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Game Boy Strategy Guide


Right some of you may not know about Pokemon's initial strategy. Some of you may have just forgotten a few bits. But in this guide I hope to recap all of it so that we can all get on our feet making murderous movesets! Right lets get started.

What a team needs
First of all lets get the basics. We're not working along the little kiddy style 'if I have a water type a fire type and a grass type my team's balanced' that's the newbie way of thinking. God it's also Shigeru Miyamato's way of thinking. A Balanced team needs ROLES, with roles you can whip up a few that work well together, but then like types try not to go for too many of a certain kind


Sweeper - Just basically a standard Pokemon who can last long enough to take out quite a good number of Pokemon. There are two kinds of sweepers a physical and a special. Special ones deal special attacks and physical sweepers deal physical attacks. A sweeper is always good with a healing move like minty rest. One of the most efficient sweepers is a Houndoom (But only in the special sense)


Tank - Basically what you use to TAKE a beating. Like a sweeper gives a beating. A good tank needs high defense stats in all areas either that or the ability to take a beating for a while raise it's defense and heal. One of the most efficient tanks is an Umbreon.


Curser - The name says it all. A Pokemon that knows curse and has the stats to use it. When I say stats you need a Pokemon with LOW speed so it won't have any problems with the speed loss. It also needs high special defense. this is optional if you have some form of healing ability and average stats. Most cursers have a healing move so that the first round they curse then heal then sweep. One of the most efficient cursers is a Slowking.


Hazer/Psuedo-hazer - Again guess what this does? It uses the move haze. For those of you who have been cryogenically frozen the past few years this move gets rid of all status changes, including your own. When I say status changes I mean speed and attack. So you wonder why bother with it right? well if your opponent can up it's speed or evasion you can be screwed in many cases so a hazer just instantly takes them out. Cursers can't stand these little beggars! A Psuedo-hazer I probably wouldn't recommend over a hazer, a psuedo hazer knows something like roar or whirlwind, they'll force a switch and get rid of any status changes, but then if the psuedo hazer has a weakness to what comes out you may be in for a nasty surprise. But still works and very handy. One of the most efficient hazers is a Quagsire.


BPer - BP stands for baton pass and if you really are a newbie then baton pass carries on all your sat changes such as raised attack and speed. Again these things fear hazers but then if your opponent doesn't have a hazer then you'll knock them down! Keep in mind you may only up your stats three times and pass if you've got good staying power so a healing move is recommended. One of the most sufficient BPers is a Scizor.


Opener - A Pokemon you kick the battle off with. A standard opener will use mainly status changing attacks and will be rather fast. This can usually be countered by having a ground type as an opener but then the downside is that the one with the electric type will bring along a water type. Battles are unpredictable so I can't recommend anything other than keep an eye out for heal bellers. One of the most efficient openers is a Jolteon.


Heal Beller - Basically as the name implies a Pokemon that knows heal bell. This move gets rid of all status inflictions and assures that any upper hand your opponent had will be lost. Works especially well against openers and shufflers. One of the most efficient heal bellers is a Miltank.


Shuffler - Now we're moving into more complex roles. This one in particular is my specialty. These are basically Pokemon that will use a status inflicting attack and use devious ways to 'force' the opponent to switch out another one. Thus getting the whole team poisoned, paralyzed or even asleep! There are too many good shufflers for me to recommend one!


Fisher/Killer - One of the most hardest Pokemon to create. And still an immense risk if you do choose to have one as they are only useful for that role and that role only. A fisher is basically something that lures out a hazer or heal beller. They however take up a lot of their moves to do so and thus are not very diverse. Very rarely are they seen but still they are incredibly revered. There are too many good fishers for me to recommend one!


Drainer - Not so much of a mega strategy but a good one never the less and must be learnt how to be used when the pressure's on. Simply trap them put them to sleep and use an attack like mega drain companied by leech seed along with leftovers and that's basically a drainer. Very rare among anything other than plant types and bug types. Due to plant/bug types many weaknesses, these must be used wisely. One of the most efficient drainers is a Venusaur.


*There are some others that I think you need only know about if you're slightly new.


Spikers - A Pokemon that uses spikes and can be combined with shuffling. I found shuffling on it's own to be equally effective. Explosion and spikes is a fairly good combo but switching to something the enemy is weak to also causes a switch! There are many ways to force switching and I'll leave you to decide what you'll use. One of the most efficient spikers is a Forretress


Rester/Sleep Talker - A feel a few of you haven't heard the term minty rest before? Well mint berry will wake you up from rest straight afterwards. A very handy technique. Behold; Amnesia, Minty Rest, Return. Say if that Pokemon was an all out physical type with appalling special stats it would up it's stats and heal the first four turns. Then it becomes a serious tank and dishes out it's awesome physical power, and rests without any worries! Sleep Talk is if you just don't have any staying power but you have speed and brute force. For any blonde trainers (No offence to blondes) sleep talk is basically a move that uses the other three moves on your moveset. Anyone disagree? I'm ready to debate...There are too many good resters/sleeptalkers for me to recommend!






Now that we have covered Roles lets get work on some more basics.

I believe this to be a pain in the backside when choosing moves. Sure we'd all love thunder on our Mewtwo but lets face it. Since g/s/c kicked r/b/y off the block there is just no such thing. Lets get one thing straight.

Anything below 85% at the most is really not worth trusting in UNLESS it leaves some form of permanent effects (things like toxic and sleep powder) which have a limit of over 75.

PP is a big problem as well. Some moves just naturally suck because they have little accuracy and low PP but this doesn't mean not to use them as they can still be just as effective given the right back up.

When I say back up I'm talking about moves like zap cannon, it's good! it does a LOT of damage and leaves the opponent paralyzed. But it has an accuracy of 50!!! So a good idea would be to balance the accuracy out with your opponent by using a move like double team or even an exact balance, attract. again the combo's are endless.

Do you know why you don't like low accuracy attacks? Because you're afraid your enemy will get a blow in and you'll miss. But that doesn't matter if you can recover ALL your health in that time! Thus why minty rest and a 60% or so accuracy attack is usually a good idea. An example would be a Pokemon with minty rest hypnosis roar and return. That would be a pain in the back side and would work a dream on something with staying power. So before you flame someone for having low accuracy attacks consider resting and staying power.


Debates Throughout Time

Thunderbolt vs Thunder
Need I say anything? Thunderbolt has 5 more PP and that lovely 99.6% accuracy (every attack is like this) it doesn't need any secondary back up and can work up some damage. Unless you use water type attacks with thunder along with rain dance, it's a bad attack.

Ice Beam vs Blizzard
Not at all worth it. Ice beam definitely. Blizzard only has a 70% chance of hitting with a measly five PP! with ice beam doing similar damage to thunderbolt and with the same accuracy need I go on?!

Sludge Bomb vs Toxic
Now we're getting interesting. This is basically a case of if you already have something to inflict stats changes; toxic does the job. As for damaging sludge bomb is great. As for toxic a side note would be to make sure you have enough staying power to use it.

Flamethrower vs Fire Blast
My most hated debate. I have gotten caught up in it and NEVER finished but I feel I've come to a reasonable conclusion. Fire Blast as the limit of 85% accuracy and is an extremely powerful fire type attack. Flamethrower is more accurate and has more PP. But they are almost EQUAL. If however you lack PP on a Pokemon flamethrower should be put there if you have plenty of PP put fire blast there.






Right here's the next part to my strategy guide. This is for people who are stuck for an item to put on their Pokemon. I will cover a list of useful items...

First of all items like mystic water and charcoal yield practically no use as they only increase ONE move by 10% come on what are the uses in that? The only good instance I've found is in Primeape and black belt. A good endure and reversal combo can fetch up to 200 damage! With STAB (same type ability bonus which multiplies the attack by 1.5) it can get 300! now with black belt it gets 330 and that can sometimes make all the difference...

First of all take note of the kinds of Pokemon you get. Some require definitely an item of some sort but each one has a particular useful item.

Say for instance you have a sweeper. Lets take Houndoom for an example.

Houndoom @ ______

Now I know this certainly isn't the best Houndoom and I have made much better (not the standard) But lets look at it's moves. Flamethrower and crunch are your standard damage inflicting attacks. But there's a combo in the endure and reversal technique. A fairly standard one and will be less predictable given a good item! Now a good trick would be to list all the standard items and then cancel them off for any bad reasons they may have that affect the Pokemon, when I say this I don't mean find the bad things about the items themselves but how they would ruin the potential of your Pokemon. take your standard items (Scope Lens, Leftovers, Miracle Berry, Mint Berry, Focus Band, Kings Rock etc.) You'd cancel them out but record your findings then pick the least worst one and see how that would work, as the least worst will almost never assume the odds that it's downside will kick in.

Groups of Pokemon who need items are a different matter. Especially if you want to make them a lot more diverse so your opponent doesn't have a clue what you're doing. Lets take this for example.

Houndoom @ _____
Sunny Day
Solar Beam

Umbreon @ _____
Confuse Ray
Double Team
Baton Pass
Mean Look

Zapdos @ _____
Thunder Wave

Now this is certainly a team effort (Shuffle team, switch to Umbreon BP to Houndoom and own) but sometimes the items can make all the difference. First of all the opener Zapdos. Does it really need that reflect attack? Try minty rest over it that way you can shuffler a lot more Pokemon AND if you encounter a heal beller you can recover and destroy from what's left. Umbreon is basically intensely cheap with that double team and confuse ray combo. but you know what would make this more annoying? A healing power. Because mean look is part of the BPing operation we can't afford to have moon light so why not put leftovers? They'll never hit and you'll almost always be at full health with the assistance of double team. Upon reaching Houndoom All that is required is a nice damage encouraging move. However. Keep in mind that this little fool could be ripped apart through bad accuracy by simple poison. You'll want to switch and lose all the team's efforts. Miracle berry could make all the difference here. It's all that's needed! and you could go on for AGES on end. Upon the death of the first Pokemon switch back to Umbreon and then continue the sequence...of course you could have completely different items here like Scope Lens on Zapdos, Leftovers on Houndoom and even Quick Claw on Umbreon! At the end of the day it's your choice....





This covers some more or less blatantly obvious things, basically a trainers guide to what to do and what not to do when constructing teams...

1. 00bers (Pokemon like Mewtwo and mew who have really cranked up stats, diversity and and range of moves) are okay, there's nothing wrong with them as long as your opponent is okay with the prospect of 00bers. However don't go over bored (i.e. Lugia Zapdos ho oh) this has a bluntly obvious rock type weakness.

2. Don't go around and brag the might of an 00ber, unless of course you fight others who use 00bers then feel free to brag!

3. Beware of fakes! (When I heard this it was wigs but hey) When I say fakes I'm talking about fake levels or rare candy. Rare candy is an evil little thing which doesn't increase your DV's as much as a full level up. In the end the trained one will be stronger. Rare candy is not the only 'devil' there are others such as Traded Pokemon, day care, exp share, sharing out experience (switching in a GB battle) and even the illusive lucky egg

4. Don't be stupid. The last thing we need is an all out STAB mania moveset. STAB (same type ability bonus) is a good thing but not in large quantities. Learn...

5. like loads of the same types of moves don't have the same effecting moves. An all out damaging Pokemon is almost terrible unless it's something like Tyranitar. But in this day and age that's beginning to accumulate a lot more strategic thought

6. the depressing topic of stupidity continues. Don't have loads of Pokemon with the same roles. A balanced team needs only two sweepers at the most. And that's one of each, special sweeper and physical sweeper!

7. Evolve Pokemon, why? You get more stats...Take Pikachu for example, if Typhlosion is down at 1 HP and uses reversal it'll kill it! but then if it were Raichu it would be faster, it could use thunder wave making it much slower than anything else you have. Even if Raichu goes down it's set up for other behind it. See how evolution can make all the difference?

8. Remember, switching isn't a bad thing. If you switch you're less liable to lose a lot of health and what could be a very useful Pokemon later on.

9. Try and learn what every single attack does

10. Create your own strategies! Don't use mine or anyone else's. That way people won't and can't expect the standard, this way you're less likely to be figured out and have your strategies ruined.

11. Please refrain form putting traveling moves on your Pokemon (Surf allowed) unless seriously necessary (which I very much doubt). Of course they are handy during the game but hey, you can use other Pokemon and face it. once you beat the game they're just going to get in the way...







This strategy guide is property of myself Antonio Marigliano, nobody else is entitled to it unless I have given them permition. This strategy guide is protected by copyright and therefore if you are caught using traces of it on your site or modifying it without permission I have rights to use the full power of the law. Only the following people may have access to this strategy guide:

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The Author

If you wish to contact me due to anything about the strategy guide then my e-mail address is jewelthief17@hotmail.com I will not read any mail however that is complaining about the strategy guide, this is for people who need to recap or learn the basics of strategic battle. if you have any suggestion for what should be added I will take them into consideration and discuss with the webmasters who use this guide.







Pokemonelite2000: for giving me rights to create one at his boards, otherwise it would have never come into existence ^_^ thanks dude you rock!

Kenny c001: for helping me with some great strategies on my team and pointing out some dumb ones (like HP ghost on Scizor T_T)

Aurora Borealis: just someone to waste my time on to discuss strategy with and help her with her forever dying Pokemon ^_^

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