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Old 06-22-2009, 04:20 AM
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Wink Official team rate thread :d

1.Please folow the formant insted of a "lugia,darkrai how about that team? is it good?" NO
2.The format for posting a team is as follows:

A short introduction of the team. This includes mentioning:
what kind of battling environment the team will be used in (WiFi, Shoddy Battle, PBR, Battle Tower, etc) so that the raters know what limits you have, like accessibility to FRLG/Emerald/Platinum move tutors, Hidden Power types, and the works. If the team is for Shoddy or some other pokemon simulator, you do not have to mention these things; otherwise tell what other games you have access to and how willing you are to breed for Hidden Power, etc. Only post teams that are meant to be competitive - if you cant defeat Cynthia for whatever reason, train your in-game team more.

What tier you wish to use this team in - Overused, Underused, Ubers, or no tier at all.

How well this team has performed for you in the past - we don't want to rate a team that hasn't been used before - try it out and see what problems you run into, if any. Heck, if the team does well enough for you that it doesn't need to be rated, that's fine by us. Be sure to mention any specific pokemon you have problems with, the more detail the better.

Pokemon {pokemon} (please do not mention nicknames, its really kinda annoying) @ Item
Nature - EV Spread
- Move
- Move
- Move
- Move

A short description of the pokemon - I would suggest aiming for about 5 sentences, but anything from about 3-10 is fine (1-2 sentence descriptions are unacceptable). Here, describe the purpose of the pokemon - why did you choose this specific pokemon, with this specific moveset, over the other 492 pokemon there are? Mention what the Pokemon's role in your team is - for instance, is your pokemon a Lead, designed to set up entry hazards like Stealth Rock or Spikes? Is it an Attacker, intended to hit the opponent hard with attacks to weaken them? Is it a Baton Passer, giving the key stat boosts to another pokemon on your team that it needs in order to sweep the foe? Is it a Tank, or a Supporter, or a Spinner, or any of the other various roles a pokemon can have? Mention if your pokemon is intended to counter any specific pokemon (for instance, say how Magnezone is your number one Skarmory counter), or if there are any specific pokemon that counter yours (like how your Skarmory's number one fear is Magnezone).

<Repeat for each pokemon in the team>

examples for noobs

scyther@ Choice Scarf / Scouter Lead & Physical Sweeper
Jolly / Technician
112 HP / 252 Atk / 144 Spd
Aerial Ace
Quick Attack

Sure, Scyther does have a quadruple weakness to Stealth Rock, which limits its ability to switch in. It may not be as powerful as its evolved form, Scizor, but in the UU environment, Scyther may as well take the title of the most fearsome Bug pokémon around. With its blinding speed, decent defenses, and respectable attack power, it makes a great lead. Hitting 465 speed with a choice scarf and 144 speed EVs, it can outrun just about anything (even Ninjask, but only on the first turn) that isn’t scarfed. STABed U-Turn can definitely hurt a ton, especially with so many Dark and Psychic types around. I’ve noticed that U-Turn is Scyther’s primary source of offense, as it permits Scyther to inflict massive damage without even taking a hit. Before evolving into Scizor, Scyther had Flying-type characteristics, so it would make sense to have a flying-type move on the set. With Scyther’s ability Technician, and the STAB boost, Aerial Ace’s base power reaches 135 (that’s pretty powerful for an attack that never misses). Brick Break is there fore coverage reasons, as it hits Rock, Steel, Normal, and Ice. However, it is unlikely that Scyther will even be staying in when up against Rock, Steel, and Ice-type opponents, because it fears a Stone Edge or Ice Beam/Ice Punch. I was thinking of replacing it with Quick Attack, which has a base power of 60 with Scyther’s Technician boost. It may not be Scizor’s Bullet Punch, and it may not have the coverage, but it is Scyther’s only priority move, and can be used to finish off weakened opponents. Pursuit is used in the circumstance where a Psychic type fears an X-Scissor or U-Turn and switches out.

Gallade@ Life Orb / Physical Sweeper
Adamant / Steadfast
64 HP / 252 Atk / 192 Spd
Close Combat
Night Slash
Ice Punch
Swords Dance / Shadow Sneak

Okay, so it’s in the Limbo Tier. At least it’s not OU. It may not have the speed of the majority of OU physical sweepers, but its awesome movepool and coverage, along with its ability to take special hits makes up for this. It has access to Fighting, Dark, Bug, Rock, Ice and Grass-type moves; it can even learn Earthquake (not that anyone actually uses it). Add that to its beastly attack stat and you get one dangerous and unpredictable foe to face. While it has a weakness on the physical side as its defense stat is only 65, it will have plenty of opportunities to set up at least one Swords Dance because of its bulky base 115 special defense. It can pretty much switch into any special attack that isn't Shadow Ball or Air Slash. Being part Fighting, Gallade also gains a very important neutrality to Dark-type attacks. Plus, many pokémon fear it in the first place because of its versatility. Close Combat's power and STAB boost obviously earns its spot on Gallade's moveset; not a lot of things will enjoy taking a Close Combat from something as beast as Gallade. I was debating between X-Scissor and Night Slash; X-Scissor hits Dark and Psychic types, while Night Slash hits Psychic and Ghost types. Psycho Cut is also an option on Gallade, as it provides a secondary STAB move. However, it doesn't have very good coverage, and Night Slash also OHKOs Gengar and can hit other would-be Ghost-type counters. Ice Punch gives Gallade even better coverage, as it hits Ground, Grass, Flying, and Dragon-types. It completely owns Gliscor as well, which is a common switch-in to Gallade. Wheras Swords Dance Gallade is extremely fearsome, giving it so much power is kind of excessive. Gallade is without a doubt slow for a sweeper, so it may need a priority move to surmount this weakness. Shadow Sneak, although not STABed, is enough to finish off any damaged Gengars, Mismaigiuses, and Alakazams who think they'll get the first strike.

Blastoise@ Leftovers / Rapid Spinner & Physical Wall
Bold / Torrent
252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SAtk
Ice Beam
Rapid Spin

Let's all admit it; Blastoise is a tank. I mean, come on. What other pokémon have cannons on their back? Well, there is Magmortar of course, who has cannons as arms. Anyways, Blastoise serves as a Rapid Spinner because of its high defenses, and overall bulkiness. It's my answer to all of the fearsome Dragon-types out there, like Salamence, Flygon, Dragonite, and Garchomp. Lanturn packs Ice Beam as well, but unlike Blastoise, it's not designed to take physical hits. With Earthquake being such a popular choice on Dragon-types, Lanturn really can't stay in to unleash an Ice Beam. Surf serves as a STAB move that can be used to handle Infernape, Tyranitar, Hippowdon, and can wear down Metagross pretty fast. Toxic has 85% accuracy, which isn't that bad for a status-inducing move that takes away your opponent's life. Although it doesn't have the anti-sweeping capabilities as Thunder Wave does, the damage from poison can really start to accumulate if the other team doesn't have an Aromatherapist. Finally, being a Water type, Blastoise is weak to Electric and Grass-type attacks. It serves as perfect bait to allow Lanturn to restore HP from Electric attacks. Grass Knot is probably the most common Grass-type attack; it seems like all special sweepers carry it, and it really doesn't do too much damage to Lanturn anyways.

3. Do not post incomplete teams. If you chose 5 pokemon by yourself, you don't need us to find you a 6th. Same goes for items, nature, EVs, moves - if you can't think of a fourth move to put in, pick one out that looks decent. If on the other hand you cannot decide between two moves, feel free to mention both in your moveset listing.

4.Do not complain if your team is not rated after only a short time. The raters have lives that consist of things that don't involve rating your team.
If your team appears to have been skipped (if teams posted after yours have been rated even though yours has not been), then you may make a post pointing this out to the raters, who will either get to it ASAP or explain why it was skipped (if it did not follow an important rule). Otherwise, there shall be no "When will my team be rated?" posts.

5.Do not post more than one team per month. I don't care if they're different. Posting multiple teams just causes more backlog, which is exactly what we want to avoid with making a new center.

good luck to all
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Old 06-22-2009, 06:55 AM
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Default Re: Official team rate thread :d

Nice effort here... but it's to no avail.
In the Strategies and Movesets board, people just make their own RMT thread for their team.
With one thread for ALL of them, it would get confusing, especially in debates in RMTs, which frequently happen. People would post one RMT after another, and people would be talkin about one RMT when another one was posted right before. As you can see, confusing.
Sorry, but a mod needs to lock this.
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Old 06-23-2009, 01:32 AM
Jeneus Offline
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Unhappy Re: Official team rate thread :d

well atleast i tried oh well mod go ahead and lock it
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