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January 2004


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Fire Red/Leaf Green Released in Japan!





The day is finally here, Fire Red/Leaf Green has been released in Japan today. There’s some new screenshots of the game you can check out, as well as information on the games, go to the Fire Red/Leaf Green section: Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green (Updated with four new pages of screenshots)


(Japan release date note: The official release date was set for the 29th, however, some have reported that the game has already been released now in Japan.)


US Release Date

There is no official release date yet for a US release. But with Fire Red/Leaf Green now released in Japan, it shouldn’t take long. Expect it a couple months, maybe sometime during the summer. When an official release date has been announced, you’ll see it here in the news.


2003 Top 10 Console Game Titles!



Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire did very well in 2003. Here are the console game sales for the year 2003, ranked in order of number of units sold:


The NPD Group: 2003 Top 10 Console Game Titles






Madden NFL 2004


Electroic Arts


Pokemon Ruby


Nintendo of America


Pokemon Sapphire


Nintendo of America


Need for Speed: Underground


Electric Arts


Zelda: The Wind Waker


Nintendo of America


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Rockstar Games


Mario Kart: Double Dash


Nintendo of America


Tony Hawk Underground




Enter the Matrix




Medal of Honor: Rising Sun


Electronic Arts


Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire took in the second and third spot, which is something Nintendo should be really proud about. If you combine the sales of Ruby and Sapphire, it beats out number one ranked, Madden NFL 2004. However, Ruby and Sapphire are counted separate in this list. Overall, Nintendo took four spots out of ten.


Time Malfunction in Ruby/Sapphire (Berry Glitch)!


The time malfunction in Ruby/Sapphire, also known widely as the “Berry Glitch” since the berries depend on time, was first discovered in the Japanese versions. The internal clock of the game malfunctioned after a year of operating the game. This is of course, affects all time related events in the game. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire was released in Japan back in November 21, 2002. However, Ruby/Sapphire has yet to be one year old in the US, which was released back in March 18, 2003 (only about 2 months away). Meaning, you have to play it for a year, for the time to start malfunctioning. It was never confirmed whether or not this will affect the US games, but now it has.


Nintendo Power Magazine

In the March 2004 issue of Nintendo Power, it says the following: “As a bonus when you import Jirachi to your Ruby or Sapphire Pak, you'll recieve a small blessing for your berry gardens in the GBA games - they'll keep producing useful fruits forever. If your berry gardens dry up after your first year of gameplay, you'll want to have Jirachi do a little spring gardening for you!


What it’s talking about there is the ability to transfer Jirachi to your Ruby/Sapphire game. If you didn’t know already, if you pre-order Pokemon Colosseum (beginning February 9, 2004), you will get a Bonus Disc that contains Jirachi, in which you can transfer it to your Ruby/Sapphire game.


What it doesn’t mention is that it’s a big error Nintendo made on the game. The “blessing” is actually a hidden fix for the game. It was worded as if they planned it this way (of course, it’s an error, the way they said it, just sounds better).



Starting a game over will not fix the problem. In Japan, Nintendo offered a free fix in their service centers. It’s not known whether this offer will be available in the US. Nintendo has yet to formally address the issue until now. Check here in the news for any new updates about the Berry Glitch.


EX: Team Magma vs Team Aqua!



The next Pokemon-e TCG set is called: “EX: Team Magma vs Team Aqua.” The new set will feature new cards such as Groudon and Kyogre. EX: Team Magma vs Team Aqua is the fourth expansion set to the Pokemon-e TCG: EX Series. The release date is scheduled for March 2004. Be sure to check back here in the news for any new updates about EX: Team Magma vs Team Aqua.


Eon Tickets Available in the UK!



Fans in the UK will soon be able to get their hands on the Eon Ticket for their Ruby/Sapphire games. A one day offer, on February 21 (a Saturday), fans with their Ruby/Sapphire games can visit a participating GameStation store to get the Eon Ticket via Link Cable. You need to defeat at least five gym leaders before you can receive the Eon Ticket.


Using the Eon Ticket, you can board the S.S. Tidal from Lilycove City to the Southern Island. At the Southern Island, you will meet either Latias or Latios. In Ruby, you'll see Latias. And in Sapphire, you'll see Latios. (For more information about Latios/Latas and the Eon Ticket, go here: Finding Latias/Latios)


Below are the participating stores GameStation stores:

Unit 70, South Mall, The Pallasades Shopping Centre, BIRMINGHAM B2 4XJ
37, Newport Street, BOLTON, BL1 1NE
49 Commercial Street BOURNEMOUTH BH2 5RH
69 Western Road BRIGHTON BN1 2HA

28 Broadmead BRISTOL BS1 3HA
2 St Davids Way St Davids Shopping Centre CARDIFF CF10 2DP
26 Burlington Street CHESTERFIELD S40 1RR
4 Dudley Court Manor Shopping Centre CRAMLINGTON NE28 6QW
6, East Street, DERBY DE1 2AU
35 Silver Street DURHAM DH1 3RD

43 Union Street GLASGOW G1 3RB

92, Prospect Steet, HULL HU1 3RT

2/3, Kirkgate Market Buildings, LEEDS LS1 6BY
42, Granby Street, LEICESTER LE1 1DH
45, Hougthon Way, St Johns Shopping Centre, LIVERPOOL L1 1LN

6 Almondvale Centre South LIVINGSTON EH54 6HR

39. George Street, LUTON, LU1 2AQ

180A, Halle Mall, The Arndale Centre, MANCHESTER M4 2HU
46, Commercial Street, NEWPORT, Gwent, NP20 1LP
16, Angel Row, NOTTINGHAM NG1 6HL
104, Cornwall Street, PLYMOUTH PL1 1NF

24, Arundel Street, PORTSMOUTH PO1 1NL
172 Friargate PRESTON PR1 2EJ
12 Stewards Walk ROMFORD RM1 3RJ

16 College Street ROTHERHAM S65 1AG
85 The Moor SHEFFIELD S1 4PG
192, High Street, SUTTON, Greater London, SM1 1NR
47 North Street TAUNTON TA1 1LX
33, Wulfrun Centre, Wulfrun Way, WOLVERHAMPTON. WV1 3HG
C S 5 Church Street, YORK, YO1 8BG


Pokemon Heroes DVD/VHS Released!




Pokemon Heroes on DVD/VHS is now available in stores! Along with the movie, are two promo cards of Latios and Latias, and a Pokemon poster. The special features on the DVD includes: Camp Pikachu (the mini-movie), Location Scouting in Venice, Animation Stages, the Characters of Pokemon Heroes, and the Pokemon Heroes Trivia game.


The official Pokemon Heroes website: http://www.pokemon.com/heroes/


For more information and screenshots of Pokemon Heroes, visit the Pokemon Heroes section: Pokemon Heroes


New Islands and Mini Games in Fire Red/Leaf Green!


The official Pokemon Japanese website has just released some new information about the Fire Red/Leaf, and some screen shots to go along with it. As well as a new video ad for the game.


New Islands


Though the region will still be Kanto, Fire Red/Leaf Green will feature some new islands that you can venture out to.


Mini Games


Using the Wireless Adapter to play multiplayer mode, up to 2-5 players can play some mini games. In the first picture, you play a jump rope type game, the trick is to time your jump just right to get maximum points. In the second picture, use Dodrio to catch the berries (or what seems to be like berries) before they fall to the ground.



Low Quality Video (For slower internet connections)

High Quality Video (For faster internet connections)


Video Screen Shots







For more screen shots and information of Fire Red/Leaf Green, go to the Fire Red/Leaf Green section: Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green


New Screenshots of Fire Red/Leaf Green From Nintendo Japan!


Nintendo Japan has launched a new page for Fire Red/Leaf Green, with a bunch of new screenshots of the game. There are 5 links there on that page, here's a recap of them all:


Page 1: Introduction to Fire Red/Leaf Green


It just goes over how you can choose Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle for your starting Pokemon. And your trainer could be male or female.


Page 2: Improvements


The Japanese characters are now easier to read. It's slightly larger, and not as crunched up together compared to Ruby/Sapphire. There's a help feature that will show you how to play the game.


Page 3: Improved Pokedex


If you thought the Pokedex Ruby/Sapphire was great, wait until you see this one. Consider this new Pokedex an upgrade, with easier searches and a vast amount of information, and a new look for displaying the information.


Page 4: Wireless Adapter


Using the Wireless Adapter, you can link up to 5 players. You can start chatting just like in a chat room, and of course, battling.


Page 5: Compatibility

All the new games: Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green, and Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire are all compatible with each other. You can trade with Fire Red/Leaf Green with Ruby/Sapphire. And you can transfer your Fire Red/Leaf Green and Ruby/Sapphire Pokemon into Pokemon Colosseum (as well as transfering Pokemon from Colosseum to the Fire Red/Leaf Green and Ruby/Sapphire games).



There's also a video for Fire Red/Leaf Green at Nintendo Japan's page: [Click Here] (To save on computer: Right click on URL, Save Target As. The file is 2.2MB.)



Nintendo Japan's Page for Fire Red/Leaf Green: [Click Here]

To see all the screenshots, go to the Fire Red/Leaf Green section: [Click Here]


Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green will be released in Japan, on January 29, 2004. There is currently no release date yet for a US release.


Fire Red/Leaf Green to be Released this Month in Japan!



Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green will be released later this month in Japan, on January 29, 2004. The original release date was scheduled for Spring 2004. The official Japanese Pokemon website has been updated with the new release date: www.pokemon.co.jp


The release of Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green debuts another important item for both Nintendo and Motorola, which is the Wireless Adapter that is bundled with the games. Without using the link cables, you can access multiplayer features using the Wireless Adapter, the signal strength is good for about 33 feet (10 meters).


The games will sell for 4800 Yen, which is about $45 US dollars.


There is currently no US release date scheduled, but a date should surface soon with Fire Red/Leaf Green soon to be released in Japan. Of course, any further news concerning Fire Red/Leaf Green, and its future release here in the US, will be posted here in the news.


Pokemon Box's Situation in the US!



Many people have been asking about the situation on Pokemon Box. The game was scheduled to be released on December 1st, 2003, which didn’t happen. Pokemon Channel had the same release date, and it was released right on schedule. However, Pokemon Box remains unreleased, with no new release date, and no information whether or not it will even be released in the US. There has been no official announcement from Nintendo concerning it.


So what are the possibilities? Don’t give up hope on Pokemon Box yet, I believe there’s still a good chance of it being released here in the US. It might be the timing of the release that Nintendo is considering. Pokemon Box is basically an organization utility, to store a lot of Pokemon, it’s not really a game. They might want to release the game near the date of when Pokemon Colosseum will be released, which is March 22, 2004. It would even make sense to bundle Pokemon Box along with Pokemon Colosseum. In Japan, Pokemon Box was pretty much free, it came along with a Memory Card 59 (and a second bundle of both Memory Card 59 and GBA Cable), the value of the Memory Card 59 and GBA Cable pretty much covered the price.


We’ll just have to wait and see what Nintendo does with Pokemon Box.


For more information about the game, go to the Pokemon Box page: Pokemon Box


Pokemon Heroes DVD/VHS Site!



The official Pokemon website has created a new page for up coming release of Pokemon Heroes on DVD/VHS, here is it: Pokemon Heroes


Free inside the DVD/VHS will be two Pokemon TCG promo cards of Latios and Latias, and a Pokemon poster.


The Bonus Material on DVD (which we have learned already), includes: Camp Pikachu (the mini-movie), Location Scouting in Venice, Animation Stages, the Characters of Pokemon Heroes, and the Pokemon Heroes Trivia game.


Also on the site, a trailer for Pokemon Heroes made for the DVD/VHS release, it is slightly different than the original trailer for Pokemon Heroes (Apple Trailers: Pokemon Heroes). And a synopsis for the movie can be found there.


Pokemon Heroes on DVD/VHS will be released on January 20, 2004.


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