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March 2004


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Pokemon-e EX: Hidden Legends in June!


The next Pokemon-e TCG set will be EX: Hidden Legends. The new TCG set is scheduled to be released in June 2004. Pre-Release tournaments will again be available in early June. The set will feature over 100 new cards. Check here in the news for more information on the new TCG set and Pre-Release tournaments when it is made available.


6th Pokemon Movie: Jirachi Wish Maker Coming on June 1!


The 6th Pokemon movie is coming to the US on DVD/VHS on June 1, 2004.


Movie Description:

“Catch one of the most amazing Pokemon ever -- Jirachi, a magical creature capable of making wishes come true -- in this all-new Pokemon movie never before seen in theaters! Only once every thousand years when the Millennium Comet is visible in the night sky does Jirachi awaken from his slumber. And when he awakens this time at a traveling circus, he's got a whole new set of friends by his side: Ash, Pikachu, Max, and the whole gang. But soon, they must rescue Jirachi from the clutches of an evil magician and former scientist named Butler who wants to harness Jirachi's incredible energy to bring to life one of the most legendary and powerful Pokemon of all! Packed with nonstop thrills, high-energy action, and lots of surprises, Pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker is a wish come true for fans!”


DVD Bonus Features:

Pokémon “Gotta Dance” short (also on VHS)

“Make A Wish” Music Video
Trivia Comparisons
Pokémon Gallery
Pokémon: Jirachi Wish Maker Original Art
Message From The Director, Mr. Yuyuma


Straight to DVD/VHS

Pokemon: Jirachi Wish Maker will not be in theaters, instead, it will be directly released on DVD/VHS. Of course, there’s pros and cons to this. Many fans have found it difficult to find Pokemon films in theaters due to the limited release of the recent Pokemon movies. This way, all fans can see the movie easier and faster.


Pokemon Colosseum Released!


Pokemon Colosseum has now been released!


Nintendo’s Pokemon Colosseum Description:

Pokemon Trainers, this is the game you've been waiting for. Starring a brand new leading character, Pokemon Colosseum delivers an awesome Story Mode that takes place in an amazing region unlike anything you've ever seen in the Pokemon world. And if that's not enough to get you excited, Pokemon Colosseum also features a Battle Mode which lets you watch your favorite Pokemon battle in full 3D!



-An engrossing 3D Story Mode with RPG elements!

-Use the hero's Snag ability to rescue damaged Pokemon from wicked Trainers, then bring them back to their senses.

-Use a Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable to transfer your favorite -Pokemon from your Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire Game Pak to your Nintendo GameCube.

-Two games in one! In Battle Mode, you can watch spectacular battles as your prized Pokemon battle it out with amazing special effects.


Story Mode

Pokemon Colosseum's Story Mode is serious stuff. The game delivers a massive adventure which pits you against some of the toughest Trainers you've ever seen. The thugs routinely catch and damaged Pokemon, and you'll tour through a harsh land to undo their evil. Pokemon fans, this is what you've been waiting for -- an all-new Pokemon adventure in full 3D!


Pokemon in Darkness

When you battle evil Trainers, you'll see Pokemon that have been damaged by darkness. You bring them back to their senses and free their true personalities over a long process of encouragement and training. But first you must use the hero's Snag ability to steal Pokemon away from the Trainers -- another big first for the Pokemon world.


Realistic Battles

Drawing upon the power of Nintendo GameCube, Pokemon Colosseum's Battle Mode is far more realistic than the battles in the Nintendo 64 Pokemon Stadium games. You'll use the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance cable to send your team from your Pokemon Ruby or Pokemon Sapphire Game Pak to your Nintendo GameCube, then witness the true potential of your Pokemon team for the first time. There's never been anything like it!


For more information and screenshots of Pokemon Colosseum, go here: Pokemon Colosseum. Also, check out the official Pokemon Games website at: www.pokemon-games.com , it has been updated with more information about Pokemon Colosseum.


EX: Team Magma vs Team Aqua Released!


(Click on Booster Pack Image to Enlarge)


The newest Pokemon TCG set, EX: Team Magma vs Team Aqua, has now been released. The new set features 95 cards with 2 hidden holo cards of Absol (card number 96/95) and Jirachi (card number 97/95), making a total of 97 cards. Each booster box comes with an Absol card right from the box, and you can find Jirachi in boosters as you normally do with any other holo card.


The set will also include two theme decks, a Team Magma theme deck and a Team Aqua theme deck.


Theme Decks: Team Magma and Team Aqua

(Click on Theme Deck Image to Enlarge)


Cards From EX: Team Magma vs Team Aqua

(Click on Card Image to Enlarge)


Fire Red/Leaf Green to be Released Soon?


With the news of the Pokemon TCG World Championships, Nintendo has given us a broad idea on when Fire Red and Leaf Green will be released here in the US.


For first place and second place of the World Championships, there’s a long list of prizes, two of which includes: Pokemon Red for Game Boy Advance and Pokemon Green for Game Boy Advance. It didn’t say Fire Red and Leaf Green specifically, but there's really nothing else they can be referring to. There’s a Red version for Game Boy, but not for Game Boy Advance, and we definitely don’t have a Green version. With the mention of the Green version, this also puts the idea of a Blue version instead of a Green version in the US out of the picture.


The World Championships will be held on August 21st and 22nd, 2004. So you can expect Fire Red/Leaf Green to be released in the US before that date or soon after that date (giving the winners a copy of the game in advance is not out of the question, Nintendo certainly can do that if they wanted to). Being released before the World Championships seems more likely, but also keep in mind, it’s not like Nintendo hasn’t given the chance for fans to get things before they are released. There are Pre-Release TCG tournaments in which players can get the new cards before they are released.


With Fire Red/Leaf Green being given out as prizes at the World Championships in August, it should give all fans a good idea when the game will be out. Keep checking here in the news for any new updates about Fire Red/Leaf Green.


More Details on Pokemon TCG World Championships!


News of the Pokemon TCG World Championships came early in the month, now we have more details about this huge event.


The event will be held on August 21st and 22nd, 2004. The location will be at Orlando, Florida, at Disney World. You can only get in the World Championships with an invitation from Pokemon Organized Play, in which you have to place among the top in past tournaments:

-Top player from each age group at Pokémon TCG Gym Challenges

-Top four players from each age group at Pokémon TCG Stadium Challenges

-Top four players from each age group at the Pokémon TCG National Championships

-Top sixteen ranked players in the Pokémon Organized Play rankings database as of July 20th, 2004.


Winners from the past World Championships will also be invited. If you don’t have a invitation, there’s one last chance. There will be a “last chance” tournament at Disney World on August 20th (a Friday), in which winners of that tournament will be invited to the World Championships which takes place the next two days on the weekend. There is entry fee for the World Championships, but there is a $5 entry fee for the last chance tournament to get into the World Championships.


Prizes for the World Championships for first place includes a $7500 scholarship, a GameCube, Kyogre GBA SP, Groudon SP, Pokemon Colosseum, and much more. Even if you place 9th-16th place, you still get a very healthy reward, a package which includes a $1000 scholarship and Pokemon Colosseum.


For more information about the event and the complete list of prizes, go to the official page for the World Championships: Pokemon TCG World Championships


Beware! Fake English Versions of Fire Red/Leaf Green on Ebay!


Here we go again, more fakes of Pokemon games on Ebay.


English versions of Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green fakes have been recently spotted on Ebay. Not only are these games not released in English yet, there’s not even a release date for Fire Red/Leaf Green in the US. There are two different versions of the fake images, one set of both Fire Red/Leaf Green that are poorly made fakes. And a second version of a Leaf Green fake image that is much better made.


Version 1.0 - Not Very Well Made Fake Images

[Click Here To Enlarge]

[Click Here To Enlarge]

The sellers’ claim the games are in English, and has an image showing what seems to be an English version of the game. Not so fast. First off, the Fire Red version fake’s image is simply horrible, it used the original Red version’s design (same Charizard design), poor quality image, you only see about half of the image, and you can barely see the word “firered.” The font of the word is also done poorly, it’s a simple bevel and emboss technique found on Adobe Photoshop (an image editor). Same goes for the Leaf Green version, but there has been second new fake image of Leaf Green, that is much more convincing.


Example auction from Ebay: Pokemon Fire Red


Version 2.0 - Much More Convincing Fake Image

[Click Here To Enlarge]

This version fake Leaf Green image looks exactly what you would expect from an official game. One of the main seller’s of this fake game comes from Hong Kong, which is not a good sign, considering the fact that Hong Kong highly known for its piracy. And obviously, add that to the fact that the English version of Fire Red/Leaf Green hasn’t been released yet. And not surprisingly, several other Ebay accounts selling the game have no feedback on their account. And a few of those new accounts with no feedback, yet again, are sellers from Hong Kong. With this new image, seller's are obviously using this one instead of the first fake image of Leaf Green. This new image would undoubtedly fool many people, it's well made (unlike the first ones), but definitely a possible task to make by a person with the skill and proper tools to do so. Currently, for Fire Red, sellers are still using the first badly made one.


Example auction from Ebay: Pokemon Leaf Green


Of course, all of these are bad signs for any product (especially one that hasn’t been released). So beware of these fake products. It’s not known what the seller’s would actually send to those that buy it, that’s assuming if they even send anything at all. In the past, the most famous Pokemon fakes has to be Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Jade versions that were available on Ebay, those are obviously fakes. Those games were actually a game called Keitai Denjuu Telefang (never released in the US), the games was hacked and badly translated into English and make it seem like they were Pokemon games.


Joy Spots In Japan!


Nintendo announced a new free service called Joy Spots, that will begin in Japan on March 25, 2004. These Joy Spots are areas located in stores that allow players with a game using the Wireless Adapter (a device to play multiplayer without the wires). to connect and download data onto the game. You can think of the Joy Spot as a physical thing, and the Wireless Adapter connects (wirelessly, of course) to it and can download data to the game. The first games to use this Joy Spot feature will be Fire Red/Leaf Green, which are the first games ever to use Nintendo’s new Wireless Adapter. “Mario Golf: Advance Tour” will be the next game that the Joy Spot will support, that game will be released on April 22, 2004. It’s not known yet what exactly will be unlocked with the Joy Spots.


Not to be confused, the Wireless Adapter works fine by itself without the Joy Spots. Players can do multiplayer mode at the Joy Spots, but even without the Joy Spots, players can do multiplayer mode with just the Wireless Adapters online. The Joy Spots offer the feature to download data and unlocking features in the game.


7th Pokemon Movie: New Trailer and New Poster!


There is a new trailer and poster for the 7th Pokemon movie. As you can see the poster on the left, it features Deoxys (the three different transformations it can turn to) and Rayquaza, as well as Ash, Brock, May, Max, and a new character in the movie, along with Pikachu, Plusle, and Minun.


The new trailer of the movie can be found here: http://www.pokemon2004.jp/#trailer (Click on the 1.90 MB or 7.54 MB version)


This movie will be released in Japan on July 17, 2004. Currently, there is no release date scheduled yet for the US.


Images from the Trailer




For more information and screenshots of the 7th Pokemon movie, go here: Future Movies


Jirachi Website: Special Jirachi Calendar Download!


The Jirachi website, located here: Jirachi, is a promotion for the Bonus Disc for Pokemon Colosseum (which contains Jirachi in the disc). On the website, you can ask Jirachi yes or no questions, which basically acts like a magic 8-ball. After seven days you have visited the website, you will be offered a download.



If you don’t want to wait, and want to know what the download is, here it is: it’s a download for a Pokemon Colosseum Calendar. The calendar actually works as a wallpaper for your desktop, and you can add events on the calendar and save them. If you just set your computer's date to go beyond the 7 days needed, the download page will appear. Be sure to set your computer back to the correct date if you do this.


Download URLs

PC version: http://www.pokemon-games.com/raikou/colosseum.exe

Note: Make sure you know how to return your wallpaper to normal when installing this program, it will automatically change your desktop wallpaper to the Pokemon Colosseum calendar.

Directions: To save: Right click, then Save Target As, then choose location to save to, and install the program when the download finishes. To change your wallpaper, you have to right click on the far left or far right of your desktop, then go to Properties, then Desktop, then choose wallpaper.


MAC version: http://www.pokemon-games.com/raikou/colosseum.sit


Pokemon World Championships to be Held at Florida!


The Pokemon World Championships for the TCG will be held at Florida, it is scheduled for August. Players all over the world will gather to compete against each other. Not much is known about the event, such as details on where in Florida exactly or a specific date. Check here in the news for any new information concerning the World Championships.


Pokemon Colosseum Europe Release Date: May 2004!


If you live in Europe, you can get your hands on Pokemon Colosseum on May 14th, 2004. That’s only about two months after the US release date, which will be released on March 22. The official site of Nintendo of Europe announced the date: Nintendo of Europe


More Ways to Fix the Berry Glitch!


As many of you know already, if you have been keeping up to date with the news here at Pokemon Elite 2000, you can fix the Berry Glitch by pre-ordering a copy of Pokemon Colosseum to get the Bonus Disc. The Bonus disc contains Jirachi, and when transferred to the game, it will fix the Berry Glitch. Basically, the Berry Glitch is a time malfunction in the game, the internal clock will not operate properly, which causes problems for time related events, such as growing berry trees to not grow. This glitch in the game will begin a year after you have played the game, deleting your saved file and starting over the game will not fix the problem.


Now, for the US, that was the only way to fix it thus far, but now there are a few more methods to fix the problem.


Connect to Pokemon Colosseum

If you use your Ruby/Sapphire game to connect to Pokemon Colosseum, your game will be automatically fixed, that easy. Pokemon Colosseum will be released on March 22, 2004.


Visit EB Games or GameStop (US Locations Only)

Take your game to EB Games or GameStop and you can download a free fix to your game. Be sure to ask the store about it if it’s available.


Nintendo Service Centers (US Only)

Take your game and your GBA or GBA SP to a Nintendo Repair Center and get your game fixed for free. To find Repair Center near you, go here: Repair Center Locations


Send it to Nintendo (For both US and Canada)

If all those above methods won’t do for you, this is the last option, send it to Nintendo. You will have to call them at 1-800-255-3700 for more details on how to send your game to Nintendo and they’ll fix it.


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