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Pokemon The Movie 2000




A ruthless collector, Lawrence III, has set his sights on capturing a legendary Pokemon--Lugia. It has been foretold that such an action will bring about the end of the world. But, Lawrence isn't one to let cosmic destruction stand in his way. However, it's also been foretold that a champion, the Chosen One, will rise to the occasion and put everything aright. The film also features a mini-movie before the main feature film.


Rating: G (Suitable for all ages)

Release Date for US: July 21, 2000



Addie Blaustein

Philip Bartlett

Rika Matsumoto

Ikue Otani - Pikachu

Eric Stuart

Rachel Lillis

Veronica Taylor

Masayumi Izuka



Kunihiko Yuyama

Michael Haigney



Choji Yoshikawa

Norman Grossfield

Tomoyuki Igarashi



Norman J. Grossfeld

Michael Haigney

John Touhey

Takeshi Shudo

Norman Grossman



Veronica Taylor

Ikue Otani

Megumi Hayashibara

Satomi Koorogi

Tomokazu Seki

Mayumi Iizuka

Rica Matsumoto

Rachel Lillis