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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Default Eevee an' me -first story,please grade-

This is my first story.

David walked through the woods his only pokemon, Gastly floating by his side.
He had been chasing an Eevee for about ten minutes and still hadn't caught it.
He heard a rustling in the tree above him and looked up just as the Eevee jumped down on him from a high branch.
It landed on his head knocking him to the ground.
Eevee Eevee it said playfully as it skipped of into the bushes to the left of the path.
Gastly? Ghastly said in a deep voice.
"C'mon", David said jumping to his feet, " lets catch us an Evee".

He couldn't see anything off the path because it was bordered by thick leavey trees growing closs together that
blocked his veiw.
He charged through the leafey wall with his eyes closed and his left shoulder out in front protecting his face
from the leafs that wipped painfully against his skin.
Finally he jolted out of the trees coming to a skiding stop.
He opened his eyes finding he was on the edge of a cliff that droped down to the bottom of a deep gulley.
Four things happened in the next second, he cried out, he stepped back, he missed his fotting and he tumbled to
the ground.
Eevee jumped on to his face and then skipped off along the edge of the cliff.
David jumped up to his feet, screaming at the top of his lungs "GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE FREAK!!!".

The Eevee turned around with a look that could freeze water.
It charged at David with a quick attack but he was prepered.
"Ghastly", he yelled "confuse ray".
A purple spark flew from ghastly engulfing Eevee.
Eevee was still using quick attack but now it was using it at the trees.
It crashed into a truck with an ear splitting crack.
But that just seemed to make it angrier, it leaped at Gastly using take down.
"Ghastly, Destiny bond" David yelled and a bright flash lit the sky.
Eevee decended on Gastly knocking it flying towards a tree.
Ghastly slumped to the ground knocked out but Destiny bond took it toll on Eevee making it fall to the ground.
This is my chance David thought to himself as he threw a pokeball towerds the shivering ball of furr.
The ball sucked Eevee inside it in an explosion of colour.
David watched as the pokeball shook from sise to side.
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