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Light Azumarril Plus Lanturn



Light Azumarril's second attack reads.

1 water, 2 colorless, 30 damage

**When you use this attack, return light Azumarril to your hand. Put any water energy cards on light Azumarril onto your benched Pokemon any way you choose**

Lanturn (neo1) Pokemon power reads

**You may have Lanturns attack do 10 more damage for each water energy on it**

2 lightning, 20 damage, flip for confusion

Do you see the strategy to it. If you attack with Light Azumarril, when Lanturn is on your bench, you could put all water energy on it. So Lanturns attack would do 50 damage, with a chance of confusion. Lanturn would also combine good in a 2 color deck because It's pre-evolutions use both kind of energy.