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November 2005


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UPDATE: Pikachu Balloon at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!



For anyone that missed it, here's an updated image of the Pikachu balloon at this year's 79th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The image of the Pikachu balloon made it to the front page of the CNN.com website.


Pikachu Balloon at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!



The huge Pikachu Balloon will appear at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, making it the fifth year that Pikachu has been included. The parade is held at New York City on Thanksgiving Day, November 24th. The parade will broadcasted live on NBC starting at 9am (check your local listings), and the Pikachu balloon is expected to show up on TV at around 11:20am.


Happy Thanksgiving!


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New Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon Video!




The official Japanese Nintendo page for Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon has been updated with a second video. You can view the video of Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon here: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ds/aphjb24j/movie/index.html (2.9 MB video is the new video)


For more information and screenshots of Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon and other future games that will be coming out, visit the Future Games page: Future Games


Celebrate National Games Week!



From November 20th thru November 26th is National Games Week! A celebration of non-electronic games, like the Pokemon Trading Card Game.


Press Release:


Millions Prepare to Celebrate National Games Week

Games used to be deemed mostly for kids. It's clear that is no longer the case. The non-electronic games industry is a $5 billion industry with 900 publishers and 38,000 products(a). Board games are seeing an eighth consecutive year of record sales. Card games, particularly collectables, fueled by mega hits such as Magic The Gathering and Pokemon, have reached some 25,000 stores in the USA alone. Family and party games, role-playing, miniatures and creative hybrids have found large new audiences.


Games are enticing video enthusiasts. They are reaching classrooms and after school programs. Home schoolers are embracing their interactivity. The Girl Scouts launched a merit badge for games. Old and young are making games a regular entertainment choice.


National Games Week 2005 is November 20-26. An expected 10,000 scheduled events and thousands of unofficial events will occur -- in homes, schools, and stores -- anywhere there is a flat surface to play on. Founder Mark Simmons, who publishes Games Quarterly, stated, "The games available today are far superior to what you might recall from your youth, or what you tried and failed to enjoy playing with your children." He notes a revolution in game design and aesthetics and points to numerous titles that are "fast to learn, highly interactive, with a two-hour play time -- perfect for an evening of entertainment."


Leading toy & game analyst and author Steveanne Auerbach, PhD, aka Dr. Toy (www.drtoy.com), has endorsed the event, stating: "Games are essential for all members of the family to enjoy regularly, to improve learning, thinking and communicating. Games help to build relationships while expanding the minds for players of all ages. Playing games are a great way to insure quality time and great fun. Let's play!"


Anyone can join for free at www.nationalgamesweek.net. Members gain access to support materials and other resources to help them put together their own event.


National Games Week is supported by over 100 publishers, including Wizards of the Coast, Nintendo of America, Pokemon USA, Eagle Games, FanPro USA, Palladium Books, White Wolf Game Studio, Gen Con LLC, Hobby Que, Mayfair Games, Reaper Miniatures, Rio Grande Games, West End Games and Games Quarterly. (a) According to industry surveys and expert analysis.


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