the same colour as a cactus and needles protrude from all over body - mainly on my fingerless hands and my head. I'm very disproportionate when compared to a cactus, however. I'm short and plump, not tall and skinny as you would imagine. Despite my laughable size and shape, many still fear Cacnea due to our scarecrow faces and our brutality in battle. The first time around, the humans misjudged us for our appearance, not noticing our intimidating facial features due to their arrogance. It was that arrogance that gave us the upper hand in their first attack. They have grown smarter and have played stronger defensively as a result of that failed attempt to wipe us out, but they have still seen their fair share of casualties. Still, you would've thought that they, being the smartest animals of Earth from their point of view, would have seen the crown that rested upon each Cacnea's head as a symbol of natural superiority. However, that haven't.

"Aah!" cried a Cacnea beside me, a bullet neatly sticking itself right below his heart - a near fatal wound. As it was, blood was spurting all over the place, not unlike a Wailord's blowhole. He continued to scream in pain, and I knew I had to get him to the medics.

Using the three large spikes on my hand as fingers, I grabbed the Cacnea and roughly threw him over my shoulders. The needles wouldn't pierce him - Cacnea could turn their needles to become as weak as hair whenever desired. With my other hand, I used my Pin Missile attack, spraying sharp needles at the humans. I wasn't aiming to kill at this particular moment - I was just interested in getting the humans to retreat instead of shooting at me.

I backstepped, trying to get behind the sand dune my fellows and I were standing on. That was where the medics worked their magic. The medics were Cacnea that had been fortunate enough to have access to the Grasswhistle move, a move Cacnea could only learn from being born with. The Grasswhistle move could put one to sleep, at which point the Cacnea medics could perform a surgery to dislodge the bullets.

As soon as I got back behind the sand dune, I gulped. It was hard to see the bleeding bodies of my partners resting upon the sand. Medics hurriedly scurried about, trying as hard as they could to get all the Cacnea up and running again. It was a hard feat to accomplish, and I almost felt bad about forcing yet another burden upon them. Almost.

I dropped the Cacnea's body from my shoulder and dashed back to the fight. The medical center was like an adrenaline pump for those heading back to the fight - the mere sight of one's comrades so near to death made one hate the humans even more. Fighting a war is more than just killing in the heat of the battle as you would think - many emotions were involved. Killing was inevitable, but emotions swirled around like a foggy mist, ultimately controlling the battle and deciding who died in what order, perhaps even saving a would-be target.

The battle continued, both sides losing and regaining ground. As the battle stretched out towards the night, both sides retreated to their respective sand dunes, leaving a sentry to watch for possible ambushes. Alongside my comrades, I slept on the sand, trying to ignore the laboured breathing of our wounded units. It was hard, though. I found that I couldn't escape my thoughts; they were barring me from sleep.

Why were we fighting with the humans? To defend our homelands, maybe, but there were more peaceful alternatives - ones that would result in less victims. However, most Cacnea were obsessed with violence - most of them fortunate enough to have not yet visited the wounded bench. There was no way the other Cacnea would agree with my ideas.

I sighed, opening my eyes. It was obvious I wouldn't be getting any sleep tonight. I looked at the navy blue midnight sky. It was peaceful... No clouds were around tonight. The stars dotted the midnight sky, and the full moon stared down at me. Such tranquility, yet it would end by the sunrise, to be replaced by war cries and the screams of the pained.

Well, that thought turned out to be wrong. The sentry ran down the sand dune, yelling and screaming.

"They're here, they're here! The humans are attacking!"

Naturally, I was the first on my feet - the others were just waking up. I admit I was a little nervous. The barbaric humans were moraless and wouldn't hesitate to kill Pokemon whether they were awake or not, whether they were incapacitated or fit to fight.

Then I saw them. They were charging us, brandishing their shotguns and yelling in their language. They came over the top of the sand dune like a plague, wiping out any Cacnea within range of their shotguns.

"No!" I screamed. More fatalities was something I just couldn't accept.

Most of my brethren were alongside me now. Together we launched our Pin Missiles into the swarm of humans. The ones that got struck crumpled and didn't get up, but there were more survivors then victims. Things were looking grim... I knew I had to rise above the status quo and save my brethren with an aftermath of minimal deaths on each side. Unfortunately, I was no master strategist.

There were about fifty humans still standing and about twenty dead on the ground, which meant this was a group of seventy. That was perhaps three-fourths of their actual army. As for us Cacnea, there were about fifty of us, minus the ones wounded or incapable of combat. There were some of the wounded that were able to drag themselves away from the rest and started to slowly pick off the humans with their Pin Missiles, gratefully, but if we survived this slaughter using our current kill-everyone-and-pray-you-don't-die tactic, we'd win by sheer luck.

I changed tactics, using Sandstorm to give us time to regroup. The sands of the desert were swept up by my attack, creating an efficient smokescreen. Since Cacnea are immune to the Sandstorm, they could see just fine through it, whereas the humans were most likely cringing on the floor at the moment. I called the other Cacnea to me.

"We're going to need to change the way we're fighting," I began, "otherwise we'll never win!"

The other Cacnea nodded their heads reluctantly. They loved the combat, but they loved each other even more, if just barely.

I took the nods as a sign to continue. "I think if we use this Sandstorm to distract the humans while we set up a perimeter of Spikes around our wounded, they'd be pretty well defended from any humans that managed to get close to them by blindly walking around in the Sandstorm - that's definitely our first priority. Our second would be to make the humans leave the desert. Preferably alive, but dead is an acceptable alternative if the former isn't possible. I think a passable idea is to send a barrage of Sand-Attacks at the humans while maintaining the Sandstorm. Minimal damage would be done to the humans, and they would most likely try to leave the desert while we're assaulting them. Then, to prevent them from returning as they will most likely attempt, we'll simply lay yet another Spikes around the desert."

The other Cacnea murmured their agreements to my proposal, if only half-heartedly. They obviously would have enjoyed killing all the humans instead of following my less violent method, even though they knew it wouldn't work out in the end.

And so we commenced my plan. With a few Cacnea maintaining the Sandstorm, the other Cacnea began to shepherd all the wounded Cacnea into the eye of the storm. Once that was accomplished, we set up a ring of Spikes around them. However, it was then that we began to run into problems. Obviously, the humans weren't going to cringe in pain forever because of our Sandstorm - I had been foolish not to foresee that before. They started to randomly shoot everywhere wildly. Sometimes they shot one of their own, but that was standard human nature: Save yourself and ignore the others. Still, they eventually killed the Cacnea keeping the Sandstorm going. The Sandstorm died, and the humans were able to see and fight without the distraction of the Sandstorm again. The layer of Spikes were up around the wounded, fortunately, but with sight, the humans could now easily pick them off with their guns. The plan could still work, however.

"Everyone, it's time to make the humans leave! Use your Sand-Attack to force them back!" I called.

Every able-bodied Cacnea started to kick up sand with their arms or legs. The sand struck the humans, and they screamed, subconsciously stepping backwards. They resorted to their spray-and-pray tactic again, holding the trigger on their guns and thrashing wildly. I heard the loud crack of bullets being fired, and I could see scarlet blood dripping from the wounded - yet more bodies that were nearing the void. The standard Cacnea bloodlust kicked into me, combined with anger, hatred and some other negative feelings. I continued to kick up sand with my legs, but with my arms, I fired Pin Missiles back at the humans - not just the ones I was hitting with my Sand-Attack, but all of them. Adrenaline fueled me, and I used it to the best of my ability. Any humans lucky enough to have killed every Cacnea within Sand-Attack range were mostly aiming at me because I was causing the most mayhem. That wasn't saying I was the only one using Pin Missile, however - the other Cacnea saw what I was doing and were beginning to figure it was okay to start killing humans again and were now using Pin Missile as well - only they weren't using the Sand-Attack while fighting with Pin Missile. Free of the sand, the humans were now able to fight back. It was catastrophic, but I couldn't stop. The humans deserved this for what they have done to my comrades... They deserved to be impaled by my missiles and die screaming in pain. They deserved it all.

My eyes were now turning red with rage. My brain was telling my body to stop, but it was as if it had lost all control over my body. Now that my rage controlled my body rather than my brain, I changed from Pin Missile to Needle Arm. Rather than shooting the needles on my arms, I fed them the nutrients in my body to make them grow larger. Then, I started slamming my arms into the humans, watching as my deadly arms killed human after human. They shot at me, and I could feel the bullets in my skin and the blood dripping from my wounds. However, I didn't feel any pain. I continued to rage in anger. I enjoyed the sight of humans weeping tears from their eyes and blood from the many wounds on their bodies that I caused. The controller of my body had once again shifted - now it was the bloodlust. I didn't care who I killed, I just killed. The humans I killed were joined by Cacnea.

My emotions began to protest alongside my brain, but the bloodlust had consumed my body. Inside me, however, the bloodlust fought with my emotions and my brain for control of my body, neither side giving ground. Who would win, me or my bloodlust?

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Default Re: The Will To Resist

Going For: Cacnea
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Old 06-28-2009, 09:25 PM
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Default Re: The Will To Resist =NWC=

This story has been graded bilches *waves like Paris*
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