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Strategy Capturing Pokemon


This page will explain my strategy on capturing Pokemon. Everyone has their own techniques and strategies when it comes to capturing Pokemon such as Entei or Lugia. Here's my strategy, and maybe you might find it useful for you. You might even make my strategy even better by making some changes. Anyways, I hope this will help you.

Getting That HP Down As Low As Possible
Alright, lets get down to business. The majority of the Pokemon is easy to capture. Pokemon such as Rattata and Pidgey shouldn't give you much trouble. However, then there comes Pokemon such as Snorlax and Lugia which are a bit more tough to capture. When I come across these difficult to capture Pokemon, my strategy is basically always the same. Of course, first you need to get the Pokemon to the lowest HP possible. This is important. Say for instance you had a very strong Pokemon fighting against Ho-oh, even though the remaining HP of Ho-oh is very low, you still think that you can get that HP bar even lower. However, you can't because you know for sure that any attack from your current Pokemon or any other Pokemon from your lineup will knock it out. So then you are stuck with fearing that another attack might knock it out, and not getting the HP bar as low as you wanted to. Here's where my strategy kicks in. Whenever you fight these "difficult to capture Pokemon", make sure you bring at least one low level Pokemon (how low you go depends on the Pokemon you are facing), I would recommend two low level Pokemon. When you have a low level Pokemon with you, you can do little damage with it without knocking out the Pokemon you are facing. You might say: "Sending a low level Pokemon out to battle Ho-oh? It won't stand a chance!" Yeah, it won't. So you will have to make the Pokemon you are facing fall asleep (a Pokemon with a sleep inducing attack is essential to any lineup). Once you made the Pokemon fall asleep, quickly send in your low level Pokemon, and do the necessary damage before it wakes up. If your low level Pokemon get knocked out because the Pokemon woke up and you still want to do a bit more damage, then put it asleep again and send in your back up low level Pokemon (that's why I recommend two). Once you got the HP down as low as possible, its time to throw that ball.

After Getting HP Low As Possible
You got the Pokemon you are facing to the lowest HP you can get it to. Its time to put to to asleep if you haven't already. Paralyze does help making it easier to capture the Pokemon, but sleep works even better. So make that Pokemon asleep and then your ready to throw that ball. So now its time to throw the strongest PokeBall you have. Ofcourse, don't be cheap and get the less expensive balls, use the best ones you can get (except Master Ball) and get many of them (about 20 should do). Most of the time you you should be throwing Ultra Balls, but I would also recommend Heavy Balls as well. Once, I used up all my Ultra Balls, and I only had two Heavy Balls left. With no other option, I threw the Heavy Ball and I was amazed that I captured it after I used it. Later on, I would use another Heavy Ball to capture one of the Legendary Dogs. So Heavy Balls are great to have around. Thats my strategy, not much, very basic, but it works. I've been doing this ever since the first version I played, Red version. Been working for me ever since.

About the Heavy Ball mentioned earlier, Kurt at Azalea Town will turn the item BLK Apricorn into a Heavy Ball for you. The BLK Apricorn is found at Route 37 in a tree. Apricorns will keep growing, so you can get many of them. For other different Apricorn locations, check out the Item Locations page in the Pokemon Gold/Silver section, or [Click Here]. For information about which Apricorn makes what balls and what the balls are for, check out the Item Descriptions page in the Pokemon Gold/Silver section, or [Click Here].