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Top 10 Cards in NEO Series



Here are some Top 10 lists for Neo Genesis. You may think that some of the cards are not very good, but, I guarantee you, if you play any of these cards, you'll see how powerful they are. Here goes...

1. Sneasel---Neo Genesis
It was a close race between this guy and Cleffa, but the damage you can do with Beat Up can be devastating. I would never advise using him in Modified, unless you want to get booted out of a tournament, but in Unlimited he's a must.

2. Cleffa---Neo Genesis
There isn't much I can say about Cleffa that 1,045,764 people haven't already said. His Baby rule makes his wimpy 30HP seem more robust, and Eeeeeeeeeeeeek is better than Professor Oak because you don't have problems with discarding good cards like with Professor Oak.

3. Feraligatr ( Downpour )---Neo Genesis
Feraligatr is most popular in Modified, as you probably know. Also, this is the good Feraligatr, not the bad one with Berserk. In Unlimited, he's nothing special, but in Modified, he'll end the game for you.

4. Slowking---Neo Genesis
How could I not include a card in the Top 10 that thousands of players want banned? Not only is Mind Blast a great attack, but its Pokemon Power is just broken. To be able to prevent your opponent's trainers from working and delay them from reaching their good cards by putting that trainer on top will lead to more than one win.

5. Lanturn---Neo Genesis
Ah yes, Lanturn. I don't know if you guys play him or not, but since he was always destroying me at the Pokemon League, I just had to post him here. If an effective Lightning and Water deck with him in it can be designed, this card can completely destroy every major archetype as I presently know it. Floodlight, when used in combo with his Pokemon Power, is something to be feared by all players. Stacking all that energy to make it do lots of damage may be a task, though. Still, this card is sickeningly powerful.

6. Crobat---Neo Revelation
The evolved form of the already far-too powerful Golbat does best in Modified. To date, it has the best attack in the game that costs three energy. It does 20 damage times the number of heads from 4 coin flips, which is already pretty good. But the BEST part of the attack is that if it does 40 or more damage, it will Confuse! That is truly excellent. Confusion is the nastiest Special Condition in the game by a long shot!

7. Kabutops---Neo Discovery
What can I say? This card has it all: 90HP, a good 20 for one, an attack that can do 40, 80 or 120 damage on turn 3...Get four, quick!

8. Houndoom---Neo Discovery
This card is really powerful, because if you have 4 Dark Energies attached, Crunch will do 70 damage, and if you use Flamethrower afterwards, it will do 110 damage. Enough to OHKO a Steelix with no Metals attached.

9. Beedrill---Neo Discovery
The more powerful version of the big bee goes very well with the first one. A one energy attack that does 30 poison damage each turn instead of 10 is outstanding, plus for those high HP Pokemon, Pin missile is great for holding them off. Why wasn't this card a holofoil? Why? WHY!?!

10. Steelix---Neo Genesis
Five of the top nine cards are from Neo Genesis, and here's the sixth one, who takes the prize for being the most defensive Pokemon in the set. With 4 Metal Energy attached, it takes 40 less damage, and has 110HP. Great for stalling, if nothing else.