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Pokemon Trozei



Release Date

Japan: October 20, 2005

US: March 6, 2006


Official Game Summary


- Find a line up over 380 Pokemon puzzle pieces to complete your Trozei list.

- Battle or cooperate wirelessly with friends to help uncover rare Pokemon for your collection.

- Rescue stolen Pokemon and uncover the evil plans of the Phobos Battalion in Adventure mode.

- Distribute a version of Pokemon Trozei with limited functions to friends, allowing you to compete or cooperate with a friend using just one game card!


The Basics

When you line up four identical Pokemon vertically or horizontally, it's called a Trozei. When you get a Trozei with four or more Pokemon, they disappear from the screen and you enter Trozei Chance mode. While the Trozei Chance lasts, you can Trozei three or more Pokemon, and then two Pokemon.


When you line up more Pokemon than needed to get a Trozei -- such as a Trozei with five Pokemon instead of four -- a Ditto will appear. Since Ditto can be Trozeid with any Pokemon, they come in very handy and can help you rack up big points.


Here is a closer look at the four modes of play in Pokemon Trozei.


Trozei Adventure (1 Player)

In Adventure mode, you play as Lucy Fleetfoot in an action-packed mission to save tons of Pokemon from the evil Phobos Battalion.


Endless Trozei (1 Player)

In this mode, your goal is to challenge your high score by playing as long as possible. Select a starting level, then let the Trozei marathon begin. When the number of remaining Pokemon reaches zero, you move to the next level.


Trozei Battle (2 Players)

In Trozei Battle, the player whose field has been filled with Pokemon will lose. If you make numerous Trozeis during the battle, you can send Pokemon that are in your Pokemon set to your opponent's field.


Pair Trozei (2 Players)

Your goal in Pair Trozei is to challenge the high score while cooperating with a friend. The more Continuous Trozeis you make, the easier it is for your partner to get Trozeis because the number of types of Pokemon will decrease on their field. Also, Dittos will drop on your partner's field instead of yours.


Lucy Fleetfoot to the Rescue!

The storyline in Pokemon Trozei is much deeper than you'd expect in a puzzle game. The evil Phobos Battalion has been stealing countless Poke Balls containing Pokemon and carrying them to their secret bases using machines called Phobos Mobiles. Playing as Lucy Fleetfoot, your mission is to rescue the stolen Pokemon from the Phobos Battalion.


To rescue Pokemon, you'll need to use a gadget called the Trozei Beamer. This device allows you to scan Poke Balls and then transfer the Pokemon inside to safety. An accurate lock is required for transfer, which means that you have to line up Poke Balls containing identical Pokemon in a straight line.


To rescue all of the stolen Pokemon, you'll have to battle your way through a long series of increasingly challenging levels and boss battles with Phobos Battalion generals.



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