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April 2003


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Skyridge to be Wizards' Last Pokemon TCG Set!


One of the most surprising news of the year, Skyridge will unexpectedly be Wizards’ last Pokemon TCG set. Wizards of the Coast, maker of the Pokemon TCG ever since it started 5 years ago, was suppose to make two more sets after Skyridge before Nintendo will take over the Pokemon TCG operations. The two sets are Jamboree and Legendary Collection II, but both sets have been cancelled. It’s not known at the current time whether or not these particular sets will be released by Nintendo. This was not a Wizards decision, Nintendo told them not to release them, for whatever reason. So there you have it, Skyridge will still be out on May 5th, which again, will be the last set Wizards will put out. After that, Nintendo will be releasing the Pokemon TCG.


Run Pokemon TCG Tournaments? Sign Up Now!


As many of you know already (if you have been keeping up to date with the news here at Pokemon Elite 2000), Wizards of the Coast will soon no longer make the Pokemon cards, Nintendo will continue making the cards starting in September 1st. Which means of course, the tournaments that are organized by Wizards will no longer be in existence after Nintendo takes over. However, Nintendo has expressed that they are still committed in these tournaments, and Nintendo will indeed run their own tournaments. Nintendo has set up a new website for the Pokemon TCG, which is here: Pokemon-TCG. At that website, you will find an application for running an official Pokemon TCG tournament. All those that have organized tournaments with Wizards should fill out this application, and new comers are obviously welcomed as well to participate in this new organized play by Nintendo.


So if you know a place that has been running the Pokemon TCG league by Wizards, you should make sure they know about this. It wouldn’t hurt to see if any other businesses would be interested as well. Good luck to all the organizers!


Winner of Pokemon Rocks Contest Announced!


Matt (Grand Prize Winner)

Clay (Fan Voted Winner)


The Pokemon Rocks contest held by Nintendo, was basically a contest that people had to video tape themselves singing the Pokemon theme using their own lyrics. The winner was announced today. For the record, a while back ago, I chose Matt as the winner, and indeed, he is the winner of the Pokemon Rocks contest. Congratulations Matt from California! So what will Matt be getting as a prize? The following: a Lugia-branded PT Cruiser, one Pokemon Ruby game, one Pokemon Sapphire game, two GBAs, one GBA link cable, and last but not least, bragging rights of course.


Lugia-branded PT Cruiser

Matt, the grand prize winner, was chosen by Nintendo. Another winner was chosen by online voting by fans. Clay won that, who got everything Matt got, except for the Lugia-branded PT Cruiser (only for the grand prize winner). Instead, he got $500 along with the other goodies Matt got (still pretty good!). There were ten finalists, and the nine others that didn’t win the grand prize still got a good treat for their excellent work: one Pokemon Ruby game, one Pokemon Sapphire game, one GBA, and one GBA link cable. Clay was also part of this too, so he got two prize packages: fan voting winner package and this prize package as well. Of course, in the end, Matt is still the winner with the Lugia-branded PT Cruiser.


The winners are listed here at the official page for the contest: Pokemon Rocks! You can view the videos of both Matt and Clay.


Congratulations to all the winners of the Pokemon Rocks contest!


UPDATE: Pokemon Box for GameCube!


As we have learned already, Pokemon Box, the first Pokemon GameCube game, will be making its release in Japan on May 30, 2003. It features the capability to store up to 1500 Pokemon in the game, organizing your Pokemon, and viewing your Pokemon in “pieces” (for just visual entertainment). There's no date set for a US release, it's still early.


Some of the new things we have learned since: You can play either Ruby or Sapphire using Pokemon Box. Meaning, playing Ruby or Sapphire while viewing it on your TV. During game play, you can go to your Pokemon Box without having to go to a computer from the PokeCenter.


And to clarify, Pokemon Box does not work with previous version games, only Ruby and Sapphire.


Organize Your Pokemon

Pokemon Pieces


New Pokemon 6th Movie Trailer!


The Pokemon 6th movie has a new trailer available. To see it, click on one of the URLs below:

Small Version Trailer (2.4 MB)

Large Version Trailer (5.23 MB)


This movie features Jirachi (one of the Pokemon that are unobtainable in Ruby/Sapphire that similar to Mew and Celebi) and many other new Pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire.


The release date for Japan is July 19, 2003. There's no US release date yet, as we're still waiting the upcoming movie release, Pokemon Heroes (the 5th movie), which will be released in theaters in May 16, 2003.


Images of the movie:

Pikachu and Ash



Images of the mini movie:

Meowth, Wobbuffet, Cacnea, Seviper



Top Ten Finalists of Pokemon Rocks Contest!


The Top Ten Finalists


If you have been keeping up to date with the news here at Pokemon Elite 2000, you would have known about the Pokemon Rocks contest that started over a month ago. Basically, the contest was that you had to send in a video tape of you singing the Pokemon theme, with your own created lyrics. Winner of the contest of receives a special Lugia-branded Plymouth PT Cruiser. Ten finalists have been chosen, and the winner will be revealed on April 23rd. The ten finalist videos are available for viewing here: Pokemon Rocks!


Lugia-branded Plymouth PT Cruiser


First of all, I congratulate all those brave souls sending in their videos. And congrats to those that made it thus far to the top ten finalists!


The Top Ten Finalists

Anastasia from Pennsylvania

Chad from Michigan

Cindy from Virginia

Clay from New York

Jared D. and Alyssa D. from Indiana

Evangeline from Florida

James from New York

Joel D. and Marissa D. from Florida

Kayla from North Carolina

Matt from California


If I had to choose a winner, it would be pretty tough decision. My top five would be (in no particular order): Anastasia, Cindy, Clay, Kayla, and Matt. The best singing came from Anastasia and Kayla, by far, compared to the others. These two have singing talent. However, both lacked enthusiasm. Cindy's video is actually a duo, but for some reason there's only one name. Anyways, the both of them sang well together, overall, this was done really well. What makes a great song is the emotion and enthusiasm made to singing a song, Clay and Matt did this really well. The enthusiasm was definitely there, which was something that was lacking from the majority of the others.


After a good while of thinking, I would choose Matt as the winner. At the end of that video, look at those eyes of determination. He was definitely in the song. Creative lyrics, and overall, just a fun video to watch.


We'll see who will be the official winner on the 23rd.


*If you're one of the top ten finalists, drop me a line at webmaster@pokemonelite2000.com . I would like to hear from you!


Skyridge TCG Set Coming Out In May!





The upcoming TCG set, Skyridge, will be released on May 5, 2003 (which is on the Cinco de Mayo holiday). The release date is a little later than expected, which was announced for a April release, but now of course, the release date seems pretty much set on May 5th. These cards are e-Reader compatible. There are two pre-constructed theme decks: Mind Machine and Eeveelution. Booster packs are retailing for $3.29 per pack, and theme decks are retailing for $10 each.


After this set will come Legendary Collection II, coming out in late spring (expected release date). And after that, Jamboree will be released in the summer (expected release date).


Booster Packs

Theme Decks: Mind Machine and Eeveelution


It's Official: The Pokemon Game For GameCube Announced!






"Pokemon Box: Ruby & Sapphire" Logo

The first Pokemon game for GameCube now has a name and with many details about the game itself. The game is titled “Pokemon Box: Ruby & Sapphire”, and will be released in Japan on May 30th, 2003. This is not a Pokemon Stadium type game, to get that out of the way. In fact, it’s not really a game at all. Instead, this game is more like an organizer for your Pokemon that you captured in Ruby and Sapphire. First of all, you will need Ruby or Sapphire, which we have known for quite a while. And a GBA cable to connect your game to GameCube. And basically from there you can transfer your Pokemon from Ruby or Sapphire to the Pokemon Box game. Once you got Pokemon transferred to Pokemon Box, you can do some stuff like looking at the information of your Pokemon, organizing your Pokemon for easy searching, able to view your Pokemon in “Pokemon Pieces” for just visual entertainment. So how big is this Pokemon Box? You can store up to 1500 Pokemon in the game. This should be more than enough room for any dedicated Pokemon trainer out there.


Obviously, not really much you can do with it. Think of it as a huge space to stash your Pokemon, while viewing it all on your TV screen. Since it doesn’t really do much, it won’t cost much either. The game will retail in Japan for about $17 US dollars, which includes the game disk and a Memory Card 59. Another package that includes the GBA cable will cost about $24 US dollars. A Memory Card 59 costs about $15 (the package with game disk and Memory Card 59 is $17), so you’re practically getting the game for almost nothing.


Again, the release date for Pokemon Box in Japan is May 30. There’s no word on a US release date. You’ll be sure to hear about any new updates here in the news at Pokemon Elite 2000.


Storage Pokemon On The Game

View a Pokemon's Info


A List of the Pokemon

The "Pokemon Pieces"


Pokemon Heroes Coming To Theaters Soon!





Pokemon Heroes, the fifth Pokemon movie, will be hitting theaters in just one month, on May 16th, 2003. This is the first chance to see many of the new Pokemon from the new Pokemon games, Ruby and Sapphire. The movie stars Latios and Latias, along with Ash and the rest of the gang. Any type of special card giveaway has not been announced yet. In the past four Pokemon films, a special Pokemon TCG was given along with each ticket. So it seems likely it will be the same again, probably with a Latios and Latias cards.


The Pokemon Heroes movie poster has been released (view below). And we now know the two thieves names are: Annie and Oakley. The precious jewel they plan to steal from the town of Altomare is called the Soul Dew, which is guarded by Latios and Latias.



“Pokemon Heroes, the fifth installment of the phenomenally successful Pokemon series, takes place in a mysterious city on water. Set against a baffling maze of canals and alleyways, Ash, Pikachu and the rest of the gang take on a slick new pair of thieves in this glamorous, high-stakes adventure story. The film introduces two new pokemon characters, the courageous Latias and Latios, who possess strong psychic abilities and the power to disguise themselves as humans!”


Trailer: Moviefone: Pokemon Heroes

Pokemon Heroes Movie Poster



Ash, Latias, and some new friends

Master thieves: Annie and Oakley


Ruby/Sapphire Coming To Europe In July!













Nintendo of Europe has announced that Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire will make its release in Europe on July 25th, 2003. Which is still about three months from now. The retail price is about 45 Euros each. Of course, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire has already been released in North America (3/19/03) and in Australia (4/03/03). Though the game hasn’t been officially released in the UK yet, a lot of US imports of the game have been spotted at many stores in the UK. Anyways, again, for all those waiting for Ruby/Sapphire in Europe, mark your calendars for July 25th.


Cartoon Network Schedule Change!




Cartoon Network changed their schedule for Pokemon, for the better. Pokemon is now showing two times a day from Mondays thru Thursdays. While a showing in Saturday is left unchanged. Before, there was just one episode, but now it’s bumped up to two, back to back episodes of Pokemon. The new schedule started this week which began on April 7th. The new schedule for Pokemon on Cartoon Network is as follows:


Mondays thru Thursdays: 8:30PM & 9:00PM

Saturdays: 7:00PM

Fridays and Sundays: No episodes


Cartoon Network Schedule for Week April 7-12

MON: Pokemon I Choose You

MON: A Way Off Day Off

TUE: Pokemon Emergency

TUE: Mandarin Island Miss Match

WED: Ash Catches a Pokemon

WED: Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon?

THU: Challenge of the Samurai

THU: Git Along, Little Pokemon

SAT: Battling Eevee Brothers


You can find the Cartoon Network schedule on the main page of the site, on the left bottom column, which is updated regularly. Along with the WB's schedule as well.


2.2 Million Units of Ruby/Sapphire Shipped to Stores!








Screen shot of Ruby/Sapphire.

Sure, Pokemon is as hot as ever in Japan, having Ruby/Sapphire being the best selling game in Japan in 2002. But hey, Pokemon is doing pretty well here too in the US. A whopping total of 2.2 million units of Ruby/Sapphire have been shipped to stores across the US. Compare that to the 1.1 million units of another hot Nintendo game, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, for GameCube. Of course, when more demand comes in, even more units will be shipped out when needed. Obviously Nintendo is expecting a huge turnout for the Ruby/Sapphire, which has been backed up with a pre-ordering campaign that has never before been seen here in the US for Pokemon (the Zelda game had a huge turnout for pre-ordering as well). The pre-ordering for Ruby/Sapphire was a successful one, rewarding people with a special collectible coin for pre-ordering the game, which a lot of fans took advantage of.


Nintendo is cashing in big time during these times. With the release of the new Zelda game, GameCube sales has been going up, for obvious reasons. Similarly, GBA and GBA SP sales has been going very well since the release of Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire.


UPDATE: Ruby/Sapphire in Australia, New Zealand and UK!


After getting many emails from people in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, I have some new updates concerning Ruby/Sapphire in these two countries.



New Zealand

Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire has been released in Australia. The release date was April 3rd, which is right on schedule, perhaps even earlier than expected than before. And what I’m also getting is that New Zealand is got the game a day later, on April 4th.


United Kingdom

On the other side of the globe, from the emails I’ve been getting, it doesn’t seem that Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire has made an official release there yet. However, many have said that they are able to get Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire anyways. Though most likely it’s imports from the US, nevertheless, it’s the game. So even though it’s not officially released in the UK, you’ll find it at some stores. More specifically, an exact location was pointed out by a visitor to this site. A store called Vision Games in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, is selling Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire. There still hasn’t been word on an official release date, however, since Ruby/Sapphire has been released in Australia already, it shouldn’t be too long until it reaches the UK.


Thanks to the many individuals that have emailed me about the Ruby/Sapphire situation in Australia, New Zealand and the UK!


Pokemon Heroes Trailer Released!


The trailer for the upcoming Pokemon movie has been released. Pokemon Heroes, the 5th Pokemon movie, features Latias and Latios, as well as Ash and the rest of the group. You can find the trailer to the movie here: Moviefone: Pokemon Heroes. The movie is scheduled to be released in theaters on May 16th, 2003. Like Pokemon 4Ever, this movie will be under limited release, which means it will not be in many theaters. So if you see it playing in a theater near you, than you better go see it before it disappears.



“Pokemon Heroes, the fifth installment of the phenomenally successful Pokemon series, takes place in a mysterious city on water. Set against a baffling maze of canals and alleyways, Ash, Pikachu and the rest of the gang take on a slick new pair of thieves in this glamorous, high-stakes adventure story. The film introduces two new pokemon characters, the courageous Latias and Latios, who possess strong psychic abilities and the power to disguise themselves as humans!”


Stay tuned for more news on Pokemon Heroes!


Torchic Themed GBA SP!


It was only a matter of time that Nintendo will give its newest handheld console a Pokemon theme. A new Torchic themed GBA SP will be available in Japan, it will be released on April 25th, 2003. Torchic, as most of you may know this already, is one of the three starters for the new Ruby/Sapphire game. Torchic is the fire type of the three. The GBA SP orange (Torchic’s color), with a Torchic engraved on the GBA SP itself. This is of course not the first time Pokemon has been themed to a console, Game Boy and N64 had Pokemon themes to them as well. The Torchic GBA SP is selling for the same amount the original is selling for, $100. However, this special themed GBA SP is only available at the Pokemon Centers in Japan. It is not known yet if this will be released in the US.


Ruby/Sapphire News for Japan, US, and Europe/Australia!


Having been released this long in Japan, almost five months, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire is still causing a lot of buzz in Japan. For the week of 3/17/03-3/23/03, over 35,241 units of Ruby/Sapphire were sold. With well over 4 million units sold with the two versions combined up to date. Ruby/Sapphire still has a good run left in it for quite a while. In 2002, Ruby/Sapphire was the best selling game in Japan of any format game, despite being released late in the year (11/21/02).


Back to the states, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire is selling well and getting good reviews from top gaming websites. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire captured “GBA Game of the Month” for March by IGN, one of the biggest gaming websites out there. It’s quite honor to recieve that kind of praise, especially from IGN. You can check out their announcement of the award here: IGN: GBA Game of the Month.


A lot of visitors have been asking me when Ruby/Sapphire will be released in UK/Australia. Well, quite frankly, there’s no official word on that, but you can expect it to be released in late April or early May. But with no signs of it being prepared to be released yet as of now, it’s probably going to be May. It’s anybody’s guess right now, let’s hope it gets released soon! If any updates on this situation comes up, you’ll be sure to find it here in the news.


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