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Game Features


Background Information

Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Leaf Green are remakes of the first Pokemon games ever, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green. In Japan, the first two versions of Pokemon are Red and Green, a third version, Blue version was released later in Japan following the success of Red and Green. However, Nintendo released Red and Blue in other countries like the US. A Green version was not released elsewhere other than Japan.


Fire Red and Leaf Green will be for GBA or GBA SP, which means improved graphics, similar to that of Ruby/Sapphire.


The Starters

The starters are Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander.



Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green, and Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire are all compatible with each other. You can trade with Fire Red/Leaf Green with Ruby/Sapphire, as well as battling and playing mini games in the multiplayer mode by using the Wireless Adapter. And you can transfer your Fire Red/Leaf Green and Ruby/Sapphire Pokemon into Pokemon Colosseum (as well as transfering Pokemon from Colosseum to the Fire Red/Leaf Green and Ruby/Sapphire games). It is not certain yet if Fire Red/Leaf Green will be able to capture/receive the newer Pokemon (the Pokemon beyond the original 151).



Game Features

Wireless Adapter

The Wireless Adapter is a new device from Nintendo, who partnered up with Motorola to make it. The device debuts along with Fire Red/Leaf Green (the Wireless Adapter is bundled with the games). The Wireless Adapter is like a link cable, connecting multiple games together, but without the cables by using wireless technology. It supports 2-5 players in the multiplayer mode. The reception is good for about 33 feet (10 meters).


Union Room

After the games are connected to each other, players will meet each other in the Union Room. From there, you can battle each other or play mini games. There's also a chat feature to communicate with other players.


Mini Games

Using the Wireless Adapter and through the Union Room, players linked up can participate in mini games.


New Islands

The game will take place in Kanto, like the original games, however, there are many new islands you can go to.


Improved Pokedex

Consider this new Pokedex an upgrade, with easier searches and a vast amount of information, and a new look for displaying the information.


Pokemon Status Screen

The Pokemon status screen, like the Pokedex, has a new look to it


View Items

When you view items in your backpack or items at the PokeMart, you'll see a little picture of the item.


Using Items

When you use items, such as Potions, not only will you'll get that health bar back up, you'll get to see it in use.


Female Trainer

Although the original Pokemon Red and Green did not have a female trainer option, Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green will once again feature a female trainer option (of course, the male trainer is also available).



When you load your saved game, you will see short video scenes of what you did before you saved. This will remind you where you left off.



Fire Red and Leaf Green are very much like Red and Green. Remember early on the game when the old man teaches you how to catch a Pokemon? Yeah, that's in the game. You'll also find many things unchanged, but with improved graphics and some other new things, such as the new islands you can visit.


TM/HM Case

With the new TM/HM Case, all your TMs and HMs are stored in an easy fashion, and are easily accessible. It also gives you a detailed description of the TM/HM: name, type, attack power, accuracy, PP amount, and description.


Location Visuals

If you enter a forest, cave, or important building, you'll see a visual of what of what you're going into.


Voice Checker

With the new Voice Checker feature, you can go back and view what a person said to you. This is useful when you forget what someone said that might be important.


2-on-2 Battles

Yet another feature the original games didn't have, but Fire Red and Leaf Green will have. The 2-on-2 battles, first introduced in Ruby/Sapphire, is featured again in Fire Red/Leaf Green.


Improved Music

It's probably not the kind of music you want to pop into your CD player and listen to it all day, but the music in the game is notably better. Many of the music you'll probably recognize, but done in a slightly different way. And other small sound improvements, like a ringing sound when you get on a bike.