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October 2003


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Pokemon Rocks America: From St. Louis, Now Houston!



Pokemon Rocks America tour just finished its stop at St. Louis, the two pictures above are from the event. For more pictures and video clips of the event at St. Louis, go here: [Pokemon.com: Pokemon Rocks America, St. Louis]


Two More Cities To Go

There's two more cities on the list: Houston and San Diego:

Houston, TexasHouston Space CenterNovember 8th, Saturday
San Diego, CaliforniaBalboa ParkNovember 15th, Saturday


Houston Location Details

Address: 1601 NASA Road 1, Houston, TX (Houston Space Center)

Phone Number: 281-244-2100

Admission to the event is free, however, parking at the parking lot is $4.


What To Expect

So what are some of the things you can expect from this event? A lot.


For beginners, there will be a lot of people there. At the first event in St. Louis, over 12,000 people attended.


There will be games at the event you can test out, such as Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire and Pokemon Pinball: Ruby/Sapphire. And you'll see some previews of Pokemon Channel and Pokemon Colosseum. There will be a TCG area for those that want to battle other people. There will be a lot of games and stage shows, and of course, there will be prizes given out. The Pokemon Center store will be on the road as well, featuring many of the products only found at the Pokemon Center NY store.


And for those that still want to get their hands on the Eon Ticket for Ruby/Sapphire, then here's yet another chance, they'll be giving out Eon Tickets at this event (you can get one through the November issue of the Nintendo Power magazine too).


Pokemon Leaf Green to be Replaced with Blue!




George Harrison, senior vice president of Nintendo of America, did an interview with Electronic Gaming Monthly. The interview talked covered mostly about the company itself and the GameCube in particular. The senior vice president also touched upon the Pokemon subject, but really briefly, saying the following:


"It's called Red/Green in Japan, but it'll be Red/Blue over here."


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, there’s really no reason for Nintendo not to release the Leaf Green version here in the US. But it seems that will be the case, unless George Harrison is wrong or they change their minds later on. Which brings up a lot of questions. What would the Blue version be called? Red is Fire Red, and Green is Leaf Green. The most logical and most likely name will probably be Water Blue. Also, wouldn’t this mean that the blue version must be first made in Japan and released there, before it can make it to the US? Will Leaf Green make it to the US eventually? Many questions, but plenty of time until Fire Red and Leaf Green is on store shelves, which is scheduled to be released in Japan in Spring 2004.


The Trainers For Fire Red/Leaf Green!


[Click to Enlarge]


Above is a picture of the trainers for the Fire Red and Leaf Green games. Obviously, the feature to choose which gender of your trainer is in this game. We already know of several other upgrades that will be back in the game. For example, the gender feature of Pokemon will be in Fire Red/Leaf Green. The original Red and Green versions didn’t have these features, and you can expect more or less of the same features we have already seen in Ruby/Sapphire and the other games beyond Red and Green.


More Screenshots of Pokemon Colosseum!


Had enough of these screenshots? If not, check out the official Japanse Pokemon website with screenshots of the game:



[Main page for Pokemon Colosseum]

[RPG Mode Screenshots]

[Battle Screenshots]



Poster and Screenshots of Pokemon Colosseum!


[Click to Enlarge]


Above is the poster for Pokemon Colosseum. Some of these screenshots below of Pokemon Colosseum, we have already seen before, from scans of magazines or rather low quality ones. Nevertheless, there are some new insight in the game in the screenshots, showing both during the regular battles and the new RPG mode.




See the remaining screenshots here: [Expand News: Screenshots]


The game will be released in Japan on November 21, 2003. The release date for the US is scheduled for March 4, 2004.


Eon Ticket in Nintendo Power!


If you haven’t got a your Eon Ticket yet, here’s another chance:


[Click to Enlarge]


Many of you Nintendo Power regulars probably already know this already: an Eon Ticket included with the November issue of Nintendo Power. Nintendo promotions for stuff like this are usually available at a limited amount of locations throughout the country, but now it’s as easy as picking up an issue of Nintendo Power!


What is the Eon Ticket?

For Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire, using the ticket (it's an item for you in the game), you use the ticket to board the S.S. Tidal at Lilycove City. It will take you to the Southern Island. At the Southern Island, you will be able to capture Latias in Pokemon Ruby version, or Latios in the Sapphire version. Without the Eon Ticket, you get the chance to capture Latios in Ruby, and Latias in Sapphire. So using the Eon Ticket, you’ll be able to capture the other one to finish your Latias and Latios siblings set.


So how do you get this Eon Ticket on your game? Using the e-Reader device, it scans the Eon Ticket to your game, that simple.


Pokemon Center NY: Pokemon Halloween Bash!


It seems that the Pokemon Center NY store always has some event planned, Halloween will be no exception. Pokemon Center NY will be holding a Pokemon Costume Contest, on October 25th, a Saturday, and judging starts at 2PM, so contestants should get their early! Winner gets a $100 certificate for the Pokemon Center NY store.


A Pinball Tournament will also be held, from 11AM-5PM. Top winner will get famous on the Pokemon Wall of Fame, and finalists will be eligible to win a GameCube.


The “Gotta Catch ‘Em All Station” will be open that day, all the way until the 31st. You’ll get a chance to add Aggron, Exploud, Wailord, and Cardaunt, to your Ruby/Sapphire game.


[Click Here: Halloween Costume Contest Rules]


Pokemon Rocks America Locations Revealed!



The Pokemon Rocks America tour will be at the following locations:


St. Louis, MissouriUnion StationOctober 25th, Saturday
Houston, TexasHouston Space CenterNovember 8th, Saturday
San Diego, CaliforniaBalboa ParkNovember 15th, Saturday


The official Pokemon website included the following describing the event:

“Get ready for one of the biggest Pokemon parties we’ve ever thrown, which will include previews of upcoming games and movies, a chance to compete against other Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire players, and a carnival of Pokemon games, contests, and cool prizes!


We’re also showing sneak peeks of the Pokemon Advanced animated series, holding a trading card game clinic, and bringing out some Pokemon characters in full costume!


Also on-site will be a traveling Pokemon Center Store featuring exclusive merchandise from the Pokemon Center NY, which will allow visitors to purchase special items normally available only at the New York City store.


And, just announced, we will be unveiling a super secret hidden Pokemon character at the three events, including Pokedex information and vitals stats! Come on down and check it out -- it will be a great time for kids of all ages!”


So if you live near St. Louis, Houston, or San Diego, make sure you don’t miss out on this special event!



Final Game (The last game that revealed all three cities)

Pokemon Rocks America Desktop Wallpaper #1 (800x600 size)

Pokemon Rocks America Desktop Wallpaper #2 (1204x768 size)


Pokemon: Advanced Starting on November 1st!




Pokemon: Advanced, the 6th Pokemon season, will start on November 1st.


About two weeks ago, I mentioned this in the news:

“If WB continues to show a new episode every Saturday, the last episode on the season will be aired on October 25th. If WB wants to kick off the new season on a Saturday, which is the likely case, then the earliest start date for the new Pokemon: Advanced season will start on November 1st. Of course, this is only speculation; we’ll just have to see what WB plans to do.”


And that's exactly what WB plans to do. November 1st, a Saturday, will begin a whole new adventure for Ash and the others, they will begin the journey through Hoenn and see a lot of the new Pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire.


Pokemon Colosseum Box Art!


[Click to Enlarge]


Above is the box art for Pokemon Colosseum, the Japanese version. Pokemon Colosseum will be released in Japan on November 21, 2003, which is less than two months away. The US release date is set for March 4, 2004.


Pokemon Colosseum Features

-Game is for GameCube

-New Pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire

-Up to four players in multi-player mode

-Two-on-two battles

-Beautifully designed Pokemon in 3D

-Capture Pokemon for your Ruby/Sapphire game


For more information about Pokemon Colosseum and screenshots of the game, go here: Pokemon Colosseum


Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Selling Great in the US!


Who says the Pokemon is a phenomenon is a thing of the past?


Despite decline in interest of Pokemon over the years Pokemon have existed, Pokemon is still going strong even today, ranking as one of the best selling games.


The NPD Group (a group that does sales/marketing information), released a top 10 best selling video games list for January 2003 to August 2003, for US sales. And of course, Pokemon made the list, with Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire:


Top 10 Best Selling Video Game Titles, Ranked by Total U.S. Units
January 2003 – August 2003


1PS2: Madden NFL 2004Electronic ArtsAug. '03$49
2GBA: Pokemon RubyNintendo of AmericaMar. '03$31
3GCN: Zelda: The Wind WakerNintendo of AmericaMar. '03$47
4GBA: Pokemon SapphireNintendo of AmericaMar. '03$31
5PS2: Enter The MatrixAtariMay '03$48
6PS2: Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityTake Two InteractiveOct. '02$48
7PS2: The GetawaySony Computer Ent.Jan. '03$40
8PS2: NBA Street Vol. 2Electronic ArtsApr. '03$49
9PS2: The SimsElectronic ArtsJan. '03$49
10PS2: NCAA Football 2004Electronic ArtsJul. '03$50

*ARP: Average Retail Price


Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire were counted separately. If they considered the two versions just one game, which they pretty much are the same game anyways, then Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire combined would have made it on number one. But despite that fact, Pokemon Ruby took the #2 spot, and Pokemon Sapphire got in at #4. Keep in mind this list is for any type console game, so Pokemon are up against everything, and Ruby/Sapphire managed to take #2 and #4, not bad, to say the least.


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