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It’s time to put your creative skills to the max, because unlike other contests in other Pokémon community websites, this one gives you the chance to win a real prize, Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version, the newest Pokémon games to hit the Nintendo DS! The stakes are higher and the competition is more intense as the realms of fan fiction writing and art meet for the first time in PE2K’s first ever DreamCraft Contest!

How does it all work? You can choose to either work alone or with a trusted partner, dividing up the tasks ahead however so you choose. First, you have a month to write out and post the most epic fan fiction you can on the PE2K forum. After that, you have two weeks to create an awesome art wallpaper based on that fan fiction, bringing that story to life with living color. After that, grading begins, and the member or pair that has the best story and the best art to go with that story are the winners, and each get a copy of the newest Pokémon games!

Think you’re up for the greatest writing and art challenge ever to grace PE2K? Step up to the plate, and show the entire PE2K community what you’re made of! More details can be found in the The PE2K DreamCraft Contest thread on the forum in the Pokémon Fan Fiction Section.

Sign ups are open for a limited time only and will close on March 23rd 11:59 PM EST, so act quickly and don’t delay!

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