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New Pokemon



Ten New Pokemon - Nyaruma and Mimiroru (Click to Enlarge)



Two new Pokemon were revealed in a Japanese magazine. The cat-like Pokemon's name is Nyaruma (a normal type), and the rabbit-like Pokemon's name is Mimiroru (a normal type).


Nyaruma Revealed Before

This is the first time Nyaruma has been "officially" revealed. Earlier in the month, the Japanese online store, K-net, revealed a Pokemon calendar that included Nyaruma's image (09/01/06 news article). The image has since been removed from the online store, but the image was saved here on the site so you can view it here: Pokemon Character Daily Calendar 2007 - Image. The calendar image was also the first to reveal the Chansey pre-evolution, Pinpuku, who was later officially revealed in the Coro Coro Magazine (09/12/06 news article).





Ten New Pokemon - Revealed in August 2006 Issue of Coro Coro


A total of ten new Pokemon were revealed in the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine, Coro Coro.


Some Revealed Before

However, we have seen several of them already. Mukkuru and Koroboshi, the first Pokemon and fourth Pokemon from left to right in the images, was revealed in screenshots of Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. Pinpuku, the third Pokemon in the image list, was revealed in 2007 Pokemon Character Daily Calendar image at Japanese online store K-net. Korinku, the fifth Pokemon in the image list, was revealed only in silhouette form.


Pokemon Names - From Left to Right

Mukkuru (Normal/Flying)

Bippa (Normal)

Pinpuku (Normal, pre-evolution of Chansey)

Koroboshi (Bug)

Korinku (Electric)

Subomi (Grass/Poison, pre-evolution of Roselia)

Minomucchi (Bug)

Masukippa (Grass)

Zugaidosu (Rock)

Tatetopusu (Rock/Steel)


In addition, the legendary Pokemon representing Pokemon Diamond, Dialga, is confirmed to be a Steel/Dragon type. The legendary Pokemon representing Pokemon Pearl, Palkia, is confirmed to be a Water/Dragon type.


Coro Coro Images (Click to Enlarge)





Two New Pokemon - 2007 Pokemon Character Daily Calendar

A Japanese online store, K-net, has revealed the 2007 Pokemon Character Daily Calendar. The calendar's cover reveals two new Pokemon. One appears to be a pre-evolution of Chansey, and the other one looks like a cat. The calendar will be released in Japan on October 28, 2006.


You can view the K-net product page for the calendar here: http://www.rakuten.co.jp/knet2/709288/709301/731276/709887/#748305


Calendar Image (Click to Enlarge)




New Pokemon Silhouettes

Two new Pokemon silhouettes were revealed in Yahoo Japan's Pokemon page, at the Pokemon Garden feature page: http://pokemon.kids.yahoo.co.jp/dp/garden/garden.html. At that flash page, you need to head up to the third floor and talk to Ken Sugimori (the Pokemon artist) a few times and he will reveal two silhouettes.


Of course, if you don't want to go through that trouble, the two silhouettes posted above are the ones you can find there.


One out of the two Pokemon silhouettes released is revealed in full with two screenshots of the Pokemon. The Pokemon's Japanese name is Mukkuru, a Normal/Flying type, and is number #010 in the Shinou Pokedex, which means it's probably an early capture in Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl.




Starter Pokemon: Naetoru, Hikozaru, and Potchama


The Pokemon starters in Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl are revealed in the latest issue of the Japanese gaming magazine, Coro Coro. Naetoru is the grass type Pokemon, Hikozaru is the fire type Pokemon, and Potchama is the water type Pokemon. Based on the information from the magazine, so far we know that Neatoru will have the Overgrow ability and Razor Leaf attack, Hikozaru with the Blaze ability and Ember attack, and Potchama with the Torrent ability and Bubble attack.


Coro Coro Magazine (Click to Enlarge)






New Pokemon - Koroboshi

The Pokemon Jungle Tour in Japan revealed yet another new Pokemon: Koroboshi (Japanese name). The Pokemon looks similar to Volbeat and Illumise, but it's not confirmed whether Koroboshi is connected to those Pokemon.


New Pokemon - Rozureido (Evolved form of Roselia)


A new Pokemon, an evolved form of Roselia, was revealed at the Pokemon Jungle Tour. The Pokemon's name is Rozureido (Japanese name).



New Pokemon: Erekiburu

A battle clip was shown in a Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl commercial between Lucario and newly revealed Pokemon, Erekiburu. The Pokemon is confirmed to be an Electabuzz evolution.


Five New Pokemon






Pokemon Diamond is represented by Diaruga (with the power over space), and Pokemon Pearl is represented by Parukia (with the power over time). The three Pokemon's Japanese names are Cherimu (the flower-like Pokemon, a grass type), Pachirisu (the squirrel-like Pokemon, an electric type), and Dorapion (the scorpion-like Pokemon, a poison/dark type).


Coro Coro Scans (Click to Enlarge)








Four New Pokemon



These four new Pokemon are featured in the next Pokemon movie in Japan, the 9th Pokemon movie: "Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea." The movie will be released in Japan on July 15th, 2006 (No US date yet).


Manaphy - Prince of the Sea is Born

The blue Pokemon's Japanese name is Manaphy. The words left to it says "Prince of the Sea," along with "birth" or "born" - (Prince of the Sea is born).


Three Other Pokemon

The first Pokemon is Tamanta (the pre-evolution of Mantine), then Buoysel, and Perap (these are Japanese names).


Coro Coro Magazine (Click to Enlarge)

(Click to Enlarge)









Lucario is featured in the 8th Pokemon movie: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew


Lucario or Rukario?

Since Lucario have been revealed in Coro Coro, there has been a lot of talk whether the names would transfer to Romanization as "Rukario" or "Lucario." Although both could be correct, it's a matter which one will be used. Originally, a filename of an image at the official site for the new Pokemon was named as "rukario.gif." However, this was simply a filename, and later it became apparent that the official Japanese Romanization of the name is Lucario. The official English name for the Pokemon is also Lucario.


Pictures of Lucario From Coro Coro Magazine






From left to right of the images, Weavile is the evolution of Sneasel. The next Pokemon, Bonsly is the pre-evolution of Sudowoodo. And finally, Mime Jr., who is the pre-evolution of Mr Mime. (These are the official English names, the Japanese names for these Pokemon are: Manyula, Usohachi, and Manene).


Pokemon Height and Weight (as listed in Coro Coro)

Manyula - Height: 1.1m, Weight: 34kg

Usohachi - Height: 0.5m, Weight: 15kg

Manene - Height: 0.6m, Weight: 13kg


Coro Coro Images






Munchlax is the new Pokemon beyond the current 386 Pokemon. This 4th generation Pokemon is featured in the 7th Pokemon movie. The Japanese name of Munchlax is Gonbe.


Munchlax Stats

Height: 2'0" (0.6 m)

Weight: 231.5 lbs (231.5 kg)


Munchlax Images - Munchlax at ANA Celebration of Pokemon Jet Plane


Pictures of Munchlax From Coro Coro Magazine

Munchlax from Coro Coro Magazine

Entire Article from Coro Coro Magazine

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