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Understanding Rain Dance



This one is known as, understanding RainDance

Since I went over the Haymaker style decks, I'll go ahead and go over the mighty RainDance type decks. These type of decks are also especially strong and are common tourneyment winners. I've also had very good luck using these types of decks.

Probably the one element that is the sign of RainDance is ole mighty Blastoise. Blastoise's Pokemon Power, called RainDance, allows you to play as many Water Energy cards as you like. Water is also a type that is especially suited because of its high damage Pokemons like Gyrados and Dewgong. Also in Fossil are more support Pokemon with Articuno and Lapras.

The strong points of RainDance type decks are very few, but they are so strong that it nullifies many other weaknesses. They can often out fight Electric Pokemon, even though most Water Pokemon are weak to them. They are:

RAINDANCE. Having as many Water Energy put down as you want could easily mean the end of the game by turn two if you can Poke Breeder Blastoise from Squirtle. RainDance also weakens the mighty effects of Energy Removal and Super Energy Removal.

MIGHT IS RIGHT. Water Pokemon are generally very efficient and can deal massive damage. With added RainDance power, this power can be delivered extremely quick. The old man can deliver up to 60 damage with his Hydro Pump and Dewgong and Gyrados can both deliver 50 damage from only 3 Energy Cards.

FAST. RainDance is ALL about speed. Use extra Oaks and Bills to enhance your card drawing ability due to the high Energy requirements. The true goal of RainDance type decks are to destroy your enemy and to do it FAST.

ELEMENT OF SURPRISE. Although not that big a deal, but the instant your Squirtle or Wartortle turns to Blastoise the entire tide of the game could change. Sometimes your opponent will never see it coming until you start laying cards down. It's especially gratifying to see the look of your opponent's face when you completely turn the game around.

There are two types of RainDance decks I like, one commonly known as Turbo RainDance decks and the other as the standard RainDance decks. Both of these are extremely enhanced with the added abilities of Lapras, which greatly helps against the mighty Mr. Mime. The general winning formula involves Blastoise and lots of Oaks, Bills, and Computer Searches.

I generally don't play with my RainDance deck often because it's simply too powerful. Not that it can't be beaten, but it can generally only be beaten by other major archetypes like Haymakers and Damage Swap decks. It basically forces your opponent to play their very best decks or lose. Without variety Pokemon becomes boring and there would be less motivation to play.

So again, I recommend you not to pull out the old man, but to rather play with other decks that are generally more fun to play. Since you aren't playing your best, your opponent probably won't either. But if you're in a tournament with real prizes, then throw everything out and play with what you think is your best chance to win. Because in a tournament winning isn't everything, it's the only thing. Hahahaha, sorry, had to say that. =)