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April 2004


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Pokemon on Game Boy Advance Video!


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Game Boy Advance Video will be launched on June 21st, 2004. Using GBA cartridges, video are stored on the game cartridge, which can be used on a Game Boy Advance or SP to play the video without any extra devices necessary. The video is displayed on the Game Boy Advance or SP with full color and audio. The Pokemon series will be one of many different series that will be launched on June 21st.


Initially, there will be two Pokemon paks available, each containing two episodes. In one pak will contain "Playing with Fire!" and "Johto Photo Finish" and a second pak with "A Hot Water Bottle" and "For Ho-Oh The Bells Toll!" Each pak with a retail price of $19.99.


The official Game Boy Advance Video website is here: http://www.gba-video.com/


New Trailer For 7th Pokemon Movie!



There is a new trailer for the 7th Pokemon movie. In the second trailer, most of the scenes shown are the same as the first trailer, however, there are some new scenes shown in the second trailer.


One of the most interesting moment in the new trailer is a quick glimpse of Deoxys, holding what appears to be a rock or piece of a meteorite, and there's a golden object shaped like an egg stuck in it.


The ending of the trailer, which shows the battle between Deoxys and Rayquaza, shows much more than the first trailer.


More Screenshots From The Second Trailer




Watch The Second Trailer

To view the trailer, go here: 7th Pokemon Movie Trailer. Directions: There are two different versions, 1.57 MB (low quality) and 5.22 MB (high quality). On the right side of the page, you will see the numbers 1 and 2, you can click on 1 to see the first trailer that was released, and 2 for the second trailer.


Release Dates

The 7th Pokemon movie will be released in Japan on July 17th, 2004. There is currently no US release date for the movie.


For more information and images from the 7th Pokemon Movie, go here: Future Movies


For more information on Deoxys, go here: Jirachi and Deoxys


Pokemon PT Cruiser Winner!



The Pokémon-e TCG: EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua PT Cruiser was sold on the online auction site eBay (the proceeds go to Starlight Children's Foundation), the auction began on February 24th with a starting bid of $5,000 and ended on March 5th with a winning bid of $10,729. The winner is Bonnie Duritsky of Toledo, Ohio, a mom who is also Pokemon fan. She has been running a Pokemon TCG League for the past year and was participating in the league for four years. Definitely a good owner for the PT Cruiser. Now she can ride to the TCG League with her kids in a one-of-a-kind Pokemon themed PT Cruiser. The PT Cruiser comes equipped with a Nintendo GameCube, five GameCube games, two Wavebird wireless controllers, and a 27" television.


And luckily for Bonnie Duritsky, Nintendo paid for the shipping for the PT Cruiser, which was transported by a large truck.


Here's a link to the eBay listing for this PT Cruiser: Pokemon PT Cruiser


Europe News: Pokemon Colosseum Mega Pak & Battlemaster 2004!


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The Pokemon Colosseum Mega Pak bundle will be heading to stores the same date Pokemon Colosseum will be released in Europe, on May 14th, 2004.


Pokemon Colosseum Mega Pak Contents

Black Nintendo GameCubePokemon ColosseumPokemon BoxGameCube GBA Link Cable

Memory Card 251

*The bundle's retail price will be 159 Euros (which is about Ł110 for the UK).



Pokemon Colosseum

The game itself, Pokemon Colosseum, will be released with a Memory Card 59. The Pokemon Colosseum and the Memory Card 59 combo is selling for Ł29.99 at Amazon UK: Pokemon Colosseum (With Free 59 Slot Memory Card). For more information and screenshots of Pokemon Colosseum, go here: Pokemon Colosseum

[Click to Enlarge]


Pokemon Box

Not to be overlooked, Pokemon Box has not been released anywhere outside of Japan. There is no official release date for Pokemon Box for the US. Yet, it will be included in the Pokemon Colosseum Mega Pak, that will be released on May 14th in Europe. For more information and screenshots of Pokemon Box, go here: Pokemon Box


Pokemon Box Coming to Stars Catalogue

Pokemon Box will also be available through Nintendo Europe's Stars Catalogue. Members gain stars in order to gain prizes, and soon, Pokemon Box will be one of them. Starting on May 14th (when Colosseum is released), for a limited time only, Pokemon Box will be available for 4000 Stars (not exactly an easy task to collect 4000 Stars). It's not known yet whether or not Pokemon Box will be available for purchase (excluding the Colosseum Mega Pak). Registered members of www.nintendo.co.uk can take advantage of this special offer. This offer is not available for the US.


UK Pokemon Colosseum Battlemaster 2004

The Pokemon Colosseum Battlemaster 2004 will also be celebrating the release of the highly awaited game in the UK. Round one of the tournament will begin April 24th at selected Toys 'R' Us, round two will be held at UCI Cinemas (to play on the big screen), and the final 16 contestants will be battling it out at the London IMAX Cinema (to play on the really really big screen).


Grand Prize: Battlemaster 2004 trophy, the Pokemon Colosseum Mega Pak, free Nintendo games for a year, a Pokemon scooter and a years free subscription to Nintendo Official Magazine.


For more information and list of participating locations on the event, go to the official site for Battlemaster 2004: www.battlemaster2004.com


Jirachi Wish Maker DVD Box Art!


[Click to Enlarge]

Here's the DVD box art for Jirachi Wish Maker, which will be released on June 1st, 2004.


DVD Information:

Bonus Features:

Pokémon “Gotta Dance” short (also on VHS)

“Make A Wish” Music Video
Trivia Comparisons
Pokémon Gallery
Pokémon: Jirachi Wish Maker Original Art
Message From The Director, Mr. Yuyuma


For more information and screenshots of Jirachi Wish Maker, go here: Jirachi Wish Maker


Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green Release Date: September!


Screenshot of Fire Red/Leaf GreenWireless Adapter with GBA SP


Nintendo doesn’t joke around, they mean business.


Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green will be released in September 2004, and the Wireless Adapter for GBA will also be included with the games.


At a New York City analyst briefing on April 1, 2004, one of the announcements included this:

“The Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter, which allows players to compete head-to-head without the use of cords, will be packaged with the September release of Pokémon Fire Red and Pokémon Leaf Green. In Japan, more than 2 million copies of Pokémon Fire Red and Pokémon Leaf Green featuring the Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter have been sold since their launch at the end of January. The June 28 release of Mario Golf: Advance Tour for Game Boy Advance also will make use of the adapter, which will be sold separately.” (Full Story Here: Nintendo Announces Innovative Updates for 2004)


This release date makes sense because Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green will be given out as prizes at the Pokemon TCG World Championships in late August.


Analyst Briefing on April 1

It’s probably not the best date for Nintendo to announce things, on April Fools day. But be assured, this is no joke. The last thing Nintendo wants to do is cause mass confusion. (Update on April 2: For the skeptics still out there. As expected, not a joke. Or else, it would have cleared up by now. Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green is announced for a September 2004 release.)


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