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Evolves from Slugma (Stage 1)
Type: Fire
HP: 80
Weakness: Water
Resistance: None
Retreat Cost: (*)(*)(*)
Level: 48
Pokemon Power: Magma Pool- If Magcargo is your Active Pokemon and moves to the Bench, remove 1 (R) Energy card attached to Magcargo, if any, and attach it to the new Active Pokemon. (You canít use an Energy card that you used to pay for the Retreat Cost.)
(R)(R)(R) Lava Flow  40+  You may discard any number of (R) Energy cards attached to Magcargo when you use this attack. If you do, this attack does 40
damage plus 20 more damage for each (R) Energy card you discarded in this way.
Rarity: Uncommon

Take note I'm a fire person, and I just happened to pass by this card when looking at the CotD. Not bad, first thought. I use a Base Set Arcanine deck, using some Neo Genesis cards, Base Set, and some others (shows how back in the day it was). Stopping on this, it seems I've been welcomed back pretty well.

The Pokemon power is perfect for RK9(Arcanine) decks, IMO. You can charge up RK9 for some power house damage, and you can stall with Magcargo while waiting. Once your done, switch the fire to RK9 and unleash the fire.

Magcargo has a great (if not, at least pretty good) attack. Lava Flow can do a decent amount of damage in the right deck. You can get a well rounded 80 by discarding 2 fires, but that's 2 colored energies down the drain, and the attack isn't perfect.

This move requires mind and strategy. You have to know when to do it, and why to do it. Are you sure you wanted to destroy the opponent's Pokemon now? Is it worth it? You have a couple of fires going down the drain, so you must think about it. If it had a more decent (and a less waste of fire energy) attack, it would be just right.

Of course, evolutions don't come out of anywhere (yet). Magcargo must come from a  basic, in this case Slugma. Neo 3 Slugma is decent, albeit bland. It's second attack is useful if your going evolve and unleash the power on a unexpected Pokemon, and it's first attack-well, it's too boring, 10 for 1 Fire. Decent basic, at least.

Magcargo is pretty good, but, you have to basically revolve the deck around him. If only someone else had the Pokemon power, it would surely add to my Arcy deck nicely. But now, Magby here will have to wait till something better comes.