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Pokemon TCG Online Information

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is an online program that allows players to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game against virtual and real opponents over the internet. It is currently in Beta and will officially be released in Fall 2011.

Open Beta

Currently Playable
The Pokemon TCG Online Open Beta features the Trainer Challenge. Anyone can participate as long as they register.

In the Challenge, the player has access to three starter decks: Firestarter featuring Typhlosion, Blade of Grass featuring Meganium, and Breaking Wave featuring Feraligatr. From there, the trainer duels a series of computer opponents (14 in all) in order to become the Champion of the league. There are a total of three leagues.

The player may switch which deck he or she is using between matches. After a victory, the deck used in the battle is upgraded by a single card (a newly earned card replaces a weaker one). There is currently no way to customize any of the three decks.


To Be Released Fall 2011

  • Collect, earn, and trade virtual Pokemon cards
  • Special Currency System to purchase new features and items
  • Three Rankings Systems: Level, Ratings, Leaderboard
  • Officially sanctioned online tournaments
  • New Collection Management Tool for card collection organization
  • Access to Deck-Building Wizard
  • Complete List: Official Press Release


Import Cards

Trainers will be given free virtual cards to start out with and have the option of purchasing pre-constructed Black & White theme decks at stores, which will allow them to import those cards into the virtual system.


Video of Pokemon TCG Online demonstration at PAX East

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