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Shiny Pokemon


What are "shiny" Pokemon you ask? Well, shiny Pokemon are just regular Pokemon but their color is different than what it is suppose to be. For example, when you reach Mahogany Town, you will be able to capture Gyrardos that is red at Lake of Rage. Gyarados usually are blue, but this one you will encounter will be red for sure. So what's so special about the shiny Pokemon? Shiny Pokemon do not necessarily have higher stats in every category. I heard of many people that said their shiny Pokemon have abnormal stats. For example, a shiny Pokemon may have lower than normal stats in speed, but higher than normal attack stats. A shiny Pokemon may have lower defense, but have higher speed, and so on. So again, basically shiny Pokemon have different stats than the their normal counterparts. The red Gyarados is the only shiny Pokemon you can actually see, however, there are other shiny Pokemon as well. Any wild Pokemon can be shiny, but the odds of a wild Pokemon that will be shiny is 1 out of 655361. You will notice a wild Pokemon is shiny when the Pokemon appears with a sparkling effect in the beginning of the battle, or if the color of the Pokemon is different. To make sure you have a shiny Pokemon check it's stats after you capture it, every shiny Pokemon has 3 addition symbols next to it's gender. Even when the Pokemon evolves into a different Pokemon, that Pokemon will still have the "shiny" status. Shiny Pokemon can never change to a normal Pokemon. And yes, even Lugia and Ho-oh can be shiny, but of course, that is extremely rare. Good luck on finding a shiny Pokemon.