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Pokemon Pinball: Ruby/Sapphire


Release Date

Japan: August 01, 2003

US: August 25, 2003


Backgrond Information

Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire, for GBA, is the second Pokemon Pinball game. The game features the new Pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire. You will be able to capture Pokemon #001 to #200, thatís 200 Pokemon. There are two different Pinball boards, a Ruby board and a Sapphire board. There are bonus stages for things for doing certain things in the game. Using the GameCube Game Boy Player, you can use the GameCube rumble feature with the game.


Recap of the Features:

-For GameBoy Advance

-New Pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire

-Capture Pokemon from #001-#200, a total of 200 Pokemon

-Two Pinball boards: Ruby Board and Sapphire Board

-Bonus Stages available

-Use GameCube Game Boy Player to get rumble feature