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August 2005


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Pokemon Trading Card Game: EX Unseen Forces!




Pokemon Trading Card Game: EX Unseen Forces Released!


Game Type: Pokémon Trading Card Game

Format: Trading Card Game

Launch Date: August 24, 2005

Players: 2

MSRP: Pre-constructed decks - $10.99, Booster packs - $3.29


Game Summary

Pokémon Trading Card Game: EX Unseen Forces, the 10th and largest EX expansion ever, explores the realm between the known and the unknown with some of the mightiest Pokémon ever discovered! Introducing Pokémon from the Pokémon Gold & Silver video games for the first time in an EX series of cards, as well as unveiling Legendary Pokémon as Pokémon *, the Pokémon TCG: EX Unseen Forces expands the boundaries of the Pokémon universe. A special new subset, the Unown, also premieres in the expansion. 28 different Unown are available, creating a unique numerical system that adds a new level of collectabililty to the Pokémon TCG. EX Unseen Forces features over 140 cards, the largest EX expansion ever, and it includes new Trainer cards as well as some exciting surprises. A special Box Topper Bonus is included in each booster display. The expansion remains compatible with previous releases.



- Over 140 cards, including Pokémon * and new Pokémon Supporter and Tools

- The long-awaited return of Pokémon from the Gold & Silver video games, including popular Legendary Pokémon Lugia and Ho-Oh

- Unown subset with unique collection numbering

- Special Box Topper Bonus card included in each booster display box


Pokemon TCG World Championships Results!






The Pokemon TCG World Championship was completed Sunday, here's the results:


10 and Under: Curan Hill, US (def. Geoffrey Sauk, US)

Eleven to Fourteen: Stuart Beson, US (def. Takashi Yoneda, JP)

Fifteen and Over: Jeremy Maron, US (def. Ross Cawthon)


Bracket 10 & under

First: Curan Hill (US)

Second: Geoffrey Sauk (US)

Third: Michael Gonzalez (US)


Bracket 11 to 14

First: Stuart Benson (US)

Second: Takashi Yoneda (Japan)

Third: Daniel Richard (US)


Bracket 15 & over

First: Jeremy Maron (US)

Second: Ross Cawthon (US)

Third: Pablo Meza Alonso (MX)


US players swept all first place finishes. Last year, it was Japan which swept all first place finishes.


World Championships 2006

Next year's World Championships will be held at Anaheim, California.


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Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Screenshots!



The Pokemon Festa 2005 event in Japan showed off what players can expect in Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Blue Rescue Force (Nintendo DS) and Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Red Rescue Force (GBA).


Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Blue Rescue Force (Nintendo DS)






Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Red Rescue Force (GBA)



Pokemon TCG World Championships 2005 Underway!



The Pokemon TCG World Championships is now underway this weekend at San Diego, California. Over 400 players from over 30 countries will participate in the huge event.


What Else To Do at Worlds

Not all of us are Pokemon TCG geniuses, so for the average fan, there's still plenty do at Worlds. One big item is the Mystic Ticket will be given out at the event (just bring your game: Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen). Also, some Pokemon artists will be on site. Undoubtedly, the most famous of them all is Ken Sugimori, who's Pokemon art you can see all over the internet (as well as on this website of course). Pokemon artists Hironobu Yoshida, Tsunekaz Ishihara, and Takumi Akabane will also be there for autographs. And the usual fun and games associated with these big events will keep you occupied. And of course, with so many fans in one place, there's never been a better time to do some trading.


Will History Repeat Itself?

Last year, the winners of the three age brackets were all from Japan, and oddly enough, all third place finishers were Japanese competitors. All second place finishers were US competitors.


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Pokemon TCG: EX Unseen Forces Next Week!



Press Release

Nintendo of America Inc., distributor of both video and trading card games for the Pokemon franchise, ventures into new frontiers with the latest expansion of the trading card game with the announcement of the August 24 release of the Pokemon Trading Card Game: EX Unseen Forces. This expansion, the largest EX set ever released, boasts over 140 cards and holds powerful surprises for players.


Many Pokemon from the Pokemon Gold & Silver video games make their appearance for the first time in an EX series of cards. Players will have the chance to harness the power of two of the most popular Legendary Pokemon, the winged Lugia and Ho-Oh. EX Unseen Forces also includes the enigmatic Unown, whose ancient mystery can be solved by collecting the whole set. The Unown are also numbered with a unique system, making the subset highly collectible. Along with Legendary Pokemon, Pokemon *, new Trainer cards, and more Pokemon-ex, this expansion provides players with a bridge between the known and unknown corners of the Pokemon universe.


The expansion will be available in two 60-card theme decks, Pokemon TCG: EX Unseen Forces Golden Sky and Pokemon TCG: EX Unseen Forces Silvery Ocean, as well as nine-card booster packs.


“Versatility and collectability are key in this milestone expansion of the Pokemon Trading Card Game,” says Gail Tilden, Nintendo's Vice President, Brand Management. “EX Unseen Forces will challenge players to reach greater heights of game play and deck construction.”


Pokemon TCG: EX Unseen Forces theme decks and booster packs go on sale August 24, with a MSRP of $10.99 for the theme decks and $3.29 for the booster packs. Each pack features nine randomly inserted game cards (five common, two uncommon, one rare, one holographic card from either the holographic parallel set or a holographic Unown card). Theme decks include a 60-card deck, including one holographic card, a card list, game coin (with the Energy symbol design of lightning and water), damage counters, an updated rulebook (including deck construction tips and card list) and a one-player playmat.


Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness and Pokemon Emerald Dates for Europe!



Nintendo has announced the Europe release dates for Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness and Pokemon Emerald.


Europe Release Dates

Pokemon Emerald (GBA) - October 21st, 2005

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (GC) - November 18th, 2005


Back in the US, Pokemon Emerald is already released (May 1st, 2005), while Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness is scheduled to be released in the US on October 3rd, 2005.


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PokePark in Japan Milestone: 3 Million Visitors!



The PokePark in Japan reached 3 million visitors yesterday, on the 18th. The Pokemon theme park includes many rides, stage shows, and games.


Time is running out for the PokePark, which opened March 18th, 2005. The temporary theme park will close on September 25th, 2005.


For more information on the PokePark, visit the official website: http://www.pokepark.jp/en/ (English Version)


Attention US Youth Soccer Players: Pokemon Essay Contest!



If you're a member of the US Youth Soccer Association, you're in luck.


Pokemon and US Youth Soccer has worked together to bring the "Pokemon US Youth Soccer All-Stars" Scholarship Contest. A total of ten essays written by US Youth Soccer players will receive a $3,000 higher education scholarship.


The US Youth Soccer player just needs to write an essay that contains 150 words or less "describing a time when they exhibited 3 of the 5 values of a Pokemon US Youth All-Star. What are those values you ask? The five values that Pokemon and soccer conveniently share: teamwork, good sportsmanship, hard work, improved skills, and being a good student.


Application and contest details can be viewed here (Note: PDF file requires the free program, Adobe Reader to view):

Pokemon US Youth Soccer All-Stars Scholarship Contest


New Pokemon Games Announced!


Japanese gaming magazine Coro Coro has revealed the next wave of Pokemon games:




Pokemon Torouze (Nintendo DS)

-Japan Release Date: October 20, 2005

-Description: Pokemon Torouze is a Pokemon puzzle game that will use the touch pen feature on the Nintendo DS. The object of the game is to line up four of the same Pokemon. Also included in the game is an adventure mode, which features the main character Lucy Lightfoot.



Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Blue Rescue Force (Nintendo DS)

Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Red Rescue Force (GBA)

-Japan Release Date: Winter 2005

-Description: These two games are based on the Mysterious Dungeon games from Japan. The Blue Rescue Force version is for the Nintendo DS and the Red Rescue Force is available for GBA.


Pokemon Ranger (Nintendo DS)

-Japan Release Date: 2006

-Description: Pokemon Ranger is a new type of RPG game, featuring a Pokemon Ranger as the main character. As a Pokemon Ranger, you use Pokemon to defend nature. Pokemon Ranger is based on the next Pokemon movie that will be released in Japan in 2006.


Coro Coro Magazine: The Three New Games (Click to Enlarge)


Pokemon Rocks America Locations Released!


Pokemon Rocks America Locations Released:


San Jose, California (September 17, 2005)

-San Jose McEnery Convention Center



Phoenix, Arizona (October 1, 2005)

-Phoenix Civic Plaza Convention Center



Dallas, Texas (October 8, 2005)

-Dallas Market Center



Chicago, Illinois (October 15, 2005)

-Navy Pier



Boston, Massachusetts (October 22, 2005)

-Bayside Expo and Executive Conference Center



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