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Old 06-22-2009, 01:23 AM
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Default David and Goliath

Er, my programs are closing when I open them, so I'm afraid I'm gonna have to just post this here to save it. It's just a pseudo-intro right now; I'll finish it by the end of my night.


The day was temperate, just like any other afternoon in Pallet. The clouds drifted by lazily, seemingly apathetic to the events below. The town's folk, after working the day away to clean up after a wild Arcanine attack, retreated to their homes to enjoy the rest of their day. However, while the majority of minds drifted to something more domestic, one of them refused to, despite his friend's prompting.

"Are you sure you don't want to start with something easier? Like I dunno, a Caterpie? A Pidgey, you'd like a Pidgey. They can fly, and after a while they evolve into a Pidgeotto, and then a Pidgeot. Come on, that's cool. Can that Arcanine of yours fly or evolve into a Pidgeot?"

"I couldn't tell you, I haven't fought him yet. Wouldn't think so though," Uaine laughed. He looked up, making eye contact with Alynia. He bit his lip and turned away quickly but subtly, feeling his friend's concern tear at his confidence. "Look, even if I do come across some problems, remember, running away's this guy's specialty," he said, trying to sound as dauntless as possible despite his own doubts. Alynia and Uaine looked toward the lone Pokeball that waited on the night-table.

“Uaine, I know why you want to do it. I can kind of understand why you think you can, but you need to realize your limits.” She picked up the Pokeball, and hit the release button, sending out the white light that materialized into the shape Uaine’s Abra. “He’s only level five. The Arcanine you’re looking for is at least in its thirties, maybe forties. You’re smart, but no one’s that good.” Uaine frowned, and sat back down on the bed. Alynia parted her lips again to speak, but paused. “Unless they had help.”

Euaine's eyes lit up instantly. “Is that an offer?”

“Only because I don’t want you hurt,” Alynia continued, rolling her eyes. Uaine grinned, and took the Pokeball back from her.

"Help's help, reluctant or not," Uaine mused. Alynia ignored him and walked to her desk, booting up the PC as she sat down.

"I don't have any Pokemon that can take on an Arcanine." Alynia said slowly, motioning to her own Pokeball, which shook at the gesture in what could either have been fright or anticipation. "What I can do though is stay back here and look up anything you need. Weak points, strategies, movesets, anything to take that furry little *pest* down."

Euaine smiled, and called back his Abra, which had began absent-mindedly ripping pages out of books. "I really appreciate the offer. And I'm gonna take you up on that. You didn't have to censor yourself there though," he said, laughing. Smiling weakly, Alynia shook her head, and opened the Pokedex icon on her desktop.

"Alright, we already know a bit about this Pokemon. It's a fire type, and extremely fast. It evolved from Growlithe with a Fire Stone, and it usually lives in plains and valleys, which means it probably only uses its fire attacks when it absolutely has to, so there's something up with the one that came to our town. Arcanine is resistant, but not impervious to fire attacks." She bit her lip, scrolling farther down the page. "I don't really see anything else we didn't know, or that would be helpful."

"I guess that's the cue to play it by ear then." Uaine took out his Pokegear, and slid it in place behind his ear. Alynia sighed, and turned on her computer's mic.

"Can you hear me?" She said, pulling up the window on the screen to the adjustments.

"Yeah, but there's a lot of white noise. It's not that bad, but I'm gonna be out two kilometers, so I won't be able to hear you out there," Uaine said back to her, going behind her chair to see the screen. "Set it to long-distance chat."

Alynia nodded, and set the mic's values. She leaned back in her chair, looking toward the screen, and then to Uaine.

"You're really gonna do this? I'm not gonna think any less of you if you don't. I think I might even admire your common sense."

Uaine laughed, and tapped his mic.

"Really, if it was common sense you admired, you wouldn't have agreed to help me do it."

Uaine felt around his waist, finally feeling the Pokeball on his side. Well, I guess it's time to see what you can do.

Uaine took one last look around the room. He wasn't trying to be overly-dramatic; he hoped, rather knew he would see it by the end of the day. He looked over at Alynia, who had begun her dizzying trek through her book case for any bit of information that might help him. Uaine grinned slightly as she walked past him annoyed, grabbing her glue stick to mend the pages his Abra had torn. He shook his head, keeping his mind to purely platonic thoughts.

They knew each other for years; they were each others' 'kid-next-door,' but tension was tension, despite Uaine's best attempts at ignorance of it. Alynia was only an inch shorter than he was, but had light brown hair, contrasting with his natural green. Her eyes were strangely the same shade of purple as his, though no one else in the town shared that uniqueness. While Alynia was a few months older than Uaine, her being born in February and he in August of the same year, the town's Pokemon authority had decided to grant them their Pokemon on the same day; prompting their parents to celebrate both birthdays simultaneously. Alynia, as it was truly her birthday when the professor distributed the Pokemon, chose first, picking a modest Ghastly for her first Pokemon, leaving Uaine with his Abra, which he admitted (after five minutes of complaining that she got to pick first) he would have picked anyways.

That was a week ago, and the day that the two of them were to start their journey together, or at least Uaine hoped to convince her too. However, as the ceremony to certify them began, the Arcanine bounded from Northern route, and set nearly everything ablaze. Uaine's father banded with the house owners at the beginning of the street, and were able to successfully drive off the wild Arcanine before it reached any of the Pallet citizens' homes. While no one was hurt, the ceremony was halted, and wasn't rescheduled until the following month so damages to the ceremony's surrounding buildings could be dealt with, though Alynia's parents omitted her name from the ceremony's adventurer list in fear of her safety after the Arcanine attack.

Uaine sighed, bringing himself back to the present. It wasn't a guarantee that Alynia's parents would let her go if they knew Arcanine was caught and would be on her side. But it was the closest thing Uaine could think of, and the possibility outweighed the risk.

"Alynia," Uaine nearly whispered. She turned her head and looked at him with her pair of their purple eyes. Uaine paused, then shook his head. "I'll call you when I get to Route 1."

She nodded, and turned back to her computer screen to open up her tracing program.

"Don't worry about it, I can track you on the map through your Pokegear. I'll get a hold of you."

Uaine smiled, but not at her words, but his hopes on the caring implications behind them.

His Abra seemed to have read his mind, and shook in its ball as Uaine stepped toward the door. The adventure starts here.

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Default Re: David and Goliath

The day remained warm and breezy, with only the darkening approach of night as an indication of the passed time. The clouds, which were apparently no longer as lazy, had moved elsewhere in Kanto, leaving the sky a solid dark blue, sans the few stars that had began to dot, and the pink and gold tint on the western horizon. The sun would set in only a few hours. Uaine hoped that wasn't metaphorical. He had just reached the tall grass outside of town when his earpiece began to crackle, which Uaine took as confirmation that he successfully reached Route 1.

"Uaine, are you there?" Alynia's voice managed between static. Despite the interference, it was still legible enough to rely on for the night.

"Yep, just reached the field," Uaine responded, walking carefully on the path between the brush. "No sign of Arcanine yet, but I can see Rattata tails sticking up in the grass, and a flock of Pidgey just seem to be hanging out in the tree by the road. If an Arcanine is really in the area, it seems like they're on good terms with it." He couldn't help but feel a bit envious.

"That's what I wanted to talk to you about."

The sternness in Alynia's voice made Uaine tense. "So what's up, exactly?" He asked, gulping back any hesitance that he feared may have shown in his voice.

"Pallet Town has gotten a lot bigger recently. The original men and women who built this town predicted that much, leaving a few square kilometers of space around the center so they could expand without disturbing local Pokemon." She said matter-of-factly.

Uaine began to nod, but then realized he was on the phone. Glad he wasn't being watched, talked deliberately into the mouthpiece.

"I know, that's why it took two hours to get out here."

"Yeah, the founders were pretty smart about that, but they only thought in terms of field and water reservation. They ignored one of the most vital Pokemon environments." Uaine bit his lip. He's heard Alynia go through her 'Save the Snorlax!' campaign thousands of times, and it was one of the things they could never see eye to eye on.

"What, the sky?" Uaine asked, looking up absent-mindedly, watching the a flock of Pidgey chirp happily as they made their way to Pallet to munch on the day's scraps. "The flying Pokemon seem pretty content with us." He continued watching the birds, ignoring Alynia's exaggerated sigh. The flock was headed by a bigger Pokemon, one that had caught Uaine's eye, and apparently Uaine caught his. As it turned toward Uaine, he identified it instantly as a Pidgeotto. Uaine instinctively reached for his Pokeball, though the Pidgeotto already began a preemptive strike.

"No, not them, the Pokemon underground! They're mad-" was about as far as Alynia was able to say before Uaine's Abra was released into the air only seconds away from the Pidgeotto.

"Abra, Reflect, now!"

The airborne Abra responded immediately, putting its tiny arms only a meter in front of the oncoming bird, instantly casting a blue, glass-like barrier. The result was spectacular. The Pidgeotto's Quick Attack failed, with a resounding 'thunk' signifying it. Both Pokemon landed in the grass below, though Abra much more gracefully and deliberate.

"Your battling Arcanine right now?!" the earpiece screamed. Uaine winced, knocking him out of his battle-induced trance. "Answer!" Alynia repeated, slightly more desperate.

"I'm fine, and I'm not battling Arcanine. I accidentally eyed down a Pidgeotto, and it attacked. It's alright though, it ended fast." Uaine pulled an empty Pokeball out of his pack and tossed it at the downed bird.

However, Pidgeotto wasn't nearly as unconscious as he had hoped, sending the Pokeball, and a whirlwind of sand back to Uaine.

The sand hit hard, scratching up against his skin as he reached out to recover his Pokeball. He winced at the pain, but then gave an inward sigh of relief when he realized his skin didn't break.

He looked down to his feathered-foe, who in return looked up to him. Uaine slid the empty Pokeball back into his pack. He still had a fight ahead of him.

"I'm gonna have to call you back," Uaine said, his eyes never leaving Pidgeotto's. His hand slowly made its way to his ear, and the device clicked as he tapped it. Abra, who had been relatively idle, had now sprung in front of Uaine. The battle was about to begin.
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