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November 2004


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7 Days Left - Pokemon TCG: EX Giveaway!


The Pokemon TCG: EX Giveaway, which started October 25th, 2004, will be ending in 7 days on November 29th, 2004. If you haven't entered the giveaway yet, here's your last week to do it before it ends.


[Enter The Giveaway (Form and Information) - Pokemon TCG: EX Giveaway]



1 Grand Prize Winner

- 1 EX Battle Stadium.

- 1 EX Deck Tins.

- 1 each of the EX Team Rocket Returns Theme Decks.

- 1 Box of Team Rocket Returns Booster Packs.


20 First Prize Winners

- 1 each of the EX Team Rocket Returns Theme Decks.

- 2 each of the EX Team Rocket Returns Booster Packs.


2004 Pokemon World Championships Decks Now Available!


2004 World Championships Decks


The decks of the finalists in the 2004 Pokemon World Championships are now available:


Rocky Beach Deck (Featuring Swampert)

Reed Weichler of the US (2nd Place, Bracket: 10 & under)


Blaziken Tech Deck (Featuring Blaziken)

Chris Fulop of the US (2nd Place, Bracket" 15 & over)


Team Rushdown Deck (Featuring Gardevoir)

Kevin Nguyen of the US (2nd Place, Bracket: 11 to 14)


Magma Spirit Deck (Featuring Groudon)

Tsuguyoshi Yamato of Japan (1st Place, Bracket: 15 & over)


The Pokemon World Championship was held in August 20-22, 2004. These decks are using the actual card combination these finalists used to win.


Each deck contains 60 cards and a 32 page 2004 World Championships Booklet. The cards of the decks have special limited edition card backs, which makes them unusable in tournament play. However, of course, you can use them for your own playing purposes and learn the strategies of the finalists of the 2004 Pokemon World Championships.


The Day After the Nintendo DS Release!




Not surprise here, the Nintendo DS is selling very well. Stores are selling them quick and shortages are expected. The 1 million units of the Nintendo DS will be expected to sell out before the end of the year.


Recap: EB Games at Universal CityWalk

Enthusiastic fans lined up hours before the launch of the Nintendo DS at the EB Games at Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles. Over 300 fans lined up for the premiere launch at 12:01 AM (November 21st), despite the rain that began pouring a few hours before the launch. A DJ was at the site to keep the people in line entertained. When it hit midnight, a fireworks display celebrated the launch of the Nintendo DS.



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Nintendo DS Released!


Nintendo DS Box


The Nintendo DS goes on sale today, for a retail price of $149.99. EB Games at Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles celebrated the Nintendo DS launch by hosting the premiere launch at midnight.


A dozen games are available for the DS for the launch. The Nintendo DS is also compatible with all GBA games.


Along with it's dual screen feature, the Nintendo DS uses a touch screen, voice recognition, and a built-in wireless connection. Nintendo will be expecting a lot of demand for the Nintendo DS during this holiday season.


For more information, go to the official Nintendo DS website: Nintendo DS


Nintendo DS Pokemon Games

Pokemon Dash - March 14, 2005

Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl - Not Known Yet


Destiny Deoxys at eNerGy Anime and Game Festival!


The seventh Pokemon movie, Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys, was shown at the eNerGy Anime and Game Festival today at New York City. However, the movie won't be a theater release, Destiny Deoxys is scheduled to be released on DVD/VHS on February 15, 2005.


Destiny Deoxys - Movie Description

When a meteor from outer space comes crashing to Earth, it collides with an ice field. Professor Lund and his crew (including Lund's son, Tory) happen to be observing and study Pokemon on the ice field when the catastrophic meteor touches down.


From the misty haze of the crash emerges a new Pokemon, Deoxys. But as soon as it makes it appearance, it battles another Pokemon, Rayquazza, and Professor Lund and Tory get caught in the climactic battle between the two titans.


Four years later, Ash, Pikachu, and friends arrive in the high-tech city of Larousse, ready to battle in the city's famous battle tower. They come upon Tory, who is scarred by his previous encounter with Pokemon, and is now completely afraid of them. Just as Ash and company are trying to help Tory get over his fear of Pokemon, Deoxys reappears.


What does Deoxys want?

What is its secret?


In the high-tech streets of Larousse City, the answers will come! Are you ready for the greatest Pokemon adventure ever?


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Pikachu Returns to Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2004!


The giant Pikachu balloon will once again participate in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The parade will be held live on NBC on November 25, 2004, 9AM-Noon. Pikachu will join the likes of Charlie Brown and Ronald McDonald, along with other giant balloons that will march on the parade in New York City.


Pikachu Balloon (Past picture)


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National Games Week: November 21-27, 2004!



National Games Week's will be promoting the use of non-electric games and the Pokemon TCG is one of the sponsors for this event.


"Game publishers throughout the country have joined with Games Quarterly publisher Matthews Simmons Marketing, to promote the educational, social and entertainment value of playing games. We are talking about face to face interactive games, including board games, card games, role playing games, family games, party and trivia games, and miniatures games." - National Games Week


To learn more about the National Games Week, go to their official website: National Games Week


New Screenshots of Pokemon Dash!



Here's some new screenshots of Pokemon Dash, which will be released in Japan on December 2, 2004. The US release date for Pokemon Dash is on March 14, 2005.


To view all the new screenshots and the previously released screenshots, go to the Pokemon Dash page: Pokemon Dash


Pokemon Dash and Pokemon Emerald Release Dates for the US!


Nintendo announced the release dates for the next Pokemon games for the US.



Pokemon Dash (Nintendo DS): March 14, 2005

Pokemon Emerald (GBA): April 2005


It's not in time for this holiday season, but definitely items you might want to consider on your post-holiday season shopping list. And of course, something that will be on many people's wish list, the Nintendo DS will be released on November 21, 2004.


Good News: DS Selling Out! Bad News: DS Selling Out!


Nintendo DS isn't even released yet, but pre-orders for the Nintendo DS has been beyond Nintendo's expectations. Pre-orders have reached 2 million in Japan, which is double what Nintendo expected. Nintendo had prepared 1 million units for the launch date. With so much demand for the Nintendo DS, this is good news for Nintendo, but it must also keep up with the demand to keep the consumers happy. A third factory has been brought in to produce the DS to keep up with demand.


Sales for the Nintendo DS are doing just as good in the US. Pre-orders at Gamestop and EB Games have all sold out.


New Pokemon TV Series: Pokemon Chronicles!



At the 4Kids Entertainment Third Quarter Earnings Conference Call, 4Kids CEO Al Kahn announced the new Pokemon series: Pokemon Chronicles.


It will have new characters and stories that shows what else is happening in the Pokemon world besides following Ash. There's speculation that this might be "Pokemon Housou" from Japan, which fits the description of Pokemon Chronicles (new characters and new stories), however, this has not been confirmed yet.


Pokemon Chronicles will air along side with the 8th Pokemon season starting September 2005.


Pokemon Online Game A Good Idea? Jim Merrick Thinks So!


Jim Merrick, Senior Director of European Marketing, was interviewed by Edge magazine to talk about online multiplayer gaming. He brings up that Pokemon would make a good game, saying that a Pokemon online game "could work very well." Here's that part of the interview:



Jim Merrick

Edge: But those hurdles - technological and financial - are diminishing. What will the situation be when they become negligible?
Merrick: I think online can be a compelling feature in the right game, so I can play with people I know rather than strangers, rather than being beaten by an eight-year-old who has devoted a significant portion of their young life to that particular game. Nintendo has a lot of properties which could be compelling online - let's say Pokemon, that could work very well. Would that mean that people would stop playing Pokemon offline? Not at all. It's just a feature, a strong feature. It's like multiplayer gaming. A strong multiplayer game must always stand on its own feet as a strong singleplayer game because your friends aren't always around.


Before moving to the Europe position in 2003, Merrick was with Nintendo of America as a Software Engineering Manager and Network Marketing Director. He worked with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata on network and internet game strategy for Nintendo.


So what does this all mean? Well obviously there's no official plans for a Pokemon online game. However, if Nintendo ever goes to the internet gaming business (which I think is only a matter of time), then it sounds like a online Pokemon title would be a good idea for Nintendo. If Merrick thinks it's a good idea, that's a good sign.


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Spike TV's Video Game Awards 2004!


Pokemon FireRed version will be competing in the Best Handheld game in Spike TV's Video Game Awards 2004.



Astro Boy: Omega Factor (Sega)
Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour (Nintendo)
Metroid: Zero Mission(Nintendo)
Pokemon FireRed Version (Nintendo)


To vote, go here: Spike TV Video Game Awards 2004


The awards will take place live Tueday, December 14 at 9PM, in Los Angeles. The event will be hosted by Snoop Dog.


UK's Channel 4: The 100 Greatest Cartoons!


The UK's Channel 4 is running a special on "The 100 Greatest Cartoons." You can go to their website and vote for your top ten. Currently, there are 105 nominations to vote for, including Pokemon of course!


To vote, go here: The 100 Greatest Cartoons (The nominations and voting page sorts the cartoons in alphabetical order for easy browsing)


Whoever created the list, showed a good knowledge of anime. Princess Mononoke didn't do well here in the box office, but it was a great movie and it made the list. Spirited Away was no surprise, it won the Oscar for best animated feature and the Golden Bear for best film at the Berlin International Film Festival. Akira, a classic anime film, is also on the nominations. It's nice to see those on there, however, in addition, I would add The Castle In The Sky (the director: Hayao Miyazki, who also directed Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away), and Grave of the Fireflies.


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