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Pokemon Wi-Fi Trading Center Offer your Pokemon in Pokemon Black/White, Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver and Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum for trade or request Pokemon for trade.

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Old 08-01-2009, 11:09 PM
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Default Artidoltres Trades


Sealeo M Lonely
Tentacool F Sassy
Wailord F Impish
Dewgong F Naughty
Mudkip M Timid
Omanyte M Modest
Octillery F Relaxed
Tentacruel F Hasty (Shiny)
Ponyta F Quirky (Shiny)
Blaziken M Gentle
Lickitung M Rash
Pidgey F Lax
Chansey F Modest (Shiny)
Chansey F Mild
Chansey F Mild
Chansey F Jolly
Zangoose M Hasty
Tauros M Adamant
Tauros M Adamant
Tauros M Bold
Tauros M Relaxed
Tauros M Hardy
Tauros M Careful
Teddiursa F Adamant (Shiny)
Snubbull F Modest
Machamp F Quiet
Hitmonchan M Adamant
Carnivine F Naive
Breloom F Naughty
Tangrowth M Sassy
Pinsir F Jolly
Pinsir M Impish
Anorith M Naive
Nosepass F Docile
Dugtrio M Lax
Aerodactyl M Naughty
Aerodactyl M Lonely
Aerodactyl M Relaxed
Kabuto M Rash
Kabuto M Modest
Kabuto M Careful
Kabuto F Impish
Kabuto M Calm
Kabuto M Bold
Cranidos M Lonely
Cranidos M Bold
Phanpy F Hasty
Phanpy F Lonely
Corsola F Docile
Bronzor Naughty
Beldum Mild
Beldum Impish
Beldum Hasty
Beldum Modest
Beldum Modest
Beldum Jolly
Beldum Jolly
Beldum Relaxed
Beldum Naughty
Beldum Brave
Beldum Bold
Beldum Bold
Beldum Sassy
Bronzong Serious (nickname Lucky)
Skuntank M Hardy (Shiny)
Weezing F Lonely
Weezing M Sassy
Electabuzz M Mild
Magneton Timid
Gible M Jolly
Trapinch M Relaxed
Vibrava M Docile
Azelf Jolly
Banette F Jolly
Rotom Docile
Sneasel M Jolly (PKRS cured)
Sneasel M Jolly
Sneasel M Jolly
Sneasel F Jolly

Wants: (english original name plz)
Cresselia - Calm
Heatran - Rash
Feebas - Bold - female
Larvitar - Brave - female
Electabuzz - Adamant - female
Ditto - Adamant
Ditto - Jolly
Ditto - Modest
Poliwag/Poliwhirl/Poliwrath/Politoed (any)

Last edited by Artidoltres; 08-16-2009 at 04:08 PM.
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