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Game Shark: Pokemon TCG



1 FAKE Maxed Out Album               01E2CDD3

2 FAKE Have All Medals                 0108CCD3

3 Infinite HP-Active Pokemon          01FFC8C2

4 Infinite HP-Bench Pokemon Slot 1  01FFC9C2

5 Infinite HP-Bench Pokemon Slot 2  01FFCAC2

6 Infinite HP-Bench Pokemon Slot 3  01FFCBC2

7 Infinite HP-Bench Pokemon Slot 4  01FFCCC2

8 Infinite HP-Bench Pokemon Slot 5  01FFCDC2

9 No HP Active Pokemon Enemy         0100C8C3

10 No HP-Bench Pokemon Enemy Slot 1 0100C9C3

11 No HP-Bench Pokemon Enemy Slot 2 0100CAC3

12 No HP-Bench Pokemon Enemy Slot 3 0100CBC3

13 No HP-Bench Pokemon Enemy Slot 4 0100CCC3

14 No HP-Bench Pokemon Enemy Slot 5 0100CDC3

15 Coin Always Lands On Heads            01012FC2

16 Coin Always Lands On Tails             01002FC2


Infinite HP-Player Active Pokemon: 01FFC8C2

Infinite HP-Player Bench Pokemon Slot 1: 01FFC9C2

Infinite HP-Player Bench Pokemon Slot 2: 01FFCAC2

Infinite HP-Player Bench Pokemon Slot 3: 01FFCBC2

Infinite HP-Player Bench Pokemon Slot 4: 01FFCCC2

Infinite HP-Player Bench Pokemon Slot 5: 01FFCDC2

No HP-Enemy Active Pokemon (Also Quick Win If They Attack You): 0100C8C3

No HP-Enemy Bench Pokemon Slot 1: 0100C9C3

No HP-Enemy Bench Pokemon Slot 2: 0100CAC3

No HP-Enemy Bench Pokemon Slot 3: 0100CBC3

No HP-Enemy Bench Pokemon Slot 4: 0100CCC3

No HP-Enemy Bench Pokemon Slot 5: 0100CDC3

No Energy Attachment Rule: 90000BCC

Coin Always Lands on Heads: 01019DCD

Coin Always Lands on Tails: 01009DCD

With these, it may not appear the way you have it set, but it will treat it as if it is.


Infinite Booster Packs in the Mail: 01811ED1




This makes it so that slots one through four in your mail box on the PC contain

an unread mail message with one of each booster pack.


Minutes Played Modifier: 01XXC7CA

Hours Played Modifier: 01XXC8CA


Extra Booster Packs:018A22D1


This makes it so that slots five and six in the mail each contain one of Dr. Mason's

mails where he gives two booster packs. Colosseum and Evolution are in five, Mystery

and Laboratory are in six.


Cards in Booster Pack Modifier: 01??XXC4

This makes it so that whenever you receive a booster pack, there will be an extra

card at the space specified by the digits replacing XX, the card corresponds to

the quantity digits you entered for ??. If you don't want to risk any bugs, keep

XX set to 00. You can change XX to virtually anything you want for the card to be

in a different spot (00 is the first spot, 0A is the eleventh), but if it is the

digits for the last spot, the last card will also be repeated once. If any higher,

 it won't work, unless you also have enough inserted previously. Example:

you could have 0A, 0B, 0C, and 0D; but not 0B, 0C, 0D, and 0E, as this would

start beyond the end. Use this repeating method to get as many as you want. If

you enter 010A00C4 and 01A101C4, every booster pack you receive will contain the

Phantom Card Pop! Cards (Mew LV15 and Venusaur LV64). If it doesn't work, try

0163XXA1, which raises the number of the specified card that you own to 99.


Your Active Pokémon Modifier - 01XXBBC2

Bench 1 Pokémon Modifier - 01XXBCC2

Bench 2 Pokémon Modifier - 01XXBDC2

Bench 3 Pokémon Modifier - 01XXBEC2

Bench 4 Pokémon Modifier - 01XXBFC2

Bench 5 Pokémon Modifier - 01XXC0C2


Status of Opponents Pokémon  - 01XXF0E3

00 - Fine

01 - Confused

02 - Asleep

03 - Paralyzed


Energy Attached Modifier - 0110XXC2

With this, you will have one energy of the specified type attached to your

active Pokémon for each time you have XX replaced with a different quantity. Th

following are the possible digits, they correspond to the energy cards _in_ your

deck, ordered by how their quantity digits (below) correspond.

00-07 - Energy 1

08-0F - Energy 2

10-17 - Energy 3

18-1F - Energy 4

20-27 - Energy 5

28-2F - Energy 6

30-37 - Energy 7


Only one prize left: 0101ECC2


Grass Energy: 01

Fire Energy: 02

Water Energy: 03

Lightning Energy: 04

Fighting Energy: 05

Psychic Energy: 06

Double Colorless Energy: 07

Bulbasaur: 08

Ivysaur: 09

Venusaur (Card Pop! Promo): 0A

Venusaur: 0B

Caterpie: 0C

Metapod: 0D

Butterfree: 0E

Weedle: 0F

Kakuna: 10

Beedrill: 11

Ekans: 12

Arbok: 13

Nidoran Female: 14

Nidorina: 15

Nidoqueen: 16

Nidoran Male: 17

Nidorino: 18

Nidoking: 19

Zubat: 1A

Golbat: 1B

Oddish: 1C

Gloom: 1D

Vileplume: 1E

Paras: 1F

Parasect: 20

Venonat: 21

Venomoth: 22

Bellsprout: 23

Weepinbell: 24

Victreebell: 25

Grimer: 26

Muk: 27

Exeggcute: 28

Exeggutor: 29

Koffing: 2A

Wheezing: 2B

Tangela (GB): 2C

Tangela: 2D

Scyther: 2E

Pinsir: 2F

Charmander: 30

Charmelion: 31

Charizard: 32

Vulpix: 33

Ninetales: 34

Ninetales (GB): 35

Growlithe: 36

Arcanine (Promo): 37

Arcanine: 38

Ponyta: 39

Rapidash: 3A

Magmar: 3B

Magmar (Fossil): 3C

Flareon (GB): 3D

Flareon (Jungle): 3E

Moltres: 3F

Legendary Moltres: 40

Squirtle: 41

Wartortle: 42

Blastoise: 43

Psyduck: 44

Golduck: 45

Poliwag: 46

Poliwhirl: 47

Poliwrath: 48

Tentacool: 49

Tentacruel: 4A

Seel: 4B

Dewgong: 4C

Shellder: 4D

Cloister: 4E

Krabby: 4F

Kingler: 50

Horsea: 51

Seadra: 52

Goldeen: 53

Seaking: 54

Staryu: 55

Starmie: 56

Magikarp: 57

Gyarados: 58

Lapras: 59

Vaporeon (GB): 5A

Vaporeon (Jungle): 5B

Omanyte: 5C

Omastar: 5D

Articuno: 5E

Legendary Articuno: 5F

Pikachu: 60

Pikachu (Jungle): 61

Pikachu (promo): 62

Pikachu (promo): 63

Flying Pikachu: 64

Surfing Pikachu: 65

Surfing Pikachu: 66

Raichu: 67

Raichu (Fossil): 68

Magnemite: 69

Magnemite (GB): 6A

Magneton: 6B

Magneton (Fossil): 6C

Voltorb: 6D

Electrode (GB): 6E

Electrode (Jungle): 6F

Electabuzz (Promo): 70

Electabuzz: 71

Jolteon (GB): 72

Jolteon: 73

Zapdos: 74

Zapdos (Fossil): 75

Legendary Zapdos: 76

Sandshrew: 77

Sandslash: 78

Diglett: 79

Dugtrio: 7A

Mankey: 7B

Primeape: 7C

Machop: 7D

Machoke: 7E

Machamp: 7F

Geodude: 80

Graveler: 81

Golem: 82

Onix: 83

Cubone: 84

Marowak (Jungle): 85

Marowak (GB): 86

Hitmonlee: 87

Hitmonchan: 88

Rhyhorn: 89

Rhydon: 8A

Kabuto: 8B

Kabutops: 8C

Aerodactlyl: 8D

Abra: 8E

Kadabra: 8F

Alakazam: 90

Slowpoke (Promo): 91

Slowpoke (Fossil): 92

Slowbro: 93

Gastly: 94

Gastly (Fossil): 95

Haunter (Fossil): 96

Haunter: 97

Gengar: 98

Drowzee: 99

Hypno: 9A

Mr. Mime: 9B

Jynx: 9C

Mewtwo: 9D

Mewtwo (Promo): 9E

Mewtwo (Promo): 9F

Mew (Promo): A0

Mew (Card Pop! Promo): A1

Mew: A2

Pidgey: A3

Pidgeotto: A4

Pidgeot (GB): A5

Pidgeot (Jungle): A6

Rattata: A7

Raticate: A8

Spearow: A9

Fearow: AA

Clefairy: AB

Clefable: AC

Jigglypuff (Promo): AD

Jigglypuff (GB): AE

Jigglypuff (Jungle): AF

Wigglytuff: B0

Meowth (GB): B1

Meowth (Jungle): B2

Persian: B3

Farfetch'd: B4

Doduo: B5

Dodrio: B6

Lickitung: B7

Chansey: B8

Kangaskhan: B9

Tauros: BA

Ditto: BB

Eevee: BC

Porygon: BD

Snorlax: BE

Dratini: BF

Dragonair: C0

Legendary Dragonite: C1

Dragonite: C2

Professor Oak: C3

Imposter Professor Oak: C4

Bill: C5

Mr. Fuji: C6

Lass: C7

Imakuni?: C8

Pokemon Trader: C9

Pokemon Breeder: CA

Clefairy Doll: CB

Mysterious Fossil: CC

Energy Retrieval: CD

Super Energy Retrieval: CE

Energy Search:: CF

Energy Removal: D0

Super Energy Removal: D1

Switch: D2

Pokemon Center: D3

Pokeball: D4

Scoop Up: D5

Computer Search: D6

Pokedex: D7

Pluspower: D8

Defender: D9

Item Finder: DA

Gust of Wind: DB

Devolution Spray: DC

Potion: DD

Super Potion: DE

Full Heal: DF

Revive: E0

Maintenance: E1

Pokemon Flute: E2

Gambler: E3

Recycle: E4