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October 2004


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Pokemon TCG: EX Giveaway!


Here's your chance to win some prizes that include: EX Battle Stadium, EX Decks Tins, EX Team Rocket Returns Box, Booster Packs and Theme Decks.


This giveaway is being hosted here on PokemonElite2000.com , and is sponsored by Nintendo and the Pokemon Trading Card Game (who will be providing the prizes).





1 Grand Prize Winner

- 1 EX Battle Stadium.

- 1 EX Deck Tins.

- 1 each of the EX Team Rocket Returns Theme Decks.

- 1 Box of Team Rocket Returns Booster Packs.


20 First Prize Winners

- 1 each of the EX Team Rocket Returns Theme Decks.

- 2 each of the EX Team Rocket Returns Booster Packs.


The contest will run from October 25th, 2004 through November 29, 2004.


For more information about the prizes and to enter the giveaway, go here:


Tsunekazu Ishihara Speaks on New Pokemon Games for DS!


Tsunekazu Ishihara, President of Creatures Inc (which creates the Pokemon games along with Nintendo and Game Freak, shed more light on the Pokemon games for Nintendo DS.


"We've developed many entries in the Pokemon series. Among those, titles such as Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire and Emerald are the backbone of the series. We've started developing the NDS (Nintendo DS) Pokemon Diamond & Pearl as the true successors to these games. They will be the definitive entries in the series, so please look forward to them," said Ishihara.


Ishihara also mentioned the dual cartridge feature. The Nintendo DS supports GBA games, but at the same time, a DS game and a GBA game can be inserted to the DS handheld. For the Pokemon Dash game, by using a Pokemon related GBA game, you can unlock new courses.


"While playing Pokemon Dash, if you insert a Pokemon-related Game Boy Advance cartridge, your Pokemon will become a race course. It will become a fun course in the shape of a Pokemon."


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Pokemon Master Quest Collector's Box Set: Quest 1!


You can buy the Pokemon Master Quest Collector's Box Set: Quest 1, starting tomorrow. The box set included 3 DVDs which includes the first half of the Pokemon Master Quest season. The next set, Quest 2, has a released date set at February 22, 2005. The retail price of the first set is $39.98.


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Four Day Fiesta at Pokemon Center NY Store!


Events at the Pokemon Center NY Store, what else is new?


The four days cover October 23rd, 24th, 30th, and 31st. At the event you'll be able to pick up an Aurora Ticket. A costume contest will be held on the 30th to celebrate Halloween. The last day on the 31st is said to be "your last chance to get Deoxys this year!" A slight hint that more giveaways of the Aurora Ticket is possible next year, which is not that far away.


If you're heading down to the Pokemon Center NY store, be sure to bring your game to get the Aurora Ticket!


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Impressive Sales of Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen in Europe!


Pokemon is still well and alive in Japan, as well as here in the US, but it's also doing pretty good for itself in Europe. In just two days of sales, Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen sold 250,000 units in Europe. And if you're wondering, yes, that's a lot. Sales of the GBA SP has also gone up, by 200 percent. The recent price drop of GBA SP and the release of Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen helped increase the sales.


Jim Merrick, Senior Director of European Marketing for Nintendo of Europe:

"This is a record sales uplift for the handheld console that continues to lead the market, with a European installed base of almost 5 million. This recent price drop enables us to offer gamers everywhere the Game Boy Advance SP at its most affordable price ever and with so many great games available now and in the future, there has never been a better time to get into handheld gaming. The phenomenal success of Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen in the first two days on sale proves that the franchise is still very much alive. For the first time ever in a Pokemon game, we have introduced wireless gameplay through the use of a Wireless Adaptor. We believe this, plus the host of new features in the game, have been key to its success."


7th Movie News: Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys and Munchlax!



The title of the 7th Pokemon movie is revealed: Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys. The movie features Deoxys and Rayquaza, and of course, Ash and the rest of the gang are in the movie. No official release date has been set for the movie, but expect it to be released early 2005, direct to DVD/VHS.



Also revealed is the Gonbe's English name, which is Munchlax. Munchlax is the pre-evolution from of Snorlax. The Pokemon first appearance is in the 7th movie, Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys, and will also be in the Pokemon Dash game. Munchlax is the only known Pokemon beyond the current 386 Pokemon set. There is speculation that Munchlax might lead to entire new set of Pokemon in the new Pokemon games in development: Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl.


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Pokemon Dash, Pokemon Diamond & Pokemon Pearl!



Here comes the new Pokemon games for Nintendo DS.


Pokemon Dash, along with Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, has been announced at the Nintendo DS Japanese Press Conference today. Pokemon Dash is a racing game, by using the pen, you can guide Pikachu along the map to reach checkpoints. Along the way, you'll use things like rafts and air balloons to reach your destination.


If you didn't notice already, there's an image of Gonbe on the Pokemon Dash's box art. This will mark Gonbe's first appearance in a game. Gonbe appeared in the 7th Pokemon movie (still awaiting US release).


Pokemon Dash is scheduled to be released in Japan on December 2, 2004. There is currently no official US release date available.


Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl

There's no further information or images about Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, except for the fact that we now know it's under development. These two games will be the next Pokemon RPG games on Nintendo DS. Be sure to check back here in the news for any new updates on these games.


It's important to note that years ago, two fake Pokemon games titled Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Jade was sold widely on Ebay. Obviously, those are not a real Pokemon game. However, the new announcement of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl are indeed the real thing. So make sure you don't get them confused.


There is currently no release date for Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl.


Screenshots from the Nintendo DS Japanese Press Conference (Click to Enlarge)


Screenshots of Pokemon Dash (Top Screen and Bottom Screen)


For more screenshots of Pokemon Dash, go here: Pokemon Dash


8th Pokemon Movie Next Summer & Special Nintendo DS Feature!


The next Pokemon movie, making it the 8th Pokemon movie, will be released in Summer 2005, in Japan. The movie is big news, but there are also plans to make the movie even more special. Nintendo plans to offer a new service during the movie in theaters, which allows movie goers to download various things to their game by using the wireless technology built in to the Nintendo DS.


"You just need to bring the DS and one of the Pokemon software for Game Boy Advance and you'll be downloading some unique Pokemon data while you watch the movie," Satoru Iwata said, who is President of Nintendo. Nintendo DS is compatible with all GBA games, just to clarify what Iwata said there.


Nintendo On It's Own For Movies?

Also being talked about is the possibility that Nintendo might make animated movies by itself, and not make them along side with other partner companies.


"We'll decide whether we would do it or not by the end of December," Iwata said.


Back in the US...

We're still awaiting word on the 7th Pokemon movie, which features Deoxys. There's currently no release date set. The last Pokemon movie that was released in the US, the 6th movie, Jirachi Wish Maker, was a direct release to DVD/VHS. So it's highly likely that the 7th Pokemon movie will hit DVD/VHS directly as well.


Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen & POM Released in the UK!




It's the UK's turn to get the game now. Pokemon FireRed and Pokemon LeafGreen have been released in the UK.


Pokemon Official Magazine

Also released today in the UK, is the first official Pokemon Magazine in the world, POM (Pokemon Official Magazine). The magazine comes with some free gifts: 6 Pokemon fridge magnets, a double sided Pokemon mega poster, and a 3D Charmander model. The first issue contains 92 pages and will be published quarterly in the UK. Get yourself a copy for a retail price of £3.99.


Pokemon Official Magazine Contest

Pokemon Official Magazine launched a contest to win one of three Pokemon goodie bags that contain official Pokemon toys, a copy of one of the games plus trading card packs and other gear. Twenty runners up will win Pokemon GBA SP protective covers.


All you need to include in the contest is your name and email, and answer the Pokemon question correctly. Entries are due by November 25th, 2004. The drawing will be held on the 26th, and winners will be notified within 30 days. The contest is open to all UK and overseas residents.


To enter, go here: Pokemon Official Magazine Contest (You will be redirected back to Pokemon Elite 2000 after you have submitted your entry)


Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen Surpasses 1 Million Units Sold!



After just 21 days after it's release in the US, Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen has sold 1 million units. Sales are also going good for the GBA SP since it's price drop to a retail price of $79.99 (the release of Pokemon FireRed/LeafGreen helps too).


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