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Old 06-23-2009, 08:47 PM
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Exclamation Fake Glitches

Make the fakest glitch u can (it can be cheat-related or otherwise, I don't really care). Also, put it in Quotes ("", 4 those of u who don't know what quotes R) and divide it into needed and glitch.

"Needed:2 gameboys, pokemon Ruby, Cloning machine, AR, Gameshark, AR-Gameshark Link Cable, GBA Link Cable, Gameboy-TV Link Cable
Glitch:In Pokemon Ruby, Get a starter (Must be Torchic) and save. Turn off the Gameboy. Use the cloning Machine to clone pokemon Ruby. Put one copy in the AR and put that in a gameboy. Put the other in Gameshark and put that in the other Gameboy. Use the AR-Gameshark Link cable to link, of course, AR and Gameshark. Make sure you have every Ruby version cheat on AR and Gameshark. Use the Gameboy link cable to link the gameboys. use the other link cable to link the GBA link cable to a Hi-Def TV with Comcast and a Hoenn episode of pokemon on the DVR. Turn on the gameboys and the TV/cable. Activate every AR and Gameshark cheat. Start both games and the pokemon episode at the same time. One game will just show a pic of Missingno's forms from every game, flashing by at 999 frames per second while the song "Tom Sawyer" by Rush plays. when the song ends, the game will fly out of the cheat device at Mach 2. The other game will have some less extreme effects. Each time u turn on the game, ur caracter will just be someone random, and encountering that person will restart the game. Also, instead of Torchic, u'll have an egg called, "ggE daB". When u take a step, it'll hatch into a level backward-7backward-7backward-7 Celebi called Paco. After one battle, it'll say, "!gnivlove si ocaP ?tahW" and when the evolution is done, u'll see a Lavendar town ghost sprite and it'll say "Congratulations! Your Paco evolved into Blaziken!". U'll have all 8 badges, and all pokemon that appear will be either Missingno. Ghost sprite, a Missingno. Fossil Sprite, or Missingno. W/ a sprite that's a jumbled combo of Mew, Celebi, and Jirachi from each game they have a sprite from. Also, once u beat the Elite 4, the game will be normal except 4 the Blaziken, which will remain level 777 (sorry 4 not saying that sooner). Also, any Missingno. u caught will be a pokemon that varies by sprite:
Ghost-Gengar level 100
Fossil-Whatever poke the fossil is of, level 100
Jumbled legendaries-Mew, Celebi, or Jirachi level 100"

Also, sorry 4 My weird Capitalization.

Please add ur own fake glitches.


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