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Fighting Techs



The first thing you think about fighting Pokemon is their power. They have more strength than any other type, other than dark of course. But to use that power you have to pay a lot of energy. The perfect tech example would be, Machamp. 100HP, and a 60 damage attack. But when you look at it again, it requires 4 energy to do.

Most of you are thinking no problem, 4 energy is a small amount to pay for a whopping 60 damage. But when you've got an entire deck full of Pokemon just like Machamp....That could be a problem.

The Tech, that I'm trying to say, is that fighting Pokemon require a lot of energy to do big damage attacks. Another tech that fighting Pokemon have, is they don't do status changes. They're all about power. Almost all the fighting Pokemon used in decks these days, rely solely on power and power alone. Giovanni's Machamp, Hitmonchan/lee/top, Golem, they all use power. None of them use status changes.

The point of Fighting Pokemon, is they should be in a deck with a lot of energy. They should also be in a deck that relies on power and not on status. Let's look over it again.

=They rely solely on power
=They don't do status changes often

There you go