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Item Descriptions


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Normal Items
Berry Juice- Restores Pokemon HP by 20.
Potion- Restores Pokemon HP by 20.
Rage Candy Bar- Restores Pokemon HP by 20.
Energy Powder- Restores Pokemon HP by 50. Bitter, makes Pokemon unhappy.
Fresh Water- Restores Pokemon HP by 50.
Super Potion- Restores Pokemon HP by 50.
Soda Pop- Restores Pokemon HP by 60.
Lemonade- Restores Pokemon HP by 80.
MooMoo Milk- Restore Pokemon HP by 100.
Energy Root- Restores Pokemon HP by 200. Bitter, makes Pokemon unhappy.
Hyper Potion- Restores Pokemon HP by 200.
Max Potion- Fully restores Pokemon HP.
Full Restore- Fully restores HP & status.

Antidote- Cures Poisoned Pokemon.
Awakening- Awakens sleeping Pokemon.
Burn Heal- Heals burned Pokemon.
Ice Heal- Defrosts frozen Pokemon.
Parlyz Heal- Heals paralyzed Pokemon.
Full Heal- Eliminates all status problems.
Heal Powder- Cures all status problems. Bitter, makes Pokemon unhappy.

Ether- Restores Pokemon PP by 10.
Elixer- Restores PP of all moves by 10.
Max Ether- Fully restores PP of one move.
Max Elixer- Fully restores the PP of one Pokemon.

Repel- Prevents weak wild Pokemon from attacking.
Super Repel- Prevents weak wild Pokemon from attacking.
Max Repel- Prevents weak wild Pokemon from attacking.

Revive- Revives fainted Pokemon and restores half HP.
Revival Herb- Revives fainted Pokemon. Bitter, makes Pokemon unhappy.
Max Revive- Fully restores a fainted Pokemon.
Sacred Ash- Fully revives all fainted Pokemon.

Escape Rope- Used for escaping places such as caves.
Gorgeous Box- Open it and see what's inside. (Gold Trophy)
Normal Box- Open it and see what's inside. (Silver Trophy)
Poke Doll- Use to escape from a wild Pokemon.

Selling Items
Big Mushroom- A rare mushroom. Sell High.
Tiny Mushroom- An ordinary mushroom. Sell low.
Brick Piece- A rare chunk of brick
Big Pearl- A big, beautiful pearl, sell high.
Pearl- A beautiful pearl. Sell low.
Gold Leaf- A strange, gold-colored leaf.
Silver Leaf- A strange, silver-colored leaf.
Nugget- Made of pure gold. Sell high.
Slowpoke Tail- Very tasty. Sell high.
Stardust- Pretty, red sand. Sell high.
Star Piece- A hunk of red gem. Sell very high.
Stick- An ordinary stick. Sell low.

Battle Only Items
Dire Hit- Causes attacks to easily hit an opponent's weak spot.
Guard Spec- Prevents stat reduction.
X Accuracy- Raises accuracy.
X Attack- Raises Attack.
X Defend- Raises Defense.
X Special- Raises Special stat.
X Speed- Raises Speed.

Power Up Items
Calcium- Ups Special stats of one Pokemon.
Carbos- Raises Speed of one Pokemon.
HP UP- Increases basic HP.
Iron- Raises Defense of one Pokemon.
PP Up- Raises max PP of a selected move.
Protein- Increases Attack Power.
Rare Candy- Increases a Pokemon's level by one.

Evolution Stones
Fire Stone- Evolves certain kinds of Pokemon.
Leaf Stone- Evolves certain kinds of Pokemon.
Moon Stone- Evolves certain kinds of Pokemon.
Sun Stone- Evolves certain kinds of Pokemon.
Thunder Stone- Evolves certain kinds of Pokemon.
Water Stone- Evolves certain kinds of Pokemon.

Holdable Items
Berry- Restores HP during battle. 10HP
Bitter Berry- A self-cure for confusion.
Burnt Berry- Cures a frozen Pokemon during battle.
Gold Berry- A self-restore item. 30HP
Ice Berry- A self-heal cure for Burn.
Mint Berry- A self-awakening for sleep.
Miracle Berry- Cures all status problems.
Mystery Berry- A self-restore for PP.
PRZCure Berry- Cures Paralysis during and outside battle.
PSNCure Berry- Cures Poison during and outside battle.

Amulet Coin- Doubles monetary earnings.
Berserk Gene- Boosts attack but cause confusion.
Bright Powder- Lowers the foes accuracy.
Cleanse Tag- Helps repel wild Pokemon.
Dragon Scale- A rare dragon-type item. (Evolves Seadra)
Everstone- Stops evolution.
Exp. Share- Shares battle EXP. points.
Focus Band- May prevent fainting.
King's Rock- Occasionally causes opponent's Pokemon to flinch.
Leftovers- Restores HP a little during battle.
Light Ball- Increases Pichu's, Pikachu's, and Raichu's SPCL ATK.
Lucky Egg- Earns extra EXP. points.
Lucky Punch- Ups critical hit of Chansey.
Metal Powder- Raises defense of Ditto.
Quick Claw- Occasionally allows your Pokemon to attack first.
Scope Lens- Raises critical hit ratio.
Smoke Ball- Escapes from wild Pokemon.
Thick Club- Doubles Cubone's and Marowak's Attack Power.
Up-Grade- A mysterious box made by Silph Co. (Evolves Porygon)

Blackbelt- Boosts Fighting-Type moves.
Black Glasses- Powers up Dark-Type moves.
Charcoal- Increases the power of Fire-Type moves.
Dragon Fang- Powers up Dragon-Type moves.
Hard Stone- Powers up Rock-Type moves.
Magnet- Boosts Electric-Type moves.
Metal Coat- Powers up Steel-Type moves.
Miracle Seed- Powers up Grass-Type moves.
Mystic Water- Powers up Water-Type moves.
Never Melt Ice- Powers up Ice-Type moves.
Pink Bow- Powers up Normal-Type moves.
Poison Barb- Powers up Poison-type moves.
Polkadot Bow- Powers up Normal-Type moves.
Sharp Beak- Powers up Flying-Type moves.
Silver Powder- Powers up Bug-Type moves.
Soft Sand- Powers up Ground-Type moves.
Spell Tag- Powers up Ghost-Type moves.
Twisted Spoon- Powers up Psychic-Type moves.

Bluesky Mail- Sky-print mail.
Eon Mail- Eevee-print mail.
Flower Mail- Flower-print mail.
Lite Blue Mail- Dratini-print mail.
Lovely Mail- Heart-print mail.
Mirage Mail- Mew-print mail.
Morph Mail- Ditto-print mail.
Music Mail- Natu-print mail.
Portrait Mail- Mail featuring the holder's likeness.
Surf Mail- Lapras-print mail.

Poke Balls/Apricorns
Poke Ball- Catch wild Pokemon.
Great Ball- Catch wild Pokemon better than Poke Ball.
Ultra Ball- Catch wild Pokemon better than Great Ball.
Master Ball- Guaranteed to catch any wild Pokemon.

Fast Ball- Easier to catch Pokemon that try to escape.
Friend Ball- A ball that makes Pokemon friendly.
Heavy Ball- A ball for catching heavy Pokemon.
Level Ball- A ball for lower level Pokemon.
Love Ball- For catching the opposite gender.
Lure Ball- Easier to catch Pokemon when fishing.
Moon Ball- A ball for Moon Stone evolvers.
Park Ball- The Bug-Catching Contest ball.

Blk (Black) Apricorn- A black apricorn. Used to make Heavy Ball.
Blu (Blue) Apricorn- A blue apricorn. Used to make Lure Ball.
Grn (Green) Apricorn- A green apricorn. Used to make Friend Ball.
Pnk (Pink) Apricorn- A pink apricorn. Used to make Love Ball.
Red Apricorn- A red apricorn. Used to make Level Ball.
Wht (White) Apricorn- A white apricorn. Used to make Fast Ball.
Ylw (Yellow) Apricorn- A yellow apricorn. Used to make Moon Ball.

Key Items
Basement Key- Opens door.
Bicycle- Allows you to move around twice as fast.
Card Key- Opens shutters in the Radio Tower.
Coin Case- Use to carry coins to play at the Game Corner.
Good Rod- Use to catch water Pokemon, better than Old Rod.
Itemfinder- Use to find hidden items.
Lost Item- The Poke Doll lost by the Copycat.
Machine Part- A machine part for the Power Plant.
Mystery Egg- An EGG obtained from Mr. Pokemon.
Old Rod- Use to catch Water Pokemon.
Good Rod- A good rod for catching Pokemon.
Super Rod- The best rod for catching Pokemon.
Pass- A ticket for the Magnet Train.
Pokegear- Multi-functional tool
- Map Card: Goes into the Pokegear. Lets you see the world map.
- Radio Card: Allows you to listen to Johto's Radio programs.
Rainbow Wing- A mystical feather of rainbow colors. Used to get Ho-oh
Red Scale- A scale from the Red Gyarados.
S.S. Ticket- Permits passage on the S.S. Aqua.
Secret Potion- Fully heals any Pokemon.
Silver Wing- A strange, silver-colored feather. Used to get Lugia.
Squirtbottle- A bottle used for watering plants.


Item Descriptions | Item Locations