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Attaching Items


Healing Items:
Berry (Restores 10 HP): Find in Berry trees on Route 29, 30, 38, 46, and in
a house on Route 30, consolation prize in Bug Catching Contest
Berry Juice (Restores 20 HP): Attach a Berry to Shuckle and use in battle
Gold Berry (Restores 30 HP): finish 3rd in Bug-Catching Contest, in-game
traded Pokemon usually come with one
Poisoncure Berry (cures Poison): Berry Trees on Route 30, 33, and 2
Paralyzecure Berry (cures Paralysis): Berry Trees in Violet City, Route 46,
and Route 8
Bitter Berry (cures Confusion): Berry Trees on Route 31, 43, and Route 1
Mint Berry (cures Sleep): Berry Trees on Route 39, and in Pewter City
Ice Berry (cures Burn): Berry Trees on Route 36, and in Pewter City
Burnt Berry (cures Freeze): Route 44 Berry Tree, Fuschia City
Miracle Berry (cures all conditions except fainting): Mystery Gift
Mystery Berry (restores PP of one move): Route 35, Route 45
Leftovers (restores one Pokemon's HP every round): Celadon City, acquire a
Snorlax (catch, although imported Snorlax or Clefairy might have one too)
Sacred Ash (revives all fainted Pokemon): Catch Ho-oh

Attack Type Boosters:
Pink Bow (Normal power up): Route 29 on Tuesday, Radio Tower (beat Team
Polkadot Bow (same effect as a Pink Bow): Import Jigglypuff
Charcoal (Fire power up): Buy in Azalea, return to Charcoal Maker's house
after getting Cut
Mystic Water (Water power up): Cherrygrove City (need Surf)
Magnet (Electric power up): Route 37 on Sunday
Miracle Seed (Grass power up): Route 32 after beating Falkner
Nevermelt Ice (Ice power up): Ice Path
Blackbelt (Fighting power up): Lake of Rage on Wednesday
Poison Barb (Poison power up): Route 32 on Friday
Soft Sand (Ground power up): Beat the three Water trainers on Route 34
Sharp Beak (Flying power up): Route 40 on Monday
Twistedspoon (Psychic power up): Import captured Kadabra (ones caught on
Yellow's Route 8 will work, unsure of R/B Unknown Dungeon Kadabra.)
Silver Powder (Bug power up) Catch Butterfree on Route 2 (Gold only)
Hard Rock (Rock power up): Route 36 on Thursday
Spell Tag (Ghost power up): Blackthorne City on Saturday
Dragon Fang (Dragon power up): Dragon's Den
Dark Glasses (Dark power up): Dark Cave (route 45 entrance)
Metal Coat (Steel power up, evolves Onix to Steelix and Scyther to Scizor):
S.S Aqua on first trip, catch wild Magnemite

Other Status Changers:
Bright Powder (raises Evade): Import Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, or Mewtwo
Beserk Gene (raises Attack, but confuses): Route 24
Scope Lens (increases Critical Hit %): Mystery Gift
King's Rock (increased Flinch rate, evolves Poliwhirl to Politoed and
Slowpoke to Slowking): Slowpoke Well, catch wild Slowpoke/Slowbro/Poliwhirl
Cleanse Tag (reduces wild Pokemon rate): Route 5
Exp. Share (holding Pokemon gains 1/2 of exp. in battle): Route 30, give
Mr. Pokemon the Red Scale
Quick Claw (holding Pokemon may go first regardless of speed): National
Park, catch wild Sneasel
Amulet Coin (if holding Pokemon appears in a trainer fight, money at the
end is doubled): Basement of Goldenrod Department Store
Everstone (prevents holding Pokemon from evolving): Prof. Elm (show him
Togepi), Route 25 (show Bill's grandfather Lickitung), 2nd prize in
Bug-Catching Contest

Attachments exclusive to one Pokemon Family:
*All items in this category that have 'Catch' are extremley rare*
Chansey Egg (double Exp for Chansey/Blissey.): Catch wild Chansey
Farfetch'd Stick (Farfetch'd has higher Critical Hit %): Catch wild Farfetch'd
Thick Club (doubles Marowak's Attack): Catch wild Cubone/Marowak
Light Ball (doubles Pikachu's Special Attack): Import Pikachu from Yellow
Lucky Punch (increases Chansey's Attack): Import Chansey
Metal Powder (increases Ditto's Defense): Import Ditto
Dragon Scale (evolves Seadra to Kingdra): Mt. Mortar
Upgrade (evolves Porygon to Porygon2): Silph Co. in Saffron City