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Whats the difference between Gold and Silver version?

Basically, both Gold and Silver versions are the same. There are some differences though. There are Pokemon in Gold that cannot be found in Silver version. Vice versa, there are Pokemon in Silver that cannot be found in Gold version. In both versions, you can get both Lugia and Ho-oh. In Gold version, you get Ho-oh first then Lugia. Vice versa for Silver version.


What Pokemon should I choose for my starter Pokemon?

Here's the breakdown based on gym leader weaknesses and resistance: If you choose Cyndaquil, the first part of the game (Johto) will be easier with it, but the second part of the game (Kanto) will be somewhat difficult. If you choose Chikorita, the first part of the game will be difficult, but the second part of the game will be easier. If you choose Totodile, there aren't any huge advantages or disadvantages in the first or second part of the game. You should base on who you pick on who you think you like the best because you are stuck with this Pokemon through out the game. 


What is Johto and Kanto?

Johto is the region you start out at in Gold/Silver. Kanto is the region where the Red/Blue/Yellow versions started out at. Later on in the game Gold/Silver, you will be able to go to Kanto.


What's the deal with the Pokemon Unowns at Ruin of Alph?

This Pokemon is strange, it doesn't learn any new attacks no matter what level it get to. Unown can't even learn attacks from TMs and HMs. There are a total of 26 Unowns, each one represents a letter from the English alphabet. There are four different Pokemon puzzles near the Ruins of Alph. Solving one will release a batch of Unowns. Once all four puzzles are solved, all 26 Unowns can be found. Search near the Ruins of Alph for other puzzles.


I'm at Goldenrod City, how do I move that tree?

That tree is actually a Pokemon called Sudowoodo. After you defeat the gym leader at Goldenrod City, there is this lady in Goldenrod City that give you the item Squirt Bottle that can be used on Sudowoodo. The lady is inside a building somewhere in the city.


The three Legendary Dogs are released, where can I find them?

The Legendary Dogs can be anywhere in the entire map of Johto in grassy areas. There is no telling where they may be. All three of them travel Johto individually, which increases your slim chances on seeing one. The dogs move to a different place every once in while. Once you seen one, you can keep track where it is by using your "area" feature on your Pokedex.


I'm back at Goldenrod City, how do I get pass Team Rocket?

Goldenrod City is invaded with Team Rocket memebers. You need to enter the Radio Tower, but a Team Rocket member is blocking the way. Take the underground passage way, and unlock the door that is found. You will battle your rival, and its recommended that after you defeat your rival that you heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center. You need to turn on and off the switches so that you can enter the bottom right part of the room. Once you got it, defeat all the Team Rocket members.


What is the correct sequence of switches to the basement at Goldenrod City?

First, turn on the switch on the far left. Then turn on the switch in the middle. And finally turn on the switch on the right. This will work if you followed these directions correctly.


How can I get pass the Ice Path?

Here's the directions for the first "gliding puzzles": up, left, up, right, up, right, down, left, up, left, down, right, down, right, up, right. There is a mini gliding puzzles right after it, at the end of that puzzles you will find the important HM07 Waterfall. The 3rd gliding puzzles will be easier than the first one. Make sure you push down all the boulders down. If you need more help, go to the Gold/Silver section and click on Ice Path Maps, which has pictures and guiding arrows showing you where to go.


I canít get pass a guy to get to Blackthorn, what do I do?

This means that you forgot to do something earlier in the game. The common problem is not defeating all the Team Rocket members at Mahogany Town's PokeMart. Make sure you did that and head back to Blackthorn City.


There's someone blocking the Blackthorn City Gym Entrance, how do I get in?

If this happens, it means you havenít defeated the Team Rocket at Goldenrod City. Go to Goldenrod City and defeat the Team Rocket at the Radio Tower, and then you will be able to enter the Blackthorn City Gym.


Before the big match with Blackthorn City gym leader Clair, I want to capture some dragon and ice types because they have an advantage over Clair's Pokemon. Where can I find these Pokemon?

Dragon type Pokemon are still not yet available for capturing because its inside the Dragon's Den. The Dragon's Den is north of the gym, and you can't enter until you defeat Clair. Magikarp and Dratini can be found at Dragon's Den. Ice Pokemon is much easier to find, its at the Ice Path of course. You really don't need a Dragon type, unless, that's what you want. However, even though you can't capture any Dragon types yet, you can get Dratini from the Goldenrod City Game Corner, which costs 2100 coins.


Clair won't give me my badge, what should I do?

You need to head to the Dragon's Den which is north of the gym. You will see a body of water, so you will need a Pokemon with surf and a Pokemon with whirlpool in which you will use later on in the Dragon's Den. You need to find an item for Clair, the item is insides a Pokeball. When you find the item, Clair will appear with your badge.


I did it! I defeated Johto, now what?

You should be going to Professor's Elm Lab at New Bark Town for a free and only Masterball. Once you got your Masterball, its time to challenge the Elite 4. Go east of New Bark Town and you will find a body of water. So you need a Pokemon with surf, and a Pokemon with waterfall which you will use later on in the path. Follow the path and you will eventually get to the Elite 4. Along the way, you probably noticed two guards blocking paths to the east and west. Those paths will open up later on in the game. The east path leads to Mount Silver, and the west path leads to Kanto. The west path will open eventually, and the east path will open when you get all 16 badges.


When can I get Ho-oh and Lugia?

When you are ready to battle the Elite 4, you might want to capture either Lugia or Ho-oh, depending on which version, before you battle the Elite 4. In Gold version, you will capture Ho-oh first, Lugia will available later on in the game. Vice versa for Silver version. Ho-oh is at the Legendary Temple at Ecruteak City, and make sure you have the item Rainbow feather with you in order for Ho-oh to appear. Ho-oh is very well hidden, so good luck! Lugia is at the Whirl Islands which is next to Cianwood city, make sure you have the item Silver Feather with you. Go to the island that is on the top right, that island should be able to lead you to Lugia. Again, Lugia is very well hidden, so good luck! For more help on finding Lugia, go here: [Finding Lugia - Click Here]. For more help on finding Ho-oh, go here: [Finding Ho-oh - Click Here].


There are 5 trainers at the Elite 4, so isn't it actually the Elite 5?

No, Its the Elite 4. There are a total of 5 trainers you have to battle at the Elite 4, but Lance is a League Master.


How do I get to Kanto?

Get the Boat Ticket from Professor Elm, and head to Olivine City. Once you get on the boat, you will encounter the problem about the missing daughter. Once you got all the straightened out, go to your room. Your room is the one with nobody inside, and when you press on the bed you will sleep that will heal your Pokemon. During your sleep, the ship has arrived at its destination.


What should I do in Kanto?

Defeat the gym leaders you can get to. Go to the Power Plant to discover a worker there lost a machine part. The machine part is at Cerulean City gym, but you need to defeat the Team Rocket member first. That Team Rocket member is at the trail which is north of the gym. He will then tell you the machine part is inside the gym. Its one of those invisible items, so you have to check everywhere in the gym. Return the machine part to the worker at the Power Plant and then you should head to Lavender Town. Enter the Radio Tower at Lavender Town to get a radio upgrade by someone inside.


I canít find the missing Machine Part, where is it?

Its inside the Cerulean City Gym. Its in the water, so look around until you find it. The best way is to stay on land and look for the item that way, eventually you should be able to find it.


How do I wake up Snorlax?

After you returned the missing part to the worker at the Power Plant and upgraded your radio at Lavender Town's Radio Tower, go against Snorlax and turn the radio station to Poke Flute. Snorlax wakes up, you battle it, and you better capture it.


How do I get to Mount Silver?

If you noticed that first the time you went to the Elite 4, you saw two guards blocking paths to both the east and west. They are gone, so take the east path to Mount Silver. A trainer named Red, AKA Ash, will be at Mount Silver. But he's somewhat difficult to find. This will be the last major event.


How strong is Red's Pokemon?

Go to the Pokemon Gold/Silver section and then click on Red's Pokemon.


I defeated Red, now what?

There's really nothing else to do now, Red was the final big event in the game. Ofcourse, there is that ever lasting desire to capture all the Pokemon. 251 Pokemon is quite a lot, good luck!


Where can I find Celebi, Mewtwo, Mew, etc?

These Pokemon are not in the game Gold/Silver. Celebi is just like Mew, it can't be captured in the game itself. Celebi might be given out at Nintendo promotion like they did with Mew at Pokemon Mall Tours. Some Pokemon that are not in Gold/Silver is the Legendary Birds, Charmander (and its evolutions), Squirlte (and its evolutions), Bulbasaur (and its evolutions), and some ancient Pokemon like Kabuto and Omanyte.


Where can I find Sneasel and Larvitar?

Sneasel is outside the entrance Mount Silver. Search the grassy areas during the night time only to find Sneasel. Larvitar is inside Mount Silver, this Pokemon is rare so it might take a while to find it.


How can I get my Eevee to evolve?

Eevee evolves into either Umbreon or Espeon. There are few ways to make a Pokemon happy, the most effective way it giving it haircuts at Goldenrod City's Underground Path. Leveling up also boosts happiness. Just having it in your party and walking/biking around also helps a bit. Once it has gained enough happiness, it will evolve after it has gained a level. If it evolves during the day time, it will be a Espeon. If it evolves during the night time, it will be a Umbreon.


Where can I find evolution stones?

You can win a sun stone from the Bug Catcher's Tournament above Goldenrod City. You must get 1st place to get a Sun Stone. The other stones can be retrieved by going to where Bill use to be. To get there, go north of Cerulean City and then go east. Bill's grandfather will be there. He will give you descriptions of a Pokemon, and you need to show him the Pokemon. You only get one stone of each type, so use them wisely.


What are the new Pokemon I can get from breeding?

The following: Igglybuff from Jigglypuff, Cleffa from Clefairy, Elekid from Electabuzz, Pichu from Pikachu, Magby from Magmar, and Smoochum from Jynx. The "from" Pokemon must be female because it takes its shape from the mother.


I can't find TM/HM?

All TM/HM locations can be found in [TM/HM List - Click Here]


I can't find a Pokemon?

All Pokemon locations can be found in [GS Locations (A-Z) - Click Here]


I can't find item?

All item locations can be found in [Item Locations - Click Here]