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Pokemon, now a full 15 years old, is a favorite topic in fans of all ages. Layering paint and paste, welding and doodling, or spending many a hour huddled over a hot tablet in a search for artistic perfection, there is more to the fanart following of these Pocket Monsters than one person could ever take in with many countless days free.

Here I hope to spotlight a collection of different themed pokemon fanart each month, on many subjects from a single pokemon, to types, seasons, fandom anime pairings, and more (with links to fav and love to all the talented artists featured)!

For my first spotlight, one Pokemon stands out in the mascot of all Pocket Monsters throughout the generations.


Love it or hate it, Pikachu has come to stand for Pokemon in the same way Mario outshines even his sadly overlooked green brother.

Whether this is from his overwhelming cuteness or Ninteno’s oversaturation of the market with his face in the US in the cave age days of 1998 is anyones guess. But one thing is certain, Pikachu’s fans, and not so much of fans, love drawing this little electric mouse!

Here is just a sample of DA’s many works…

First, a nod to the two most popular Pikachu drawings on the site right now. It is true they need next to no introduction, but with their cartoon and semi-realistic whimsy it is easy to see why they are so viewed:



Other Pikachu art of the fuzzy sort:

This brand new drawing jumped out at me right away. Featuring a less than loving Pika with a grin a mile long and light lines, it makes the idea of letting your Pokemon out at night a less than smart one. The tail stylization is also interesting…

Other art of a different style take:

There's no one else here so you must be talkin' to me!


Flaaffy’s Fresh Pick:

While not done with the most in focus picture, this photo and 3D art mix brings a like wishful feeling, reminding me of countless hours of playing Pokemon on a GBC with nothing but a flashlight. Pikachu seems to share the love, hanging on in a silent pled to come along on the adventure of the unseen player.


If you have a suggestion for a DA art spotlight pokemon or pairing to feature here I would love to hear from you here by PM at the PE2K forums, where the Pikas come to play!

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