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Gold/Silver Walkthrough

When you first start your game, a voice in the dark asks what time it is. 
You get to set the time to your current time – Day (or night?), the hour then
the minutes.  Then Professor Oak comes and introduces himself, and tells you
a bit about Pokemon.  You appear, and get to put in your name.  You only get
to use seven characters, though, so a short name (or nickname) is a good

You start off in your bedroom, it has more stuff in it since RBY!  Go
downstairs, and your Mum tells you to visit Professor Elm, and gives you your
PokeGear.  Then she gets you to set the day of the week, and asks if you are
on Daylight Saving Time.  If you are, when DST finishes, you can ask her to
change the time to standard time.

Then Mum asks whether you know how to use the phone, if you say no then she
will instruct you.

Professor Elm's lab is next door to your house, on the left.  If you talk to
the person staring in the side window of the lab, something funny happens! 
This shifty character turns out to be your Rival, he's presumably spying on
Professor Elm, waiting for the chance to do dastardly deeds.

Go in to the lab. Professor Elm wants to you to go to Mr Pokemon's house to
check something out. He offers you a pokemon to take with you.  You have the
choice of Cyndaquil, a fire Pokemon; Totodile, a water Pokemon, or Chikorita,
a grass Pokemon.  I chose Chikorita, Scott went for Cyndaquil.

Professor Elm tells you where Mr Pokemon lives, and gives you his telephone
number in case you need it.  As you leave, the Aide gives you a potion.

This is probably a good time to notice your new look pack.  It has four
pockets, so you can carry so much more than in RBY.  There is a pocket for
healing items like potions and berries, a pocket for special items like your
bicycle and various cards and keys, a pocket for your TMs and HMs (which
arrange themselves neatly in number order!) and a pocket for your Balls.

A really good feature of this game is that you can set items to your select
button, so you only have to push it to get an item you use frequently instead
of going through all your items each time.  I set my bicycle to select: if
you pick the item you get the option to use or set to select, if you set to
select it tells you your item was registered so you know it worked.  This
works for your fishing rods too, if you fancy a bit of fishing.  It also
works for your Item Finder.

RT 29

Pokemon:  Pidgey, Sentret, Rattata, Spearow, Weedle (Silver), Kakuna (Silver)
Aipom (headbutt trees), HootHoot (night)

Items:    Potion

Berry Tree:   Berry

Head for Mr Pokemon's house - go west from New Bark Town.  There is a
gatehouse on the way that leads to the end of RT 46.


Pokemon:   Rattata, Geodude, Spearow

This is actually the bottom of the path down from Blackthorne City.  You'll
be able to come back this way later.  For now, though, all you can do is
explore the grassy patch for Pokemon.


Pokemon:   Tentacool

Items:     Map of Johto, Mystic Water

When you arrive in Cherrygrove, there is an old guy.  If you talk to him, he
will give you a tour of the town, and a map of Johto. (In case you did not
realise, that is the name of the world you are in.  The RBY world is Kanto.)

If you go to the bottom left corner of Cherrygrove, you can see a guy
standing on a rock.  When you have SURF, come back and SURF over to him to
get Mystic Water.

RT 30

Pokemon:   Caterpie (Gold), Metapod (Gold), Weedle (Silver), Kakuna (Silver)
Pidgey, Poliwag, Poliwhirl

Items:     Mystery Egg, Pokedex

Berry Trees:   Berry, PSNCURE

Heal up at the PokeCentre, then head north out of town.  There is a little
house on the way up, the guy inside gives you a berry. 


Mr Pokemon gives you a Mystery Egg, and Professor Oak gives you a Pokedex. 
As you leave, Professor Elm rings you – a disaster has struck and he needs
your help!  So go back to New Bark.

Leave the egg in your party, so you can hand it to Professor Elm.


As you leave, you meet your as yet unnamed Rival.  He challenges you, he has
the starter Pokemon that is strongest against yours.  If you've been
training, this should be no problem.


Items:   PokeBalls

This is where you get to name your rival, after talking to Professor Elm. 
You give the egg to Professor Elm.  As you leave, talk to the Aide.  He will
give you five PokeBalls.

Go talk to your Mum now, she will give you the option of saving some of your
money for you.  This is useful in the event of a whiteout (when you faint
because you have run out of useable Pokemon in a battle).  On the other hand,
Mum is a shop-a-holic.  She buys all sorts of things.  If you choose to have
her save money but change your mind later, you can ring her on your mobile to
cancel the arrangement, or to get some cash from her.

Head off again, this time the destination is Violet City.  Go through
Cherrygrove, and head north again, but this time you branch off to the left
instead of going to Mr Pokemon's house.

RT 31

Pokemon:   Caterpie (Gold), Metapod (Gold), Weedle (Silver), Kakuna (Silver),
Ledyba (Morning, Silver), Spinarak (Night, Gold), HootHoot (Night),
Bellsprout, Poliwhirl, Poliwag

Items:     Antidote, PokeBall, Dire Hit

Berry Tree:   Bitter Berry

Go past the Dark Cave.  You need FLASH and SURF in here, which you don't have
yet.  When you get SURF you can also try the pond beyond the Dark Cave. 
Ponds generally have Poliwags and Poliwhirls, some have other Pokemon as


Pokemon:   Krabby, Zubat, Shuckle, Geodude, Graveler, Magikarp, Wobbuffet,
Dunsparce (rare)

When you come back, you can explore, and leave via another exit.  There are
more trainers out there.


Pokemon:   Onix

Items:     Rare Candy

At the bottom left corner of town, there is a house.  Inside there is a guy
who wants to swap your Bellsprout for his Onix.

There is a pond, on the far side is a Rare Candy.


Pokemon:   Gastly (night), Rattata

Items:     Paralyz Heal, X Defend, Potion, Escape Rope, HM05

This is full of trainers with Bellsprouts!  Some have HootHoots, too.  If you
keep beating trainers, you will get to the Head Sage.  Beat him and he will
give you HM05 - Flash.  Your Rival will be up here too, he talks to you then
buzzes off. 


Items:     TM31 – Mud Slap

There are two trainers, then the leader, Falkner.  Falkner has:

           Level 7 Pidgey, and
           Level 9 Pidgeotto.

Once you beat Falkner, he will give you the Zephyr Badge.  This will let you
use FLASH outside battle, and it raises the attack power of your Pokemon.  He
also gives you TM31.

As you leave the gym, Professor Elm gives you a call, and tells you to see
his Aide at the PokeCentre.  Make sure you have only five Pokemon on you, and
the Aide will give you back the Egg.  Carry the egg, you will get a surprise
a bit later on!


Pokemon:   Unown, Quagsire, Poliwag, Wooper, Natu, Smeargle

Items:     Unown-mode Pokedex

West of Violet City, you can go through a gatehouse that leads to the Ruins
of Alph.  There are two caves, go in to the smaller one at the top.  Inside
is a puzzle.  Move bits by pressing A, then use the direction arrows to move
them.  This puzzle is of Kabuto.  If you do it correctly, you will fall
through the floor, and land in the bigger cave.  If this does not happen, try
swapping the two middle, bottom bits.  They look practically identical!

When you land in the big cave, Unowns attack.  These Pokemon are vaguely
letter shaped.  If you catch three, when you go outside a scientist will meet
you and take you to his lab.  He modifies your Pokedex to store Unown data. 
In the regular Pokedex, you only get a single entry for the Unown.  The
special Unown data is accessible by opening the Pokedex, and pressing the
Select key to choose Options.  One option is Unown Mode.  In here, there is a
record of all your Unown.  There are 26 altogether.

There are four puzzles, all accessible from different places.  When you have
SURF, you can surf the pond to access an Aerodactyl puzzle.

Go to the Union Cave, climb a ladder about halfway through, to the left, then
SURF across the pool.  Go to the top left corner and use the exit to get to
the Ho-oh puzzle.  You'll drop through to the Unown place again.

Go into the cave again, the same way, but don't go so far toward the back of
the cave.  If you use STRENGTH to move a boulder, you can get to the Omanyte

RT 32

Pokemon:   Rattata, Hoppip, Mareep, Bellsprout, Wooper (night), Ekans

Items:     Miracle Seed, Potion, Great Ball, Old Rod, TM05

Berry Trees:   PRZCURE

You will go past the east entrance to the Ruins of Alph.  Keep going south
toward Azalea Town.  Speak to the first guy you see on the way, and he will
give you Miracle Seed, which increases the power of grass pokemon.

When you have CUT, you can get to a fat guy below the Ruins.  Speak to him
and he will give you TM05 – Roar.

There is a split in the path, you can go over water or land.  Either way you
meet trainers.

There is a PokeCentre on the way down, talk to the guy in the hat to get Old


Pokemon:   Magikarp, Geodude, Sandshrew (Gold), Rattata, Zubat, Quagsire,
Wooper, Lapras (Fridays)

Items:     Potion, Great Ball, X-Attack, Awakening, TM39, X-Defend

Go through the cave to get all these items.  Return on a Friday - there is a
Lapras there on Fridays.  You will need SURF to get to it.  If you enter the
cave from the Azalea City end, go up, then left, then SURF down, you'll come
to a ladder, climb it, then SURF and walk around until you spot Lapras!  It's
Level 20, and relatively easy to catch.  Might not hurt to SAVE first,
though, just in case!

Once through the cave, you will come to the Slowpoke Well.  There is a guy
guarding it.  Later on you will be able to get in, but you have to do other
things first!


Items:     Charcoal, TM49 (Fury Cutter)

Berry Trees:   WHT Apricorn

To the north of Azalea, you will find Kurt's house.  It has a tree outside
like a berry tree but it has apricorns on it.   Kurt makes balls from
apricorns.  Anyway, if you talk to him now, he will take off to rescue the
Slowpoke.  If you follow him, you can now go down the well. Fight three
Rockets, and Kurt will take you back to his house and give you a lure ball. 

Kurt also explains how he makes balls from apricorns, if you give him the one
you picked from his tree he tells you to come back next day for your ball.

Just inside Azalea Town there is a house, if you talk to a guy inside he will
give you Charcoal, which helps fire Pokemon.


There are four trainers, then you meet Bugsy, the gym leader.  Bugsy has:

           L14 Metapod
           L16 Scyther; and
           L14 Kakuna

Once you beat these bugs, Bugsy gives you Hivebadge, which makes Pokemon up
to Level 30 obey you.  It also allows you to use CUT outside battle.

He also gives you TM49 – Fury Cutter.

Sometime while you are in Azalea Town your egg should hatch.  Surprise – it's
Togepi!  When Togepi hatches, ring Professor Elm, who will ask you to bring
it to him.  If you do, he will give you an Everstone.  Everstones prevent
Pokemon from evolving.

Finally, during your travels in Azalea Town, you'll meet your rival again. 
This time he wants to battle, he has:

           L12 Gastly
           L14 Zubat; and
           L16 version of the Pokemon he started with.


Pokemon:   Zubat, Magikarp, Slowpoke, Slowbro

Items:     Kings Rock, TM18

In the top left corner is a rock you can move with STRENGTH.  You go down to
a pool, then SURF.  Go onto the land, then climb the ladder.  SURF in the big
pool.  Go left to talk to a guy who will give you Kings Rock.  Go right to
find TM18.


Pokemon:   Metapod, Caterpie, Oddish, Paras, Zubat, Pineco (night, trees),
Exeggcute (night, trees), Butterfree (Gold, night, trees), Beedrill (Silver,
night, trees), Psyduck, Poliwag, Magikarp

Items:     Revive, HM01, TM02, TM12

You'll see a guy looking for Farfetch'd.  Keep going, and you'll see the
Farfetch'd.  Follow it, and shepherd it back to the guy who lost it.  If you
can return it to him, the guy's boss comes and gives you HM01 – Cut.  Keep
going through the forest.  If you have CUT you can get to the Ilex Forest
Shrine, and pick up TM02 – Headbutt.  Headbutt is good, because if you use it
to headbutt small trees, sometimes Pokemon drop out.

In your travels in the Forest, you will see dead ends.  Stand facing the dead
end, but one space out, and press A.  You may get a nice surprise!

At the gatehouse leaving the Forest, talk to the receptionist, who will give
you TM12 – Sweet Scent.

RT 34

Pokemon:   Rattata, Drowzee, Psyduck, Ditto

On the way north to Goldenrod, you'll come across the Daycare Centre.  This
centre has two people working there, a man and a woman.  This is where you
can leave your Pokemon to be leveled up, it costs $100 per level.  You can
also leave a male Pokemon with the man, and a female with the woman – and if
the Pokemon are compatible, they may breed! 

You will also meet Officer Keith, he has a Growlithe to battle you.


Pokemon:   Machop, Eevee, Abra, Ekans, Dratini

There is a large Department Store here, just like the one in Celadon City in
RBY.  It has several storeys plus a basement. 

           Ground Floor:   Reception

           2nd Floor:       Potion          PokeBall
                           Super Potion    Great Ball
                           Antidote        Escape Rope
                           Paralyz Heal    Repel
                           Awakening       Revive
                           Burn Heal       Full Heal
                           Ice Heal        Poke Doll
                                           Flower Mail
          3rd Floor:        X Speed
                           X Special
                           X Defend
                           X Attack
                           Dire Hit
                           Guard Spec
                           X Accuracy

          4th Floor:        Protein
                           HP UP

          5th Floor:        TM41, TM48, TM33, TM02, TM08
                           On Sundays, you can get either TM27 or TM21.  You
get them from the lady behind the counter, she gives you TM27 if your Pokemon
like you, or TM21 if they do not.  You can go there more than once, but only
once per Sunday.

Also there is a guy who wants to trade your Drowzee for his Machop.

On the 6th floor there are vending machines that sell Fresh Water, Lemonade
and Soda Pop.  These drinks will restore some HP in battle.

To the right of the Mart is the Bike Shop.  You can borrow a bike for free –
later on they let you keep it if you use it!

To the left of the Gym, over the railway tracks, is the Name Rater's house. 
If you decide you'd like to change a Pokemon's name you can do it here.  Of
course, you cannot change a traded Pokemon's name.

Underground Path – there are two entrances.  One is near the Name Rater's
house, the other is to the left of the PokeCentre.  There are trainers to
beat in here. 

About halfway along the Underground Path is the Pokemon Salon.  Here you can
have your Pokemon groomed, this increases their happiness. You can only have
one haircut per day.

Grooming is important because some Pokemon like Eevee evolve when they are
happy enough.  You have no way of knowing how happy your Pokemon are, but
there is a lady in a house to the right of the Mart who will look at the
first Pokemon in your party and tell you how happy it is.  If she says your
Pokemon likes you a lot it is happy!

The coin case is also on the Underground Path.

The Games Corner – this has been upgraded, and is no longer the front for
Team Rocket.  It still costs $1000 for 50 coins, or you can buy in bulk -
$10,000 for 500 coins.  There are two types of machines now, the basic slots,
and the card flip game.  With the card flip game you have to predict which
card matches the card in the dealer's hand. 

There are prizes to be bought, this time you can do that in the same
building.  You can buy:

           Abra                 $200          TM25     $5500
           Ekans (Gold)         $700          TM14     $5500
           Sandshrew (Silver)   $700          TM38     $5500
           Dratini              $2100        

The radio station has been taken over by Team Rocket.  You get to do
something about this later in the game.  In the meantime, you can pick up
your radio card (which goes in your PokeGear) by correctly answering the
questions in a quiz: the answers are yes, yes, no, yes, no.  You can also
check to see if you have won in the ID number contest.  Every Friday, a new
ID number is chosen, if you, or someone you have traded with, have that
number then you win a prize.

Bill's house in on the left side of town, he comes here after you meet him in
Ecruteak.  He will give you an Eevee, so remember to have a space for her
when you come back!


There are four trainers to beat, then the leader Whitney.  Whitney has:

           L18 Clefairy, and
           L20 Miltank

Once you win this battle, you will get the PlainBadge.  This lets you use
STRENGTH outside battle, and boosts your Pokemon's speed.  She also gives you
TM45 – Attract.

Go to the house to the right and up a bit from the Gym, and inside is a girl
gardening.  Talk to her and she will give you a Squirtbottle.  You'll need
this to capture Sudowoodo.
On the way out of town, at the north gatehouse, the receptionist asks you
whether you are willing to take a letter to a chubby guy on RT 31.  If you
agree, you will need a space to put the Spearow the receptionist gives you.
The Spearow has a letter you can read, it says "DARK CAVE leads to another
road".  If you deliver the letter, the chubby guy gives you TM50 – Nightmare.

RT 35

Pokemon:    Nidoran male and female, Drowzee, Pidgey, Psyduck

Items:      TM04

Berry Tree:   Mysteryberry


Pokemon:   Metapod, Caterpie, Pidgey, Sunkern, Venonat, Butterfree, Paras,
Weedle, Scyther, Pinsir, Beedrill, Kakuna

Items:     Quick Claw, Sun Stone, Everstone, Gold Berry, Berry, TM28, Parlyz

Go to the National Park on Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday and you can compete
in the Bug Catching Contest.  You can only take one Pokemon into the park
with you, the Helper minds your other Pokemon.  He lets you keep the first
Pokemon in your lineup, so it is wise to choose in advance who you want to
take into the Park.

You are given 20 Park Balls, and you have 20 minutes to catch the most
powerful Pokemon.  Each Pokemon is worth a certain number of points, but you
don't find out how much until you leave!

You get to keep the Pokemon you catch last.  If you catch one, but then catch
a better one you can swap them over.  The first one is basically released,
while you retain the second.

We have had success with different Pokemon, I won with a Level 16 Venonat.

There are lots of Pokemon, including Scyther, Pinsir, Butterfree, Beedrill
and Venonat, as well as Caterpies and Weedles.  (But with attitude! Like,
level 13-17!)

Note, the Helper seems to confiscate your backpack too, if you get poisoned
you cannot cure yourself.  May be an idea to have your lead Pokemon carry a
PSNCUREberry into the Park.

If you win, you are awarded the Sun Stone.  Second prize is an Everstone, and
third prize is a Gold Berry.  If you don't place, at least you are awarded a

It is a good plan to SAVE before going in, because then if you only catch
lame Pokemon, or yours is pretty good but did not win, you can reset the
game.  You can only compete once per competition day, but you are free to
come back next competition day.

Once you have been awarded your prize, go back into the Park.  You'll find
you are at the Eastern gatehouse!  Inside the Park there are now people
including trainers ready for battle.  Talk to a lone girl on a bench, and she
will give you Quick Claw, which helps you to go first in battle.

At the north end of the National park, you'll see a guy who says he is
printing out his Pokedex.  If you go through the fence behind him, you can
then go around the outer perimeter of the National Park.  Go around to the
left to pick up TM28 – Dig.  Go to the right and you will find Parlyz Heal.

RT 36

Pokemon:       Growlithe (Gold), Vulpix (Silver), Pidgey, Sudowoodo


Berry Trees:   Ice Berry, Black, red and blue Apricorns

If you now leave the Park via the Eastern gatehouse, you will be able to
battle two trainers, then you find your path blocked by an odd tree.  SAVE
the game.  Bring out the trusty Squirtbottle, and squirt it – it wakes up. 
It's Sudowoodo, and it attacks.  There is only one Sudowoodo, so if you
defeat it, it's gone – hence the advice to save!

We found that Sudowoodo needs to be REALLY low down on HP to be caught.

After you catch Sudowoodo, see the fat guy off to the right, he will give you
TM08 – Rock Smash.  Use this wisely, you'll need it later as you progress in
the game.

RT 37

Pokemon:   Spinarak (night), Stantler, Growlithe (Gold), Vulpix (Silver),
Hoothoot (night)


Berry Trees:   Red, Blu and Blk Apricorns

Take the left path, then go north.  There are three Apricorn trees, and
trainers to beat.


Items:     Itemfinder, TM30, HM03

In the PokeCentre, Bill tells you the time capsule is adjusted, so you can
now trade with RBY.  The thing to remember here is that you cannot trade
ANYTHING new to RBY games.  That means no new Pokemon (eg Meganium), nor any
old Pokemon with new moves (eg Gyarados with Waterfall).  I took the
opportunity to bring over my L50 Charizard, and taught him (he turned out to
be a boy!) Fire Punch.  Scott is more visionary than me, he brought over his
L100 Mewtwo…

Bill heads off back to Goldenrod, if you go to his house with only five
Pokemon you can get an Eevee.

In the house beside the gym, talk to the guy to get an Itemfinder.


There are four trainers, then the leader Morty.  Morty has:

           L21 Gastly
           L21 Haunter
           L25 Gengar; and
           L23 Haunter

When you beat him, you get the Fog Badge.  Pokemon up to Level 50 will now
obey you, and you can use SURF outside battle.

He also gives you TM30 – Shadow Ball.


The Kimono Girls at the Dance Theatre each have a different evolution of
Eevee – Vaporeon, Flareon, Jolteon, Umbreon and Espeon.  If you win, you get
HM03 – SURF.  Just talk to a guy in the audience for that.


Pokemon:   Rattata, Koffing, Zubat, Magmar (night)

Items:     X-Speed, TM20, HP-up, Burn Heal

Your Rival is there.  He wants to battle!  He has:

           L20 Haunter
           L20 Zubat
           L18 Magnemite; and
           L22 version of his starting Pokemon.

You need ROCK SMASH and STRENGTH in here to get to everything.  There are
holes in the floor to fall through!  If you fall through the hole in the
middle, and walk onto the steps of the platform, you release the three
legendary beasts.  These beasts wander around the game.  If you see one, they
tend to nick off.  The aim is to catch them!


Pokemon:   Rattata, Gastly (night), Ho-oh

Items:     Full Heal, Super Potion, Escape Rope, Ultra Ball, Rare Candy, Max
Revive, Max Elixer, Nugget, Full Restore

You go into what looks like a house to the right of the Burnt Tower.  You
cannot go in until you have defeated the Ecruteak Gym Leader.  Follow the
corridor, and it leads you outdoors.  Follow the path, it leads you to the
Tin Tower.  There is a guy inside who asks you for the Rainbow Wing, which
you don't have yet!

Come back when you have the Rainbow Wing, and the guy has disappeared!  You
can go up the tower.  At first you have mazes to work your way through, then
there are Teleport pads.  It is good to experiment a bit here, that way you
get all the items.  However, if you just want to get to Ho-oh, here's the
direct route.  Oh, and if you don't fancy taking the long way down, have an
escape rope handy!

Enter the tower, go to the stairs at the back of the room.  Go up, then come
to the front of that room, and climb the stairs.  You'll find the beginning
of the maze.  There are lots of one-way jumps, and telepads.

Go right, up, left, up, left, climb the stairs.

Go down, left, up, right, up, left, climb the stairs.

Now go up, right 2 jumps, down 1 jump, left 2 jumps, down 5 jumps, right 2
jumps, down 1 jump, then climb the stairs.

Go up, right, up, left, down, climb the stairs.

Go up, then walk right, then take 2 jumps to the right, then down several
wide jumps.  Go left, down to the telepad, down again to the next telepad,
left, down, left, go through the telepad, up, left, go through the telepad,
go round the wobbly thing to the stairs and hey presto!

You get to the roof: there is Ho-oh. 

This is one tough bird to catch! It is pretty fond of using recover, and it
also has a nasty tendency to use Sacred Fire, which often burns, have ice
berries handy.  It also has a thing called Safeguard, which seems to prevent
status changes – the only good thing about this is it wears off! 

I caught my Ho-oh with a level 41 Haunter as my lead Pokemon.  First move, I
had Haunter put Ho-oh to sleep, then I used Dream Eater to lower the HP, then
an Ultra Ball caught it.  I actually trained the Haunter for the purpose, as
up until then, even getting the Ho-oh down to almost invisible HP, it still
refused to be caught.

RT 38

Pokemon:   Rattata (Gold), Raticate, Tauros, Meowth (silver), Farfetch'd,
Miltank, Snubbull

Items:     TM13

Berry Trees:   Berry, Mint Berry

Go north, you'll get to MooMoo Farm.  In the smaller building, there is a
sick Miltank, it wants berries.  (Plain ones!)  If you feed it seven berries,
it gets better.  You don't have to give it seven all at once, you can come
back with more later if you need to.  Once it has had seven berries and is
better, go into the house next door and the girl will give you TM13 – Snore.


Pokemon:   Krabby, Voltorb, Chinchou

Items:     Good Rod, HM04

Your Rival comes out of the gym for a bit of a chat, but does not want to
battle right now.  The gym itself is empty, as the leader is tending a sick
Pokemon in the Lighthouse.

In the little house below the gym, if you talk to the guy he gives you the
Good Rod.

If you smash 3 rocks on the beach, Krabby attacks.

In the house to the left of the PokeCentre is a guy who will give you HM04 –

Watch out for the guy in a house who wants to swap his Voltorb for your
Krabby, too.

Once you've been to Kanto, if you go fishing off the dock where the SS Aqua
pulls in, using the Super Rod, you can catch Chinchou. 


Items:     Rare Candy, TM34, Ether, Great Ball, Super Potion

In the lighthouse, it's trainer central… really good training ground for your
Pokemon!  At the top, Jasmine asks you to go to Cianwood to get some medicine
to help her sick Pokemon.  As you're such a helpful trainer, of course you'll
go!!!  Besides, if you don't Jasmine won't go back to her Gym and you can't
get the badge!

RT 41

Pokemon:   Tentacool, Tentacruel, Mantine

You'll need SURF to get to Cianwood.  The water is chokkers with Tentacool,
and there are trainers.  On the way over you'll see the Secret Islands, but
you can't get to them without WHIRLPOOL.


Pokemon:   Lugia, Horsea, Seel, Tentacool, Tentacruel, Zubat, Golbat, Krabby


From Olivine, SURF south along the fence.  You'll see an island to the left,
with a whirlpool blocking the entrance at the bottom of the island.  Use
WHIRLPOOL to go in.  Go into the entrance of the cave.  You need FLASH. 
Follow the path, heading right.  When the path splits, go left toward the top
of the screen.  Keep going, climb ladders, you will get to water.  SURF down,
then go down the waterfall.  If you look around carefully you will see a cave
entrance, go in.  (It is toward the top of the screen).  Now SURF up the pond
and there is Lugia.  In Gold it is Level 70, in Silver it is only Level 40. 
I used my Ampharos and a combination of Thunder Punch and Thunder Shock to
wear it down, then Ultra Balls to capture.


Pokemon:   Shuckle, Krabby, Kingler, Corsola, Staryu (night)

Items:     Secret Potion, TM01, HM02

Talk to the guy in the house next to the PokeCentre and he'll give you

You can do the Rock Smash thing on the beach again for more Krabby.

Go fishing with the Super Rod during the day to find Corsola and Kingler, and
at night to find Staryu.

There is a Photographer in the house on the beach, if you have a printer you
can have your Pokemon's picture taken!

At the bottom of the island is the Pharmacy.  Here you can get the medicine
Jasmine needs.  (Secret Potion)


Beat the three trainers, then use STRENGTH to get to the fourth trainer, then
Chuck, the leader.  Chuck has:

           L27 Primeape
           L30 Poliwrath
When you beat him, Chuck gives you the Storm Badge.  This will make Pokemon
up to Level 70 obey you, and you can use FLY outside battle.  He also gives
you TM01 – Dynamic Punch.

Talk to the girl outside the Gym once you beat Chuck, she will give you HM02
– Fly.  Now you can FLY back to Olivine and avoid all those Tentacool!


Items:     TM23

Now you are back at Olivine, go to the lighthouse and give Jasmine the Secret
Potion.  She'll dash back to her gym – you can go battle her now.


There are no trainers here, only Jasmine.  She has:

           L30 Magnemite
           L30 Magnemite, and
           L35 Steelix

Once you beat Jasmine she will give you Mineral Badge, which raises Pokemon's
defense, and TM23 – Iron Tail.


Pokemon:   Goldeen, Spearow, Mankey, Primeape, Mareep

Items:     Super Potion

Berry Trees:   Pink, Yellow and Green Apricorns.

When you leave Ecruteak, you will quickly see Mt Mortar.  You can enter it,
or you can SURF across the water. After the first stretch of water, you can
go down a bit (you'll need CUT) and you will find three more Apricorn trees. 
Go up, and you can enter Mt Mortar, or SURF again to get to Mahogany.

MT MORTAR stage 1

Pokemon:  Zubat, Geodude, Machop, Marill

If you go into Mt Mortar (you need FLASH), you will be able to catch a Marill
on the level you are at when you enter.  It is really rare, you will have to
be very patient.  Scott caught his during the day.  If you talk to Parry on
Route 45, and get his phone number, he will tell you when the Marill are
swarming.  This will make it easier to catch one!  Keep exploring, you will
see water but you cant get to it yet.  You will come out near Mahogany.

MT MORTAR stage 2

Pokemon:   Goldeen, Seaking, Rattata, Raticate, Machop, Machoke, Geodude,
Graveler, Zubat, Golbat, Tyrogue

Items:     Escape Rope, Max Potion, Full Heal, Max Revive, Rare Candy, TM40,
Dragon Scale, Elixer

Go to Mahogany and visit the Poke Centre if you need to.  Then go back, and
SURF to the left to get to the middle entrance to Mt Mortar.  Go in, you need
FLASH, go up the ladder and explore the level you are on.  Pick up items. 
Then go back down to where you entered, and SURF to the right.  Then go up,
and you'll see a waterfall.  Use WATERFALL to go up it.  Head for the hole at
the back of the cave. Go in, and you'll basically be in a maze. If you go
around the right side of the cave, then to the left side when you find your
way blocked by a ledge, then up then to the right, and then up and along the
back, you will find a ladder in the back left corner.  Climb the ladder,
explore a bit and you will find a trainer! 

The Karate King is training in secret with L34 Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. 
When you beat him he will give you Tyrogue, on L10.


There is a guy who sells RageCandyBars – they restore HP by 20, and cost

Go to the Lake of Rage, there is a Red Gyarados there!


Pokemon:   Red Gyarados, ordinary Gyarados, Magikarp, Girafarig, Noctowl,
Flaaffy, Venonat, Pineco(trees)

Items:     Red Scale, TM43, Max Ether, TM10

Leave Mahogany via the northern gatehouse.  Follow the path, and there is a
tollgate, two guys pounce and charge $1000 to go through!  Once you are
inside you can't not pay, though.  When you go back to Mahogany, jump the

When you arrive at the Lake, the Red Gyarados is swimming.  When you catch
it, you also get Red Scale.  (Take the Red Scale to Mr Pokemon, and he will
give you EXP SHARE.)

Talk to the guy near the sign, it's Lance.  He wants your help.  He takes
off, you will see him again when you return to Mahogany.

There's a house, the guy inside gives you TM10.

Come back this way after the Rockets have been defeated, and the bad guys at
the tollgate have gone.  The receptionist gives you TM36.



Items:     Hyper Potion, X-Accuracy, Nugget, Protein, Ice Heal, TM46, Dire
Hit, Full Heal, HM06

Go find Lance, he's in the building above the PokeCentre.  He shows you
stairs, go up.  Rockets come.  One tells you you'll have to trip a secret
switch.  Each time you go by a camera two Rockets come. 

Once you get through the first floor, go downstairs and Lance heals your
Pokemon.  Keep going! In your travels, talk to Rockets, you need two
passwords to get through two locked doors.  One tells you he thinks a
password is Raticate Tail (but he lies!) and another tells you truthfully
that a password is Slowpoke Tail. 

There is a teleport tile, it takes you to the exit/entry stairs.

After you talk to the Rockets that give you passwords, go to the SECOND
locked door.  A Rocket Executive wants to battle.  After beating her, her
bird tells you that the other password is really Hail Giovanni.

Go to the first locked door and open it.  Two bad guys come.  Lance comes to
help.  You and Lance get to beat three Electrodes each, which turns off the
transmitter.  Lance gives you HM06 – Whirlpool.


This floor is um… interesting!  It is made of ice, you have to skate from
trainer to trainer, there are five.  Then you are ready to meet Pryce.  He

           L   Dewgong
           L   Piloswine, and
           L   Dewgong

When you beat Pryce, he gives you the Glacier Badge, which raises Pokemon's
special stats, and lets you use WATERFALL outside battle.  He also gives you
TM16 – Icy Wind.



Items:     Full Heal, Max Ether, TM35, Amulet Coin, Rainbow Wing/Silver Wing,

After that, Professor Elm rings and tells you about the Rockets in the Radio
Tower in Goldenrod – so now it's off to sort them out!  You get to thump lots
of Rockets, then when you get to the fifth floor it is a FAKE DIRECTOR!  He's
really a Rocket Executive.

When you beat the Rocket Executive, he gives you a basement key, and tells
you the real Director is in the Underground Warehouse (in the Underground

Go down the stairs, open the basement door (you can now), go down more stairs
– and good ol' Rival is there!  This guy never learns!  Anyway, this time he

           L30 Golbat
           L30 Magnemite
           L30 Haunter
           L32 Sneasel (who is immune to psychic), and
           L32 evolution of his starter Pokemon

Beat the first three Rockets.  The third tells you to change the order of
switching so the shutters open.  The switches are on the back wall, hit them
in the order 3,2,1.  There are burglars in the maze.

You are aiming for the bottom right hand corner of the room.  Go through the
doors there.  You'll get to the Director.  He gives you a card key to open
the shutter on the third floor of the Radio Tower.  Go open it – and yes!
there are more Rockets.  Beat them, and the Director comes and gives you the
Rainbow Wing if you have Gold, or the Silver Wing if you have Silver.

Come back a bit later, and some of the Radio Station people are pretty happy
to see you!  Talk to them, a girl gives you TM11 – Sunny Day.  Keep going up
and you will meet Mary, who gives you Pink Bow.

RT 44

Pokemon:   Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Tangela, Lickitung, Remoraid, Magikarp,
Poliwag, Heracross (night, trees)

Items:     Max Revive

If you SURF across the second pond on the way to the Ice Path, you will come
to a grassy patch. 


Pokemon:   Delibird (Silver), Jynx, Zubat, Golbat, Swinub

Item:      Ultra Ball, Max Potion, HM07, Full Heal, NEVERMELTICE, PP-Up,
TM44, Iron

The Ice Cave – this is a fun little place, you skate around to find your way
out.  The first big ice maze works like this: go in, then Up, Left, Up,
Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right,
Up, Right.  Are you out now? Good! Keep going, you'll find another skating
place, but if you drop the boulders through the holes first using STRENGTH,
you'll have no problems.  If you roll the boulders the wrong way, you can
always reset them by leaving that level then returning.  TM44 – Rest is hard
to get to – until you realise that you can jump the ledge bordering the ice! 
You just line up your launching point with a rock near the TM, and you'll be
able to slide across to it.


Pokemon:   Rhydon

In the first house you come to, a girl wants to swap your female Dragonair
for her Rhydon.

There is a Move Deleter who will delete moves from your Pokemon.  This can be
handy, if you have given a really good Pokemon an HM and now you want to get
rid of it so it can learn a better move as it gains more experience.  The
only down side is that your Pokemon then only has three moves until it does
learn a new one.


You need STRENGTH, there are boulders to move.  You roll one boulder into
each hole, then go down the second set of stairs.  That way you can get to

            L37 Dragonair
            L37 Dragonair
            L37 Dragonair; and
            L40 Kingdra

Clair is not a very good sport about losing, she sends you to get the Dragon
Fang from the Dragon Den before she will hand over the badge!


Pokemon:   Dratini, Dragonair, Magikarp

Items:     Dragon Fang, TM24

You SURF the pond behind the Gym, and there it is.  You need WHIRLPOOL.  Go
around the central island, go on the grass and Dragon Fang is there in a
PokeBall.  Clair comes running up and gives you the Rising Badge, which means
you can use Waterfall outside battle, and all Pokemon will now obey you.  She
also gives you TM24 – Dragonbreath.  Ewwww!


Pokemon: Geodude, Graveler, Gligar (Gold), Teddiursa (Gold), Phanpy (Silver),
Skarmory (Silver)

Items:     Max Potion, Elixer, X-Special, Revive

Berry Trees:   Berry, PRZCURE

There are lots of trainers here.  You can also get to the Dark Cave.


Pokemon:   Geodude, Zubat, Magikarp, Wobbuffet, Graveler

Items:     Hyper Potion, Potion, Blackglasses, Revive, TM13

If you enter the Dark Cave at the entrance nearest to Blackthorne, you can
talk to a guy in sunnies, he gives you Blackglasses.  You will also be able
to find TM13 – Snore. 


Items:   Master Ball.

Then Professor Elm rings.  He wants to see you in New Bark.  Go see him to
get a Master Ball.

RT 27-26

Pokemon:   Seaking, Slowpoke, Goldeen, Tentacool, Golbat, Raticate, Ponyta,
Quagsire, Rattata, Doduo

Items:     Moonstone, TM37, Max Elixer, TM22

Go east, and SURF.  There are lots of trainers.  To get to TM22, you SURF in
water at the bottom right corner of Route 27.  When you are in the water, go
west toward New Bark again. You need WHIRLPOOL to get to where TM 22 –
Solarbeam – is.

There is a hidden house on the way, with a lady in it.  Talk to her and she
will give you TM37.  There is another house with no one in it, but it gives
you the following information:

           Monica – Mon – RT40
           Tuscany – Tue – RT29
           Wesley – Wed – Lake of Rage
           Arthur – Thu – RT36
           Frieda – Fri – RT32
           Santos – Sat – Blackthorne City
           Sunny – Sun – RT37

If you go to the place listed on the right day, you'll find these people. 
Each one gives you a different gift for your Pokemon.

There is a house along Route 26 with a girl inside, she will heal your

You'll come to the Pokemon League Reception Gate.  Show your badges, and
you're in!  Keep walking up, and you will be on the new look Victory Road.

Pokemon:   Graveler, Golbat, Ursaring, Rhyhorn, Onix

Items:     X-Special, TM26, Full Restore, Max Potion

There's a cave!  Talk to a rock to find Max Potion.
You find the way to escape – and guess who turns up?  Yep, it's Rival again. 
He has:

           L34 Sneasel
           L36 Golbat
           L35 Haunter
           L35 Magneton
           L35 Kadabra
           L38 version of his starter Pokemon

That is your last battle with your Rival!  Once you beat him, go on to
Pokemon League!


This is the team I took in to face the Elite Four;

           L35 Pidgeotto
           L40 Meganium
           L40 Gyarados
           L40 Ampharos
           L42 Kadabra, and
           L50 Charizard

I was not sure whether this team would be strong enough, but we came through
quite well.  I think the team's main strength is that it has something to
attack most types.  Scott used his L100 Mewtwo.  It did the job really well!

When you go in, a big stone door closes behind you, there is no chance to
leave once you start!  If you're not too confident, it might be an idea to
SAVE before you actually go in.  The Elite Four are as follows:


           L40 Xatu
           L41 Slowbro
           L41 Jynx
           L42 Xatu
           L41 Exeggutor

           L40 Ariados
           L43 Forretress (This thing can explode!)
           L42 Muk
           L44 Crobat
           L41 Venomoth

           L42 Hitmontop
           L42 Hitmonchan
           L43 Onix
           L42 Hitmonlee
           L46 Machamp

           L42 Umbreon
           L45 Gengar
           L44 Murkrow
           L47 Houndoom
           L42 Vileplume

After beating Karen, you get to challenge the League Champion – no, it is not
your Rival, but Lance!  Even though you helped him out in Mahogany, he will
not go easy on you!

Lance has:

           L44 Gyarados
           L47 Dragonite
           L47 Dragonite
           L46 Aerodactyl
           L50 Dragonite
           L46 Charizard

When I got through, I bounded around with excitement for a while!  (me
personally, not my character!)  Mary (a journalist) and Professor Oak come
running up and talk to you.  Lance takes you away and registers you in the
Hall of Fame!  Woohoo!  Then Professor Oak rates your Pokedex, then the
credits roll.  Don't turn it off!  The credits are fairly cute, with dancing
Pokemon around the edges.

When the credits finish, push START to start the game again.  You will find
yourself back at home.

Has the adventure ended?  NO!!!  Of course not!  Not only can you now set
about catching all the Pokemon, and experiment with breeding, but there is a
whole world of adventure over in Kanto – the place where the RBY games are

If you go see Professor Elm, he will give you a ticket on the SS AQUA, which
leaves from Olivine, and docks in Vermilion City in Kanto.


Items:   Metal Coat

Go on the ship, and a guy asks if you've seen a little girl. The ship is
chokkers with trainers, which you can beat while you are cruising.  You have
a cabin of your own too, with a computer, and you can heal your Pokemon by
taking a nap.  When you find the girl (she's with the captain), talk to her
and the guy comes and gives you Metal Coat.

By now the ship has arrived at Vermilion City.  Should you want to travel by
ship again, it travels to Johto on Wednesdays and Sundays, and returns to
Kanto on Mondays and Fridays.


Pokemon:   Tentacool, Tentacruel

Items:     Clefairy Doll, Rare Candy, HP-Up

In the Poke Fan Club, there is a guy with a Clefairy Doll.  This will be
useful later on.  Talk to the president, and say you do want to hear about
his Pokemon.  Then he will tell you about Rapidash, then reward you for
listening by giving you a Rare Candy.

On the way out of Vermilion City, on the way to the Diglett's Cave, there is
a guy there.  If you talk to him after you get all the Kanto badges, he gives
you HP-Up.


Lt Surge is still there with his apprentices, and the bins are still there
too.  This time, though, there is no secret switch.

Lt Surge has:

           L44 Raichu
           L46 Electabuzz
           L40 Electrode
           L40 Magneton
           L40 Electrode

When you beat him you get the Thunder Badge, which increases your Pokemon's

RT 6

Pokemon:   Magnemite, Abra, Bellsprout, Pidgey, Psyduck, Golduck, Meowth

This is a very short road, to Saffron City.  There is also an underground
path, it leads to Cerulean city which is handy if you want to bypass Saffron
City.  There is nothing interesting in there though.


Items:   TM29, Upgrade, Focus Band,

Visit Mr Psychic to get your TM29 – Psychic!  The visit the Silph Building
and talk to the guy guarding the stairs to get Upgrade. 

Now go to the first Gym, to get Focus Band – it's in a PokeBall.

Next visit Sabrina in her Gym.  It is still full of teleport tiles, and there
are other trainers.  Sabrina has:

           L46 Espeon
           L46 Mr Mime
           L48 Alakazam

When you beat her, Sabrina gives you the Marsh Badge.

RT 5

Pokemon:   Pidgey, Bellsprout, Abra, Meowth (Silver)

Items:     Cleanse Tag

Leave Saffron City by the north gatehouse.  Go up the path, then come down
the middle section, leaping over ledges to get to the house.  Inside is an
old lady who gives you Cleanse Tag.


Misty's Gym is empty right now.  You'll find her a bit later!  For now, it's
off to the Power Plant, you're needed!

RT 24 / 25

Pokemon:   Goldeen, Seaking, Bellsprout, Weepinbell, Venonat, Venomoth
(night), Oddish (night), Sunkern, Abra, Pidgey, Pidgeotto

Items:     Nugget, Protein, Everstone, Leaf Stone, Water Stone, Fire Stone,
Thunder Stone

If you go on the Nugget Bridge, you meet six trainers, when you beat them you
get a Nugget!  Then the guy who gives you the nugget challenges you too. 
Keep going to Bill's old house, you'll meet trainers galore.  Bill's Grandpa
is in the house, he wants to see a Lickitung.  If you show him one, he gives
you an Everstone.  In fact, he asks to see several Pokemon, if you show them
to him he gives you evolutionary stones.  These are the Pokemon and stones:

          Lickitung             Everstone
          Oddish                Leaf Stone
          Staryu                Water Stone
          Growlithe or Vulpix   Fire Stone
          Pichu                 Thunder Stone

RT 9

Pokemon:   Rattata, Spearow, Mankey, Primeape, Raticate, Goldeen, Seaking,


Go back to Cerulean City, and this time leave to the east, along Route 9.
You'll need CUT.  Beat the trainers, and then SURF around to the Power Plant.


Pokemon:   Goldeen, Seaking, Electabuzz (morning and day), Quagsire (night),
Rattata, Raticate, Voltorb, Spearow (morning and day), Fearow (Morning and

When you get to the Power Plant you'll notice they have redecorated severely. 
Talk to the people and the manager.  On the way out, the security guy says
there is a shady character back in Cerulean City. 

The grassy patch in front of the Power Plant has lots of Pokemon! You'll want
to get male and female Electabuzz so you can breed them to get an Elekid. 
Males are reasonably common, but I found that it was hard to find a female. 
So in the end I used my male Bellossom's Sweet Scent which attracted a female
Electabuzz!  (It attracted other Pokemon too…)  Sweet Scent is handy because
you can stand in one place and use it, and the Pokemon will come to you, you
don't have to walk around looking for them!


Pokemon:   Machop, Machoke, Geodude, Onix, Cubone, Marowak, Zubat, Kangaskhan

Items:     Iron, PP-Up, Revive, TM47, Elixer

You might like to come back later to investigate.  You need FLASH.  It takes
you to Lavender Town, but for now you'll want to go to Cerulean City to catch
the shady guy!  Kangaskhans are on the lower level, and they are pretty rare.


Items:   Missing Part, TM07

The shady character is in Misty's gym.  He tells you to forget you have seen
him.  Then he is on the Nugget Bridge, he challenges you to a battle.  When
you beat him he tells you the missing part from the Power Plant is in Misty's
gym, it is in the water.  It is too – if you go in and turn left then go up,
face the square of water and push the A button.  If you are in the right
spot, you'll get the part!

Take the part back to the Power Plant.  Give it to the Manager, and he will
give you TM07.

Go back to Cerulean City.  If you go by Bill's old house again, this time
you'll see Misty and a boy!!!  Romance in Cerulean!  Anyway, she's pretty
miffed when the guy runs off so she challenges you to a battle back at her


Misty has:

           L42 Golduck
           L42 Quagsire
           L44 Lapras
           L47 Starmie

When you beat her, Misty gives you the Cascade Badge.


Items:   Rail Pass

Now that the Power Plant is up and running again, you might want to make use
of the Magnet Train which carries you from Saffron City to Goldenrod City. 
To do this you need a Rail Pass.

Go and talk to the Mimic Girl in Saffron City, she wants her Poke Doll.  The
Mimic Girl lives in the house second from the left in the top row of houses
in Saffron. She left it in Vermilion City.  Go see the guy in Vermilion with
the Clefairy Doll, he is in the Poke Fan Club.  Give it to the Mimic Girl. 
She gives you a Rail Pass.  Now you can travel on the train.  The train goes
whenever you want to travel, which is better than waiting for the SS AQUA. 
It also looks really cool.

RT 8

Pokemon:   Pidgeotto, Abra, Growlithe (Gold), Vulpix (Silver)

Berry Tree:   PRZCURE

Leave Saffron by the east exit.  You'll go past trainers on bikes.



Items:     EXPN Card

Go to the Radio Tower (it used to be the tower full of ghosts!) for your EXPN
Card.  This lets you tune in to radio in Kanto.  This will be important when
you go to capture Snorlax later – your radio can now play Poke Flute music.

To the north is the Rock Tunnel, plus trainers.

The Name Rater still lives in Lavender.  Mr Fuji lives in a small house in
front of the Radio Tower.  There is a Pokemon Memorial there.

RT 12

Pokemon:   Quagsire, Tentacool, Tentacruel

Items:     Super Rod, Calcium, Nugget

Leave Lavender Town via the south exit, and there are trainers and the
Fishing Guru's younger brother.  He gives you the Super Rod.  Keep going
around to Fuchsia City.  PokeFan Joshua is fun, he has 6 level 23 Pikachu!

RT 11

Pokemon:   Hypno, Magnemite, Drowzee, Rattata

Berry Tree:   Berry

Route 11 goes off Route 12, to the west, it goes to Vermilion City.

RT 13

Pokemon:   Chansey, Nidorina, Pidgeotto, Hoppip


Route 12 becomes Route 13 as it turns west toward Fuchsia City. 

RT 14

Pokemon:   Aerodactyl, Nidorino, Skiploom, Nidorina


Route 13 becomes Route 14 when it turns north. There is a girl in the grass
who wants to swap her Aerodactyl for your Chansey.  You need CUT to get to

RT 15

Pokemon:   Nidorino, Hoppip, Nidorina, Chansey

Items:     PP-Up

Finally, Route 14 becomes Route 15 as it goes west again into Fuchsia.


Pokemon:   Magikarp, Gyarados

Items: TM06

There have been a lot of changes in Fuchsia City.  The warden has gone
overseas, and the Safari Zone office is closed until further notice.  The
Mart is still only accessible using CUT.  Access to the sea is blocked off. 
It is worth coming back later, though, as the roadworks are finished and you
can SURF!  It only takes you to Seafoam Islands, though.


The invisible walls are still there!  Koga isn't though, he has been promoted
to the Elite Four.  His daughter Janine has taken over as Gym Leader.  Janine

           L36 Crobat
           L36 Weezing
           L33 Ariados
           L36 Weezing
           L39 Venomoth

When you beat her, Janine gives you the Soul Badge and TM06 – Toxic.

Now head west to the Cycle Path.

RT 16-18

Pokemon:   Grimer, Muk, Fearow, Slugma, Qwilfish


The Cycle Path is as steep as ever!  There are less trainers than there used
to be.  Qwilfish are really rare.


Pokemon:   Grimer, for more see the Games Corner or Poke Mart

Items:     TM03, Leftovers, for more see Games Corner or Poke Mart

The Games Corner is still there.  Team Rocket have gone, though.  Next door
the prizes available are:

           Mr Mime  $3333     TM32  $1500
           Eevee    $6666     TM29  $3500
           Porygon  $9999     TM15  $7500

In the bin in the restaurant, there is Leftovers!  Not just rubbish, but a
move which helps restore HP in battle.  Snorlax comes with it, it is pretty

There is a guy on the roof of Celadon Mansion, go there after dark for a
scary story!  He will reward you with TM03 – Curse.


Erika is there, she has:

           L42 Tangela
           L46 Bellosum
           L41 Jumpluff
           L46 Victreebel

When you beat her, Erika gives you the Rainbow Badge, and TM19 – Giga Drain.

RT 7

Pokemon:   Growlithe (Gold), Vulpix (Silver), Rattata, Spearow, Murkrow
(night), Houndour (night)


Now lets go back to Vermilion City to catch that Snorlax!  This sucker is
BIG!  We had never seen such a big one!  Anyway, SAVE the game, then go up to
it, and tune your radio to the Poke Flute.  Use the direction button to tune
it.  Push A and it plays.  Snorlax attacks!  This guy is Level 50, and its
use of Leftovers makes it really hard to get it's HP down enough to catch it. 
Rollout is a pain too.  Anyway, we got it down and caught it with a Great


Pokemon:   Diglett (duh!), Dugtrio

Items:     Max Revive

The Digletts have redecorated!  If you talk to a rock you can get Max Revive. 


Items:     Nugget, Carbos, Elixer

Once you get out the other end, visit the little house and talk to the guy. 
He will give you a Nugget.  You need CUT to get to Pewter City.  There are
bug catching trainers around.


Pokemon:   Rapidash

Items:     Silver Wing/Rainbow Wing

Berry Trees:   Ice, Mint

At the PokeCentre, there is a guy with a Rapidash who wants to swap for your

Near the Mart, talk to an old guy who gives you a Silver Wing if you have
Gold, or a Rainbow Wing if you have Silver.


Brock only has one apprentice, then you'll meet Brock himself.  Brock has:

           L41 Graveler
           L42 Omastar
           L41 Rhyhorn
           L44 Onix
           L42 Kabutops

Brock gives you the Boulder Badge when you beat him.

RT 3
Pokemon:   Spearow, Rattata, Jigglypuff


Pokemon:   Geodude, Zubat, Sandshrew (Gold), Sandslash (Gold), Paras,

Items:     Moon Stone (on Monday)

There are trainers, although not as many as in RBY.

Inside MT Moon, there is good ol' Rival!  He's been busy, he now has:

           L41 Sneasel
           L41 Magneton
           L42 Golbat
           L43 Gengar
           L43 Alakazam
           L45 version of his starter Pokemon

There are a couple of exits, if you go down and right you get out the other
side.  If you go up then right, you go out to find a Mart!

Come back to Mt Moon on a Monday night. In the square next to the Secret
Mart, you'll see a rock and two Clefairy dancing around it!  They see you and
buzz off back into Mt Moon.  You can go catch them – they turn out to be a
boy and a girl, just right for breeding!  You will also find a Moon Stone.

RT 4

Pokemon:   Spearow, Rattata, Jigglypuff, Ekans (Silver), Arbok (Silver)

Items:     Max Potion, Dire Hit, HP-Up

Berry Trees:   PSNCURE

Go back to Pewter, then further south to Viridian City.

RT 2

Pokemon:   Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Metapod (Gold), Caterpie (Gold), Pikachu,
Weedle (Silver), Kakuna (Silver), Ledyba (Silver)


Berry Trees:   PSNCURE


Pokemon:   Spearow, Fearow, Doduo

Items:     TM42

The Gym is deserted.  At least for now!  

The sleepy guy is still around, he gives you TM42 – Dream Eater. 

If you check out the way to Victory Road, you'll see they have redecorated
too.  A guy tells you this is the way to Mt Silver, but you can't go there

There is a trainer house.  This is a fun little establishment!  You can go
there once a day to meet a trainer – the only reason for doing this is to
build up experience points.  What is interesting is who the trainer is. 

If you have traded with another trainer, then he or she "appears" in your
trainer house, with the Pokemon they had at the time of trading.  Which is
fine, but when I went there I met Scott's Level 100 Mewtwo – sigh!

RT 1

Pokemon:   Pidgey, Rattata, Sentret, Furret


Berry Trees:   Bitter Berry


You can go visit Professor Oak!  He says to come back when you have all the
Kanto badges.  Keep going, SURF down to Cinnabar Island.  Watch out for the


Pokemon:   Magikarp, Shellder, Tentacool, Tentacruel


Cinnabar has suffered a bit of a disaster!  Blaine has relocated to Seafoam
Islands.  The PokeCentre is still there.  If you talk to Blue (aka Gary) he
challenges you to meet him in the Viridian Gym.  Of course you will, but he
can wait until you have beat Blaine first!


Pokemon:   Tentacool, Tentacruel

The waters surrounding Seafoam Islands are riddled with Tentacool and
Tentacruel.  There are several trainers too.

Blaine has remodeled this place.  Time for battle!  Blaine has:

           L45 Magcargo
           L45 Magmar
           L50 Rapidash

Blaine gives you the Volcano Badge for beating him.

Now its time to go up to Viridian City to take on the final Kanto Gym leader.


Yep, it's Blue waiting for you.  He has:

           L56 Pidgeot
           L56 Rhydon
           L54 Alakazam
           L58 Gyarados
           L58 Exeggutor
           L58 Arcanine

When you beat him, Blue gives you the Earth Badge.

Now go to Pallet Town to visit Professor Oak.


Professor Oak says that now you can go visit Mt Silver.  If you go there, the
guy who was blocking the way has gone.


Pokemon:   Golbat, Ursaring, Graveler, Larvitar, Onix, Golduck, Quagsire,
Tangela, Ponyta, Poliwhirl, Poliwag, Rapidash, Doduo, Misdreavus, Sneasel

Items:     Escape Rope, Dire Hit (talk to a rock!), Max Elixer, TM47

When you enter Mt Silver, there is a sort of maze with ponds.  There is a
PokeCentre, and a house with a lady who gives you TM47.  There is also a
cave.  Walk through the cave to the far end, then enter – another cave!  Walk
to the end of that cave, and go through the hole, and there is Red, aka Ash. 
This is your final battle.  Red has:

           L73 Espeon
           L75 Snorlax
           L77 Blastoise
           L77 Charizard
           L77 Venusaur
           L81 Pikachu

Scott found that Red didn't give his L100 Mewtwo too many problems!  I still
have not had the pleasure of beating Red, I have to train my Pokemon up a bit

Now all that you need to do to complete the game is to collect all 250
Pokemon.  For some of these you will need to trade with RBY games, and for
some you'll need to trade with the G&S game you do not have.  Don't forget
that to get some Prevolutions like Pichu and Elekid, you will need to breed
male and female Pokemon at the Breeding Centre near Goldenrod.