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December 2002


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New Pokemon TCG Set: Aquapolis! - 12/27/02


The newest TCG will be called Aquapolis, the scheduled release date is sometime late January 2003. This set features Pokemon-e TCG cards, that means you can use them for your e-Reader. If you donít know already, e-Reader is a device for Game Boy Advance, you swipe cards with special dots on them, that will unlock things such as games. These cards can be used for e-Reader, but itís also use in the Pokemon TCG. So thereís two ways to use them, however you like to use them.


This set will be the largest set ever, topping at 186 different cards total. It introduces three new energy cards: Boost Energy, Crystal Energy, and Warp Energy, all are uncommon cards. Thereís 35 holofoil Pokemon, 44 rare Pokemon, 3 rare energy cards, 1 rare trainer card, and the rest, 103 of them, are uncommons and commons. Donít let the name of the set fool you what type of Pokemon are in the set, Pokemon such as Ampharos, Espeon, Nidoking, Scizor, and more other non-water types can be found in the set. There will be two pre-constructed decks for this set, called Abyss (fire and water) and Rock Garden (fighting and grass). There are 9 cards in a booster pack, and 61 cards in a pre-constructed deck.


Sky Ridge is the next TCG set after Aquapolis, thereís no details on that set yet. Once again, the scheduled release date for the Aquapolis TCG set is sometime late Jarnuary 2003.


Official US Box Art for Ruby/Sapphire! - 12/27/02


Here we got pictures of the official box art for the Ruby/Sapphire game. Groudon, the fire legenday, is representing for Ruby. Kaiorga, the water legendary is representing for Sapphire. Both names, Groudon and Kaiorga, are official English names. The release date for Ruby/Sapphire in the US is March 17, 2003. Which is about three months away. If youíre planning to get Ruby/Sapphire, remember that itís for Game Boy Advance only. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire doesnít work with the regular Game Boy. In fact, trading is limited to only Ruby and Sapphire trading, no trading with past versions.


Pokemon Related Search Terms Ranked 2nd on Yahooís Top 10 In Toys Category! - 12/27/02

The first ever TCG set for the new Pokemon featured in the Ruby/Sapphire game will be released in Japan on January 31, 2003. The set is called the Pokemon Card Game ADV: Advance Adventure. Needless to say, itís a highly anticipated item in Japan right now. Ruby/Sapphire simply did amazing in Japan, and similar results will most likely follow with this new TCG set. If you rather wait till that comes out in English, never fear, thereís something around the same time around that release date to satisfy your appetite for the time being. Aquapolis, the next TCG set in line for release in the US, will be released in late January.


Pokemon Related Search Terms Ranked 2nd on Yahooís Top 10 In Toys Category! - 12/27/02

As 2002 comes to an end, Yahoo recaps on some of the things that caused the most buzz in 2002. Overall, things such as Playstation 2 (first place) and WWE were among the top 10 most searched. In a more specific category, toys, Pokemon placed 2nd on the list, behind Barbie. Though Pokemon has lost itís madness it sparked years ago, itís still standing strong as this has shown. Proving itís still one of the most popular toy/anime/games out there today.


Ruby and Sapphire Sells 2 Million Copies! - 12/15/02

Ruby and Saphire is nothing short of ďhotĒ in Japan right now. In its third week of sales, Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire combined to sell over 2 million copies. Not to mention, being first and second place on the top game sales in Japan for the week. Pokemon Sapphire sold 140,031 copies in its third week, with 1,017,109 total. Pokemon Ruby sold 135,838 copies for the week, and 988,408 total. Thatís 2,005,517 combined for the two games.


Of course, this is familiar ground to Pokemon. In Japan, Pokemon Red/Blue was the best selling game for any type of console game, in 1997. Despite being released in 1997, it continued on to 1998, when it captured second best selling game for the year. Also, Pokemon Gold/Silver was the best selling game for any type of console game, in 1999. And once again, even though was released in 1999, sales continued to be hot in 2000, good enough for third place for that year.


History is repeating itself in the year 2002.


Important: Pokemon Elite 2000 Information! - 12/11/02

Pokemon Elite 2000 has been down for the last couple of days. I have redirected URLs to lead to this old server, these URLs include www.pokemonelite2000.com (this one may take a while before it goes to the old server) and www.pokemonelite2000.tk (already going to the old server). The stay here at this old server should only be temporarily, as I'm pursuing other server opportunities. Because this is the old server, many pages are outdated and newer pictures aren't uploaded. However, I have already fixed that problem, by updating the website here the best I can, and everything should be normal with some minor things that I may have missed.


Sorry for the inconvenience! Pokemon Elite 2000 is back online! (Expect some updates to the website soon)


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