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How to Counter Sneasel



The first time I saw someone play a Neo Genesis Sneasel, I looked at its attacks. Fury Swipes, hmmm. Not too much of a threat. But as soon as I saw its second attack, Beat Up, I thought, Oooooh...ouch. I better get rid of this thing FAST!!!

As Sneasel became more and more popular, I heard a lot of people, due to Sneasel Decks, say that they aren't going to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game anymore because Sneasel is too evil. Now wait just one moment. I know Sneasel's evil, but does that mean the whole game has to be ruined by one card? If you are one of those people that has quit playing the game because Sneasel is always destroying you, then why don't you try my recommendation? The key to beating a deck built around Sneasel, is using a powerful and defensive deck (NOT Psychic, because Sneasel has Resistance to Psychic) THAT USES LOTS OF ENERGY REMOVAL AND SUPER ENERGY REMOVAL. You can't have more than four Dark Energy in your deck, and if you play a Super Energy Removal on a Sneasel with two Dark Energy attached, you pretty much deplete half the deck's supply of Dark Energy. Even if you can only get your hands on a basic Energy Removal, it still slows down Sneasel quite a bit.

But what if the person playing the Sneasel Deck whips out a No Removal Gym? What do you do then? Easy. Really easy. Just counter with a Rocket's Training Gym. It not only raises Sneasel's Retreat Cost from 0 to 1, it also gets rid of No Removal Gym, so you can keep Energy Removal away, making it even tougher for Sneasel to retreat.

One more strategy to avoid Sneasel's evilness. Use attacks that cause Sleep, Confusion, Paralysis, and Poison. They make it tougher, or impossible, for that Sneasel to attack and retreat. If Sneasel can't attack, how can it be evil??? And while your opponent is struggling to keep his precious Sneasel from being KO'd, you can afford to retreat your poisonous Active Pokemon and bring in a Pokemon that can Knock Out Sneasel.