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Cheat Without Cheating



I know that cheating is completely wrong, but this really isn't cheating, although it's using one card for a reason it was not intended to.

My favorite trainers happen to be computer search and pokemon trader. But sometimes, like in the end of the game, you really don't need anything anymore, so why should I trade the pokemon in my hand for another one, when I've already got all the pokemon I want on the bench?

It might not even be in the beginning of the game either, but sometimes my pokemon trade to COUNT cards. I actually sort through my entire deck and look at it (but try not to waste too much time and irritate my opponent). This allows me to count how many Gusts of wind I have left, whether my only 2 breeders are in the prize deck or in the drawing deck, so that if I get a computer search later, I know I can get breeder whenever I need it.. little things like that. and since my decks usually only have, like one switch, it's good to know if that card is in the deck or not. Just in case I'll need to use it later in the game.
Even if you add simple little cards like energy search, it could still be abnormally useful if you need to know what kinds of cards are in the deck.

You could say this is cheating, but really, it's not. I'm browsing my deck to search for pokemon, and in order to do that, I must BROWSE my deck and find it :). Just try not to waste too much time, I hate people who take forever on their turns. Oh well, hope this helps any of you.