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Ruins of Alph: Unown


Background Information
Unown is a Pokemon. This Pokemon comes in many different shape. There are 26 different Unown shapes, each one of them represent a letter from the English alphabet. These Pokemon can be found at the Ruin of Alph, nut you need to solve the puzzles first to unlock the Unown. There are 4 different puzzles that can be found near the Ruins of Alph, each puzzle releases different Unowns. Rearrance the pieces so that it will forma picture of a Pokemon. If you are done, and nothing happens, it means that the puzzle is not correctly solved. If the puzzles is correctly solved, you will automatically be transferred to the cave where the Unowns are. Once you captured all 26 different Unowns, you will be able to print them out using Gameboy Printer. That's it. It takes a long time and lots of patience. Its very lame that the only thing you get out of it is the printing. Below is 4 completed pictures of the Pokemon puzzles.