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November 2002


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Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire Sales In Japan Are Hot! - 11/30/02

Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire are selling at record breaking pace in Japan. On a Japanese top selling games list (Dengeki Top Selling Games List, week 11/18/02 Ė 11/24/02), Pokemon Sapphire got first place, and Pokemon Ruby came second. Pokemon Sapphire sold 700,492 copies, and Pokemon Ruby is very close with 672,315. Both games were released on the 21st, meaning these figures does not reflect an entire week of sales since list starts on the 18th. That means these numbers are for the four days it has been released.


To give you an idea exactly how big Ruby/Sapphire sales is in Japan: Two new games also made their debut release on the listís week of 11/18/02 Ė 11/24/02. Coming in at #3 is Biohazard 0 at 168,604 copies sold, and #4 is Super Robot Taisen Original Generation at 116,009. Well short of Sapphireís 700,492. And Rubyís 672,315.


As a side note, Pokemon Yellow is the fastest selling game ever. The game sold 1 million copies in the shortest amount of days, which is ten days. That record can be found in the Guinness World Records. It seems like weíll be having a new champion of that record.


Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Updated Information! - 11/30/02

As Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire is released in Japan, we are learning more and more about the game everyday. Ever since the release, everyone has been bombarded by information, so maybe this news article will clear things up. Below are some vital information that we have learned in the past and recent.


Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire features 135 new Pokemon, which makes a grand total of 386 Pokemon. The previous thought 100 new Pokemon, has been proved wrong. Ruby/Sapphire uses an entirely new Pokedex numbering system. All the old and new Pokemon are jumbled together. For example, Pikachu use to be at #25, and Raichu at #26. In the Ruby/Sapphire Pokedex, Pikachu will be listed at #156, and Raichu at #157. Thatís how the Pokedex goes. Also, 202 different Pokemon are available for capture in the game. You can not trade Pokemon with past versions with Ruby/Sapphire.


Your rival is the opposite gender to the trainer you've chosen. It seems that both Kanto and Johto doesnít exist in the game. Pokemon animations that existed in Crystal, are not in Ruby/Sapphire. Your own Pokemon does wiggle a little while youíre selecting an attack, but thereís no pre-battle animation like in Crystal. The music and sounds in the game is better than the previous versions. Also, battle animations are also improved. Needless to say, graphics wise, Ruby/Sapphire improved overall in that area.


Some Screen Shots in the Early Stages of the Game! - 11/30/02

Below are some screen shots of various places in the Ruby/Sapphire game in the early stages of the game. The pictures give you a good idea of what to expect from Ruby/Sapphire, graphics wise. Though the game may not use the full capability of Game Boy Advance, it still made improvements from past versions and retains the gaming formula that made past Pokemon games such a success. Shown here are just some of screen shots available here at Pokemon Elite 2000, for more screen shots of Ruby/Sapphire, check out the Ruby/Sapphire section.





Giant Pikachu Balloon At Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade In New York! - 11/30/02

There were of 13 giant balloons during 76th annual Macyís Thanksgiving Day Parade, and Pikachu was one of them. On the 28th of November, Pikachu representing Pokemon, skied high in the sky in the Thanksgiving parade in New York. The parade consisted of 13 giant balloons, as previously mentioned, as well as 25 floats and 12 marching bands. Right behind the giant Pikachu balloon, is the infamous Pikachu Beetle.


The 6th Pokemon Movie, and Mini Movie, Announced as Ruby/Sapphire Makes Its Release! - 11/23/02


As Ruby/Sapphire has been released, some important information on the newest Pokemon movie was released. The movieís name is like ďSeven NightsĒ and something about ďStars.Ē  Thereís really little information on this movie, however, the release date has been announced for Japan, which will be on July 19, 2003. The movie poster for the movie is really mysterious. This is the first time Iíve seen a Pokemon movie poster that doesnít reveal much about the movie itself. The background seems to be universe, with many stars, and looks a like a constellation in the middle of the poster. Right below that, is a shadowed figure, which to me, looks like a Pokemon. It seems to have a blade on one end, and another blade on the other end. Whatever the movie is about, itís already looking pretty good.


The mini-movie will feature many new Pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire. In the movie poster, you can see Pikachu and Meowth back to back. That is pretty interesting, seeing that they are rivals, itís kind of odd to see them like that. In the background, there are the three starters of Ruby/Sapphire, and several other new Pokemon.


The Three Starter Evolutions, and a Sneak Peek of the Other New Pokemon! - 11/23/02


Kimori (English name: Treecko)  --> Juputol --> Jucain


Achamo (English name: Torchic) --> Wakashamo --> Bashamo


Mizugorou (English name: Mudkip) --> Numakero --> Ragaruji


Now that the game is released, weíre learning as much as possible from it. First off, right above this news article, itís the pictures of the evolutions of the three starters in the game. What a Pokemon evolves into decides what theyíre going to pick for many people, so this will help out. Since the game releases in March 17th 2003 in the US, people here waiting for the release have plenty of time to think about which one to start out with, if you havenít already decided, that is.




Japanese names in order: Makunosita and Hariteyama. Rakurai and Raiboruto. Parasuru and Mainan. Donmeru and Bakuuda. Chirutto and Chirutarisu.


Right above this paragraph, you can see some new Pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire. Thereís a lot of new Pokemon discovered for the first time. Of course, since the game has been released, more and more new Pokemon are found each day. Itís only a matter of time until we get pictures of all the Pokemon. Right here, only some of the newly discovered Pokemon is pictured here. Be sure to check out the Ruby/Sapphire section occasionally to find any updates (or check the ďWhatís NewĒ list for new/updated pages, located on the bottom left of main page).


Ruby/Sapphire Opening Sequence, and Some Other Screen Shots! - 11/23/02





Above are some screen shots of the opening sequence of Ruby/Sapphire. The only difference in opening sequences between Ruby and Sapphire is that Ruby shows Latios, and Sapphire shows Latios. Youíre probably saying to yourself, shouldnít it be the other way around? Nope, you read it right, Latios in the opening sequence of Ruby, and Latias in Sapphire. Why itís like that, I donít know. Anyways, after the Latios/Latias scene, it moves onto a two on two match (by the way, the attack animations seen in the opening sequence is the same quality in real battles in the game). And it all ends with an explosion in the end.


Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Has Been Released In Japan! - 11/23/02

Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire made its release in Japan on the 21st. The game is expected to do very well in Japan, being the first Pokemon game for the GBA handheld system. Already, it has done very well in sales. About one million pre-orders have come in before the release. Itís expected that the game will sell another million in a week or so. Pokemon Yellow version was the fastest selling game in the US. It sold one million copies in just ten days. So what Ruby/Sapphire has done in Japan thus far, is quite special. As for the US release, weíre getting closer and closer as the days past, the officially announced release date is March 17, 2003.


As Ruby/Sapphire is released, expect updates in the Ruby/Sapphire section.


Explanation of the New Pokemon! - 11/18/02

A whole new batch of new Pokemon was discovered recently. Though information was scarce on these Pokemon, I managed to find as much about them as I can. Itís all explained below. Anyways, the Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire release date for Japan is getting very close! Itís going to be released three days! We will definitely learn more about Ruby/Sapphire after it has been released. Of course, it will still be a while until the game will reach the US, which the release date is March 17, 2003. From what we have seen of Ruby/Sapphire already, itís definitely worth the wait. Back on topic, hereís the new Pokemon with some explanations of their evolution lines:


(Kemusso, female)---->(Karasairu)---->(Karama)


(Kemusso, male)---->(Mayurudo)---->(Agehanto)




(Sabonea)                    (Jiiransu)

(Kyamome)                    (Gonyonyo)


*Keep in mind that these are Japanese names. Note that Yurikimono was discovered before, it is here to describe the evolution line of the newly discovered Namakero. Also, Sabonea, Jiiransu, Kyamome, and Gonyonyo: these Pokemon are not evolutionary related to each other. They either have no evolution or some evolution Pokemon that we haven't discovered yet.


Kids WB Renews Pokemon for 2003-2004 Season, The 6th Season! - 11/17/02

Pokemon still has a long way to go. Kids WB recently renewed their contract to air the 6th season of Pokemon. Here in the US, the 5th season is just underway, this season will finish up everything at Johto. Season 6 will feature an entire new region, called Houen (Japanese name). And of course, this new region will contain new Pokemon that are beyond 251. Japan calls this season the ďAdvance Generation.Ē The season is based on the Ruby/Sapphire game. With new Pokemon and new adventures, it will surely be yet another great season of Pokemon. The 6th season will start airing in the US sometime in 2003, probably late 2003.


Pokemon 5th Movie Will Be Released In Japan Soon! Ė 11/17/02

The 5th Pokemon movie, featuring the legendary sibling Pokemon: Latios and Latias, will be released in Japan December 20th of this year. Although itís not clear whether this movie will be available in VHS, but Japan released the 4th movie in both VHS and DVD format, it also came with a Suicune promo TCG card. The DVD is already available for pre-ordering at some Japanese online stores.


As for the US, the 5th movie should be making it's way here sometime in the year 2003. There's no official word when the movie is coming out, however, one thing is for sure, Miramax will be releasing the movie. Miramax has signed contracts for the 4th and 5th movies. The past movies were released by Warner Bros.


It's Official, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Will Be Released On March 17, 2003! Ė 11/16/02

Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire will be released in the US on March 17, 2003, which is a Monday. The official Pokemon website confirmed this information. Also, new official English names to some Pokemon were released. Groudon, the fire legendary is still Groudon. Kaiorga, the water legendary, is Kyogre. The three starters are: Mudkip (the water type), Torchic (the fire type), and Treecko (the grass type). This March 17th release was about two months sooner than the expected release date, which was early May 2003. The May 2003 date was used at many popular gaming sites and online stores. However, the tides have changed, March 17th is the official release date.


Join In The Pokemon Community Forum! Ė 11/12/02

Pokemon Community forum is a great place to chat with other fans. It is joint effort with five other top Pokemon websites to make a great environment for all fans to chat in. Pokemon Elite 2000 had its own forum, however, that will no longer be continued, as current members are directed to the new forum. For those that were with us at Pokemon Elite 2000 forum, Iím proud to announce that Syrus and Kenny, who are global moderators, are now continuing their great work at the Pokemon Community. Iím sure youíll find many other familiar faces as well if you were once at the Pokemon Elite 2000 forum. Just to make it clear, Iím still managing the forum along with the other site owners. Whether youíve been to the Pokemon Elite 2000 forum or not, the Pokemon Community is definitely something you shouldnít miss out on, sign up to be a member today:

[Pokemon Community: www.pokecommunity.com]


New Pokemon Discovered at Osaka PokeCenter! Ė 11/12/02

This new Pokemonís name is Rarutosu (Japanese name). At the new PokeCenter store at Osaka, Japan, fans had a chance to play a different demo version of Ruby/Sapphire (different from the one in Pokemon Festa). If you ask me, it looks like a dog, and its feet are comparable to those of Grimer and Muk, that is, if you consider those feet. In the picture below, you will see someone playing the Ruby/Sapphire demo, and there you will see Rarutosu during battle. Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire will be making itís release in Japan shortly, on November 21st, thatís less than nine days away. However, the game isnít expected to be released until May 2003 in the US.




Japan Commercial For Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire! Ė 11/12/02


A commercial in Japan has raised some questions about some of the images shown. 3D images of both Groudon and Kaiorga (stars of Ruby/Sapphire), were seen. Keep in mind, that this is a Ruby/Sapphire commercial, and of course, graphics of this magnitude canít possibly be on GBA. It may just be in there for effect, but it may very well be a hint to what to expect in the future. Pokemon Stadium was the best selling game for any console type game in the year 2000. Pokemon Stadium GS, the second version, did very well also. So it wouldnít be a surprise at all if a third Pokemon Stadium will be in the future. If such a game would be made, which I donít see why not, it would be on Gamecube, the N64 era has past. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire will make itís grand debut in Japan on the 21st of this month, and an expected release date of May 2003 in the US.


Two New Pokemon Discovered, as Japan Release Date Nears! Ė 11/09/02

Our first Pokemonís name is Eneko (Japanese name), the cat like Pokemon. The next Pokemon we have seems likely to be grass type, the structure of the Pokemon reminds me of Bulbasaur. Currently we do not have more information on these two Pokemon. On the topic of Ruby/Sapphire, the game release in nearing. Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire will be released in Japan on November 21st, thatís 12 days from now. The expected release date is May 2003. The game isnít out yet, but currently, we have seen a little over a twenty-five percent of the new Pokemon. To see more pictures of the new Pokemon available in Ruby/Sapphire, go to the Ruby/Sapphire page.


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Pokemon On Cartoon Network! - 11/05/02

The Pokemon TV series is available in another channel. Cartoon Network has started airing Pokemon this week, which started on Monday. The series on Cartoon Network will start from the first episode, and the following episodes will follow in order. Pokemon shows on Cartoon Network Mondays through Thursdays, at 9:00 PM (Eastern and Pacific). Also joining Pokemon to Cartoon Network from WB, is Yu-Gi-Oh, which shows after Pokemon at 9:30 PM. Cartoon Network has been making minor changes to their lineup at the beginning of the past months, but they havenít made any major changes like this recently. This is a good opportunity for those that have missed past episodes, and for those that just want to experience the past episodes all over again, this is your chance.


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Three New Pokemon! - 11/03/02

Once again, we have some new Pokemon surfacing up. In this first picture we have, the Pokemon resembles piranha, the Pokemon has sharp teeth. In the second Pokemon picture, itís a bluish Pokemon, with two jewels being its pair of eyes. It looks like it has webbed and clawed like feet, and its blue, so maybe a water type possibly. And finally, our last Pokemon looks like an acorn. The names of these are not yet known. Just to recap generally on what we know about Ruby/Sapphire already, it will feature 100 new Pokemon, a new region, improved graphics, and only available on Game Boy Advance. Also features 2-on-2 Pokemon battling, 2-on-2 linked battle linking four GBA systems, and new Team Magma and Team Aqua villain teams. It will be released on November 21st in Japan, and May 2003 in the US. For more pictures of the new Pokemon featured in Ruby/Sapphire, as well as screenshots, go to the Ruby/Sapphire section: Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire



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Pokemon 4Ever on DVD In March 2003! - 11/03/02

Miramax, the company that distrubited the Pokemon 4Ever movie, announced that it will release Pokemon 4Ever on DVD on March 18th, 2003. Odds are, you are many other fans had a tough time looking for a theater that was showing Pokemon 4Ever. The movie was a limited release, and the week it debuted at and the weeks to follow were jammed packed with new movies, not to mention the movies that are already playing. So needless to say, Pokemon 4Ever was a hard find due to all this. Luckily, the DVD will be released in March. That may seem like a long time, but itís only five months after the theater release, which is much faster release than your average movie. And hey, it will be out before Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire will be released in the US. So for those that missed out on Pokemon 4Ever, be sure to grab the Pokemon 4Ever DVD that will be released on March 18, 2003.


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